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  1. velocci

    Question wifi router that can handle alot of devices

    Hi all, I'm looking for a wifi router that can handle a lot of wireless and wired devices. I have about 10 wired devices and 12 wireless devices. I also want a lot of speed. Can someone recommend a good router for $300 or less Canadian? Also, if a wifi router has 4 network ports, does that...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] My router-switch not showing up in my main router!?

    hello there, i converted my old router into a switch by following online tutorials, it is working like a charm. the problem is that i cant see my router-switch in my main router. i can see devices connected to the router-switch in main router as wired connections even if it is wireless. thank you!
  3. C

    Question Getting annoying ping spikes in-game on my wired connection while using a Chromecast on WiFi

    So I noticed that while playing Dota 2 the other day that I was getting massive stuttering linked to my ping going from around 20-30 up to 130+ for a second then jumping back down and that was causing my game to stutter severely. I couldn't figure out why it was doing this as I play on a wired...
  4. sufyanmess007

    Question Powerline issue.

    I recently have had an 85 mbps powerline adapter, and i was getting speeds of 300kbps whilst downloads, i now have bought a 1000mbps netgear PL1000 powerlines and yet i still get 700KBp which is awful, the powerlines are not plugged into am extension cable however there is a plug next to it that...
  5. T

    Question Need to have wired connection on multiple devices

    I have a computer and a ps4 in my room that i want both to have a wired connection at all time. The problem is i cant i have a tp-link plug thingy that is wired to my pc and every time i want to use my ps4 i have to climb through a forest of wires just to wire it to my ps4. Any suggestions?
  6. R

    Question Having problems with my Xbox one controller on my PC

    Hello, I've been having issues turning on my controller while on PC, it's an Xbox one controller that needs to be wired. I plug it in, and there's a small light right above it's power button that turns on. But when I go to turn the controller on nothing happens. I've tried uninstalling it and...
  7. K

    Question Strange Issues With Wired Connection After new Modem/Router Install

    First off, some basics. The new Moden/Router is the Netgear Nighthawk C7000. I have Xfinity gigabit internet (can't remember the exact plan name, but it's up to just shy of a gb/s) There are currently a total of thirteen devices connected to the router. Six are wired and seven are wireless...
  8. briansalinasssss

    Question Question about Wired Connection vs Wireless

    I recently got a 80ft ethernet cable. After multiple test I noticed my wireless connection was a bit faster on download speeds but the latency was lower. Is it always better to keep my pc wired for gaming or should I go for the slightly higher download speed? I have a very small knowledge about...
  9. B

    Question Wireless connections won't connect but wired is working?

    Mobile devices specifically won't connect when there's a certain number of people using them at the same time. The two computers do work as normal. There are about 8 mobile devices connected to the router, two wired computers and one smart tv connected every day. The issue goes away once I...
  10. kappisto

    Quick question about new EVGA 1080ti FTW3 possible noise,whine issues

    After a day of work ive noticed a light backround "whine" on my new card. I cant really place the sound where it comes from, but when i switch fans to 0% its gone so i guess fans?! It looks like it is worse when the fans are under higher load(60%+). Also i cant tell if i just got good hearing or...
  11. S

    build a subwoofer box with 2 subs one front one down firing? bad idea?

    build a subwoofer box with 2 subs one front one down firing for home theater. basically im thinking of building a sub box with 2 subs 8" or 10". divide and port the box the to the front lower corner have one firing down and one firing front. plan to use it with home theater system(hooked to pc)...
  12. M

    Aorus 1080 Power Connection

    Hello there fellows ! Please excuse the noobness. I wanted to ask if the Aorus GTX 1080 8G can be used with the Rosewill Capstone G650 PSU which comes with these cables: 20+4-pin Motherboard: x1 4+4-pin CPU: x1 6+2-pin PCIe: x4 SATA: x8 Molex: x4 The graphics card shows an 8 + a 6 pin power...
  13. attacus

    No boot, no beep, no bios, no video

    I've already followed the 23 steps posted here (http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/261145-31-perform-steps-posting-post-boot-video-problems). Unfortunately, my mobo doesn't have internal graphics, so I have to use my GPU, which I've tested in another machine so I know it works. Everything is...
  14. K

    Whats the best CPU i can get on a budget

    Hi im looking for a new CPU, it needs to be the correct series as im running a MSI A78M-E35 Military Class Motherboard and it has to be atleast 6 or more cores, i currently have a AMD A10-6800K 4.10 Ghz quad core and its not good enough, thanks
  15. G

    Power supply help

    Hey guys in the UK will a 125v power cord that came with a 110-240 power supply work in the UK with just an adaptor for the wall socket ? Thanks
  16. A

    Controller for android please help

    Hello everyone! I have a logitech f310 controller (PC) I bought the cabble to connect that to my tablet (Samsung Tab A) and I am trying to use it but I am having a lot of difficulties is there any ways I could make it work? Thanks in advance
  17. K

    BIOS bricked any tips?

    So, I tried to mod my bios. It restarted and it boots up to a black screen. I have a lenovo y410p Methods I have tried I've tried removing the battery and holding on to the power button. http://blog.jimsjump.com/2016/02/07/lenovo-y510p-v305-bios-bricked-crisis-recovery-solved/ any help plz
  18. C

    i3 6300 vs Fx 8370

    I bought a gtx 970 So, am looking for a motherboard plus cpu combo, and my budget is just 250$ And i have a 8gb ddr3 ram, and should i go with the i3 or the fx with what motherboard with my current budget.
  19. E

    GTX 1070s SLI in a Carbide Spec 03

    Hello, I actually have a Asus strix gtx 1070 and I want to get another one to make an sli, but the problem is that I don't know if the sli will fit in my case, a corsair carbide spec-03 (led). My 1070 fit well into the casearch by I don't know about the other. Does someone have this specs or...
  20. S

    How many ampere does corsair vs550 has on its 12v rail?

    I want to buy a new psu and currently hv my eyes on this vs550 from corsair :)