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  1. S

    Question Best + most affordable way to set up wired networks for 2 laptops not within reach

    Hello, Due to COVID19 I have found myself living with a friend who is working from home. She connects to a remote server for work and is currently using WIFI. I need to set up online teaching and the company insist on wired internet; if the internet drops out and you are not connected again...
  2. lapiroman

    Question Will the Network Splitter works?

    The thing is that the Internet speed directly through a modem is 200mbps. And the speed through the router is limited to 100mbps. If I will install a Network Splitter that will be connected after the modem and connect a laptop and the router, will the laptop have a speed of 200 Mbps?
  3. D

    GPU Caught on Fire - How do I know no damage was caused to the rest of the system?

    I was browsing the web this morning when my desktop turned off. It tried rebooting a couple of times while making unusual sounds. By the third boot attempt, I had smelled the burning and unplugged the PSU. Not being sure which component was failing, I tried turning on the PC again and...