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    Question USB Adapter

    Hi. I have just bought a TL-WN725N USB adapter. I installed it and downloaded the driver. The pc recognized the adapter but it cant connect to the wifi. The windows says: Cant connect to the network. Other wireless gadgets can connect to the Wifi. I tested on two pcs.
  2. C

    Question Upgrade from Atheros AR9485WB-EG Wireless Adapter

    The ASUS X540SA-XX345T Notebook arrived with no 5.0 GHz WiFi capability. It has a Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 802.11bgn WiFi adapter that has a WiFi 2.4 GHz at up to 70Mbps max capability, when Notebook is placed next to my 2,000 Mbps WiFi Hub. I have installed a second WiFi antenna and now looking...
  3. N

    [SOLVED] