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    Question SSD Powering Issue | Sleep Mode bugged

    Hello! This is the first time I ask about anything on a forum, and you get why - I am totally stumped now with my issue. I try to figure out what is the problem. Here are all the details: My specs: MSI Z390 Edge Gaming Intel Core I9 9900 AORUS RTX 2070 CORSAIR 2×8GB Hard Drive 4 TB PHISON SSD...
  2. Bensch

    Question laggy laptop at school but not at home - please help

    MSI Modern 14 B4MW, Ryzen 5 4500u, 512gb SSD, 8gb ram. Windows 10. So during the school day when I turn on my laptop, my laptop will get progressively more laggy until I cant move the mouse on the trackpad and nothing loads. Specifically what happens is that the mouse cursor will not move...
  3. Z

    [SOLVED] Can I Open A Hard Drive That Has Windows Installed On It

    So I was being dumb, and decided to boot my PC in safe mode and I'm now locked out. I've tried everything, used my normal password, tried using my microsoft password and I'm stumped. So I've decided to put windows media creation tool on a usb and hard reset, but I have personal files I want on...
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    Question How do i completely wipe my hard drive from windows 10 and all data on it.

    I am going to upgrade from AMD to Intel and i understand that i will have to re install my OS but i do not know how to Completely wipe my hard drive, completely getting rid of all applications and OS (win10). Some help would be greatly appreciated!