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  1. C

    Question Wired Speeds capped at 100mbps but can get up to 500mbps via wi-fi.

    I have AT&T fiber line gigabit speeds, with a gigabit switch and all new cat6 cables everywhere. I cannot get above 100mbps with my PC via the wired connection, but can get 200-500mbps using a wireless adapter. I have tried plugging several components into my modem directly. My PS5 gets...
  2. krisrmgua

    Question Wired UP speeds crawling yet WIFI UP blazing fast

    I have Centrylink Fiber Internet. 1GIG Speeds for up and down. I can to internet speed test on my devices on wifi and get around 600 up and down. Which is great. Yet my Wired devices get the same down but up is only like 2.8 - 3.5 Up. Crazy slow single digit slow. I have connected the laptops...
  3. C

    My car is wired ! Pls help, urgently !

    Hello, My car is audio and video wired. I don't have device to spot locations. Car is ford focus 2006 EU edition Croatia. Can anyone tell or ask their friends asap who are professionals in that field where I need to check. I am ordinary citizen and scam do that for fun for months. Want my...
  4. R

    Question Gigabit Ethernet switch from 1Gbps to 100Mbps

    Hello guys, my internet stays at 1gbps for about 1-2hours and then switch to 100mbps (it disconect and conect again with low speed) I have already changed the plugs rj45 and still having the same problem... i'm using cat5e. long cable (about 25m) i think at some point a electrician patched the...
  5. L

    Question Internet stops working on PC after about 10 minutes, still shows connection is fine

    I am having an issue with my wired connection on my PC. I can boot up and do everything normally for about 10 minutes. After that nothing will load, no apps, no browser, no games, nothing. If i opened a stream while the internet was working that stream will continue to play like normal. The...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Random internet drops on wired connection - WiFi unnafected

    Hello, I kinda need a hand with this. This issue has been present since at least early 2021, but it's escalated to the point where it happens pretty much everyday. It's also survived across three Windows clean installs, and as stated in title WiFi connection is unaffected (I'm wired on my...
  7. B

    Question Ways to get a wired connection from a wireless connection

    I currently live in a university dorm that only has wireless internet access. There are no ethernet ports inside the rooms and connections come from wireless access points in the hallways. I have been streaming on twitch the past few weeks and the overall quality of the stream seems to be...
  8. O

    [SOLVED] very small wired usb keyboard?

    https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/6170oQG6VNS._AC_UY218_.jpg Do you know about a small, like on the picture, and low priced wired usb keyboard? The keyboard is not meant for everyday use. Therefore practicability is not a priority. It is about having a wired usb keyboard in case a computer's...
  9. T

    [SOLVED] Good white mouse

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a white gaming mouse mainly for Apex Legends . I have Medium sized (with plumpy fingers lol) hands and my grip style is relaxed fingertip. My whole setup is going to be in white color so I don't know which one to buy. I'm not expert in those DPS, dpi, ips, switches...
  10. Jeff_120

    [SOLVED] Asus router and ethernet ip problem under Windows

    Hello I received the Asus RT-AC86u yesterday, it's a real beast of Wifi speed specially on 5G, I could get 125mb/s while the modem is only 80ish mb/s while in repeater mode! Though today I plugged an ethernet cable to my desktop PC and it worked like for 5 minutes then the internet was gone on...
  11. cavalo123

    [SOLVED] Netgear Ethernet switch help

    Hi, I've recently set up an unmanaged Netgear 24port (GS324) Gigabit Ethernet Switch from a Virgin Superhub (UK). Wireless speeds are clocking at 250mbps which is roughly in line with my 350mbps deal, but the speed from the switch won't seem to go above 75/80mbps (regardless of location)...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] Cannot access Wired PC from a Wireless Laptop connected through Router (ZTE F660)

    The question is in the title, any help is appreciated Cannot access Ethernet Cable Wired PC (LAN) from a Wireless Laptop (Wifi) connected through Router (ZTE F660) Regards
  13. Kab2k

    [SOLVED] Problem with download speed and ping with windows 10

    Just recently, I reseted my pc and noticed that it had much slower download speed and higher ping than I should. I than tried to plug my laptop into the same ethernet cable and the speed and ping got back to normal. Before I reseted my pc the download, upload, ping was around (850, 850, 2) but...
  14. Mason1204

    [SOLVED] Need help with slow speeds.

