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  1. X

    Question New "Administrator" Password required at more errors after Windows XP fresh setup

    I have installed Windows XP on a Presario laptop using a DVD drive. Yes it installed fine without any missing files error or any errors. But at the end when it said "Let's begin" in the windows XP logon screen. it required a Password from the user named Administrator. I pressed enter without...
  2. tagxboxliveuniversal

    Question Going from Windows 10 - to Windows XP for software purposes

    Hello, would it be possible to uninstall windows 10 and go to windows XP? The reason why I ask this question is because for a business we are required to run XP OS for a $4,500 software called Cepheid Software. This software requires only windows XP to operate, or that is what I was told. My...
  3. Inductor

    Question How to recover a locked Windows XP sytem?

    I have an old laptop with finger print id, and only one admin account that is locked. The system does not boot into safe mode since the only account available is the locked admin account (I assume). My attempts to create bootable flash drives to repair or even wipe the system have failed. The...
  4. suryalord

    Question How do I install Windows XP to an external HDD?

    Hello everyone! I have a external hard drive that is currently empty. The external hard drive is 150 gb and should be able to run Windows XP as it used to when it worked internally before I extracted it and put an enclosure on it. I would like to know how I would go on installing Windows XP...