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  1. K

    Question Network driver not working

    I have Purchased a new Setup which Has ASUS Prime B560 Plus MOBO . I have a Dual Boot , Network Driver works Perfect on Windows 10 like while after Installing Win 10 it automatically installs Network Driver and aurmoury crate tool . But i Dont want to use Windows 10 I want to Use windows 8.1...
  2. S

    Question mouse input lag only in windows 10

    first of all sorry for my poor english . i build a new pc on july 2018 . it never runs fine . always mouse input lag , my games feel like it has vsync enabled . but vsync is disabled in both in game and nvidia control panel . i have been facing this problem from the day i biult it to this day ...
  3. J

    Help with keyboard

    My new keyboard (Redragon K553 rgb) lightes up but it doesn't type! Please help quickly!!
  4. H

    $400 AUD Gaming PC

    As the title suggest im looking for a build that will cost no more than $400 AUD tough budget i know but i'd like to see what people suggest before i go used parts. games being played are: The forest, GTA V (or have an upgrade path for GTA V), Subnautica, space engineers
  5. J

    What should i upgrade first? My r7-250 or my fx-6300

    I am running a fx-6300 and a r7-250 and am looking to upgrade. I'm not sure what to upgrade first or what to upgrade to. Please try to keep the new part around $150 usd!
  6. G

    [HELP] GPU Upgrade

    Good day, I would like to ask some recommendation(s) in changing the GPU. I have some ideas but I don't know about bottlenecks and compatibility thus I'm asking for expert opinions. I mainly use this for gaming but the current games are somewhat unplayable. I highly doubt I would have a long...
  7. S

    while trying to update it shows unable to connect to nvidia.. what do i do ?

    pre installed graphics on my laptop shows new driver to be installed . while trying it shows unble to connect to nvidia .what to do ?
  8. X

    Computer Router Problems

    Good morning everyone (afternoon / evening to some)! I have a very basic understanding of computer networking, meaning I know which cable goes where so I can follow instructions easily :P I am having problems setting up a relative's internet connection in their small family business (which...
  9. C

    Which of these "custom gaming" computers is the best bang for buck, if good at all?

    Just wondering if you guys can help me since im not so tech savvy. Which of these three deals is the best, if they are good at all that is. I would say the one with the 2gb graphics card and 800w power supply. Nonetheless it would be nice to know if these are good deals or just rip offs. I'm...
  10. A

    Predict The Performance of My Build!

    I plan to build this in the very near future, and I need to know what fps I can get, what setting I can play on (ultra, high, etc.), and what resolution (depends on the game of course.. I usually play MMOs like Tf2, CS:GO, etc.) Thanks if you decide to help!
  11. DaCrazyCageMan

    How do I transfer the entire ssd data to another ssd?

    Hey everyone, So heres the deal, I am selling my PC but since I have 2 samsung evo ssds (250gb & 500gb), I am going to be keeping the 500gb for when I begin a new build, the only issue is the 250gb is my primary boot drive currently and I want to transfer all of the data safely. I have searched...
  12. S

    Double click problem Razer Deathadder 2014

    I got the Razer Deathadder 2014 edition around Christmas of 2013 and there had been no problems up until last week. Every now and again, (sometimes 1st click,sometimes 5th,sometimes 3rd,etc.) my mouse will double left click. So I try to left click once and it randomly double clicks. I haven't...