    Here's my problem. Currently my PC is only getting 17 download when I pay for 400. My current network setup is Router > long run to switch > Short run to PC. Here is everything I've done and tested so far: I've completely replaced the long run cable to my switch. I tested the short run...
  15. I

    Question Disconnected from servers ( still connected to internet )

    Right, Don't know where to start but got to start somewhere. Recently built a new gaming pc and since then I'm having network disconnection problems on games and certain websites are slow to load as in Gmail and Amazon. But I'm loading Youtube videos fine and other sites. Spec's of my new pc are...
  16. ScotchyRotchy

    [SOLVED] Light and comfortable headset?

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for a super comfortable wired headset that has a mic for a whole day of work with low head pressure as high pressure headsets give me headaches. any ideas?
  17. T

    [SOLVED] Ping high in games after new PC.

    Hello I recently built a new PC and I have been facing high ping in certain games since new PC was up and running. Used to get 5 ping on my local server in CSGO and Dota2, now each server has ~+30 ping, and some servers are now unplayable as my ping is now ~100 from usual 60-65. On my old system...
  18. thomfranken

    Question Unstable wired connection

    Hello, Since a year or 2 i've been getting unstable ping in games, to the point that it became unplayable. My connection is wired and have enough download speed to have stable connection. So at this point i've tried countless software related things to solve the problem. I even changed my...
  19. TheShuman

    [SOLVED] Rubber Banding on Call of Duty Modern Warefare and Counter Strike

    So I have tried everything under the sun to try and get my finger round why I am getting this problem. My first guess is that its something to do with my network however I don't seen to be changing much in Ping. I checked my firewall to see if that was issue and nope. I checked if I was losing...
  20. Chick3n

    [SOLVED] Xbox One Controller not connecting to PC via wired

    I have an Xbox controller I'm trying to connect to my PC via a micro usb to usb cable. But when I connect it, the controller buzzes for half a second and when I press the Xbox button, the light blinks for about 2 minutes but never actually syncs. There is no Windows sound when I connect the usb...
  21. FlashGuard

    [SOLVED] Running a PC in another room wirelessly ?

    Hello, I am looking for a cheap affordable way to use a PC in another room wirelessly. I have a gaming rig in one room and my girlfriends as well. She may be looking into working from home as i do. However, we both need a quiet environment to work. She cannot work in the same room as me...
  22. S

    [SOLVED] Wired connected is lost when Mac laptop unplugs cable

    Hello! I'm currently having a problem where my wired connect is lost when my colleague unplugs her dongle with ethernet connected. We're currently an iMac, a PC and the MacBook Pro or Air connected to the same switch, TP Link TL-SG105 - both the iMac and the PC loses the wired connection when...
  23. C

    Question USB Issues With ThermalTake MT LEVEL 20

    I have USB connection issues with my case, the 1st USB port in the front of the case does not work except for like flash drivers, everything else such as Bluetooth/wifi adapters, other USB devices do not work on the first port, but on the second port everything works fine, I have a HyperX Cloud...
  24. D

    [SOLVED] It appears that my TP Link stops working and I randomly lose internet?

    I use a TP link powerline from my router, into the wall socket, to my wall socket where the computer is located and then to my PC. It seems that when I require somewhat high download speeds which comes from streaming video, the internet suddenly drops out, and I get no connection to the...
  25. L

    Question Wired and wireless lagging only on pc

    The past few days I have been able to play any online games on PC as I have been lagging nonstop. When I run wired, it runs fine for about 30 seconds and then will cut out completely, then going back to normal. So then I try to go to wireless and I lag consistently to the point where I can't...
  26. R

    Wireless headphones safe?

    Hello, I have arctis 7 wireless headphones and I am scared that the headphones will cause some type of damage to me or harm me in someway because they are wireless. are they safe, or should I switch over to wired From Ryan
  27. MasterGamer99

    [SOLVED] Internet on work pc keeps going on and off

    I work IT for a dealership and recently one of our main pc's internet keeps going on and off few few mins/hours sometime and while that's happening we cant use our cash drawer, printer or receipt printer on the other pc's because that end pc is the main one we use. I've tried replacing it with...
  28. Takeshys

    [SOLVED] Wired internet speed slows down after a few minutes

    Hi, I have a wired internet connection with 800Mb/s speeds. but after a while it drops down to 20-50Mb/s. If i restart the network adapter (intel ethernet connection I2I7-V) it goes back to normal for a while. Ive tried different adapter drivers, ive updated my bios, in the adapter properties...
  29. The Reaper Wolf

    [SOLVED] Getting lower speed with Cat 6a Ethernet cable compared to my Wifi?

