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  1. Question Will a GIGABYTE TPM 2.0 chip work with my Asus motherboard?

    Hello, In preparation for Windows 11 I'm going to purchase a TPM 2.0 chip for my motherboard (Asus H97M-PLUS) However, due to the chip shortage and scalpers, I only found this one in stock: and my motherboard's TPM pin information is: The question is, if I go ahead and buy this will it...
  2. Xictaw

    Question I have all the requirements for windows 11 according to my laptop but PC Health Check App says I can't upgrade it ?

    So I have Yoga 910 13-IKB and when I check the requirements for the Windows 11 I have met all of them but the PC Health Check Says the otherwise. If you want proof that I have all the requirements I will send it to anyone that ask.
  3. hadiahmed29

    [SOLVED] Can't found TPM Module

    Hi, as you all know that windows 11 will require TPM 2.0 to install so i checked it on my PC using their compatibility check app and it said that i can't run Win 11 so i went to the Bios and can't found the TPM option and on PC as well. I've heard that PC older than 7 8 years will have problem...