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  1. Question trying to use two laptops for file sharing that are connected to same wifi router or network.

    Hello sir I have one pc which is connected to internet through a router (LAN) using ethernet cable. The router also enables my laptops to use wifi so i have connected both laptops using wifi to the router. I am trying to connect these PC to a single public folder or server to share files. I have...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Does qvl in PSU Imoptant????

    Hello - Is it important to use psu in Motherboard QVL list ? another questions : does this PSU from EVGA Good with MSI Unify Z490? is this PSU has 2x8pin cpu power connecter beacuse the mother board has 2x8 pin cpu power connector ? does this PSU good in general? PSU LINK ...
  3. Baatop

    [SOLVED] I have a question about fan connectors.

    So on my mobo I only have 2 system fan pin connectors. I have an RGB pin connector and I was wanting to put a third fan into my pc. Would I be able to just plug a fan into the RGB port? It had a four pin like the other ones so I would think it would just work the same. Right?
  4. 8

    [SOLVED] No usb 2.0 wire, what does that mean?

    Hello, I am building a budget pc and have opted to use the Corsair 200r for my choice of case along with a msi tomahawk b450 max. However, when building the pc I have just noticed that there is no usb 2.0 cable, only usb 3.0. What does this mean for my pc? Will I still be able to use the front...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Identifying port/what cable is needed?

    Hello! So, I have recently moved into a new room and I was told by the landlord and flatmate the previous tenant had a wired connection to the router, however, I've never seen this port so I was hoping you fine people can help me identify it? I'm terribly sorry for the poor image quality...
  6. Z

    [SOLVED] PC Turn On For 2s Then Off For 2s Then On Again

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I bought a PC last 2 years. Everything is ok until when I tried new and stuff and experimenting with my PC. My MOBO is Rampage IV Black Edition. I have 1 SSD and 1 HDD connected. There are 3 SATA cable connected all together, SSD, HDD and hard drive. First, I tried...
  7. X

    How will my computer connect to the internet?

    I have recently ordered this computer because i did not want to build my own because i am very inexperienced, as you may tell from this question. I was wondering how my computer was going to connect to the internet if it do not have an ethernet cable. I have a Gigabyte H81M-H motherboard and was...