    I have been having internet problems the last few weeks on my PC (every other device in my house works fine), I was getting really slow speeds and was getting a lot of twitter buffering. Recently as in today, my internet has gotten really bad and I decided to do some troubleshooting. I tried...
  30. Richardson Technub

    [SOLVED] I have moved to a new house that I believe have come with ethernet wiring.

    I moved in to a new place recently. Bought a PC and noticed that the whole house is ethernet wired (ethernet ports in each bedroom and living room). I looked around in the garage and found a panel. My plan was to connect the main router (my router is a 2 in 1 modem and router rented from Shaw)...
  31. Z

    [SOLVED] Headphones with 3 meter cable

    Hi, I have been using Philips SHM7410 headphones for last couple of years, they worked really well for me. I occasionally used to record tutorials, they worked good enough for me. I am looking to replace them but I really like the long cable and don't want to use wireless. Does anybody know...
  32. S

    Question Turning wifi to wired connection

    I have a wifi device but I would prefer using it as a wired device. I would like to know if it is possible to stop the wifi device from giving out wireless connection signal so that I can instead use a usb wire to connect to my pc and share internet directly to my pc from the device.
  33. Myako

    Question Random loud noises in headset???

    So I was playing some games with some friends and all of a sudden, my headset starts making this REALLY loud static sound. This isn't the first time this has happened, and when it has happened in the past, i usually just unplug and plug the headset back in and it works fine, but this time it is...
  34. F

    [SOLVED] My Download speed has plummeted to 1 mbps when I should be getting around 80 mbps

    Over the past weeks, my download speeds have dropped dramatically. I use a powerline adapter to connect my router and pc via ethernet. The powerline adapter is TL-PA7010P Kit v3. I honestly cannot figure out what is wrong. My ping has also raised to 60 instead of 9. However, my upload speeds...
  35. M

    [SOLVED] Please Help, Wireless and Wired Internet Speeds Do Not Match.

    My max internet speeds do not exceed either my wired, or my wireless network speeds, if I'm on the 5Ghz band. However, my internet speed test using ookla over wireless vs wired shows that the wireless is reaching only 50% of what the wired is. I regularly reach 800+ Mbps on the 5Ghz band, and...
  36. velocci

    Question wifi router that can handle alot of devices

    Hi all, I'm looking for a wifi router that can handle a lot of wireless and wired devices. I have about 10 wired devices and 12 wireless devices. I also want a lot of speed. Can someone recommend a good router for $300 or less Canadian? Also, if a wifi router has 4 network ports, does that...
  37. A

    [SOLVED] My router-switch not showing up in my main router!?

    hello there, i converted my old router into a switch by following online tutorials, it is working like a charm. the problem is that i cant see my router-switch in my main router. i can see devices connected to the router-switch in main router as wired connections even if it is wireless. thank you!
  38. C

    Question Getting annoying ping spikes in-game on my wired connection while using a Chromecast on WiFi

    So I noticed that while playing Dota 2 the other day that I was getting massive stuttering linked to my ping going from around 20-30 up to 130+ for a second then jumping back down and that was causing my game to stutter severely. I couldn't figure out why it was doing this as I play on a wired...
  39. sufyanmess007

    [SOLVED] Powerline issue.

    I recently have had an 85 mbps powerline adapter, and i was getting speeds of 300kbps whilst downloads, i now have bought a 1000mbps netgear PL1000 powerlines and yet i still get 700KBp which is awful, the powerlines are not plugged into am extension cable however there is a plug next to it that...
  40. T

    Question Need to have wired connection on multiple devices

    I have a computer and a ps4 in my room that i want both to have a wired connection at all time. The problem is i cant i have a tp-link plug thingy that is wired to my pc and every time i want to use my ps4 i have to climb through a forest of wires just to wire it to my ps4. Any suggestions?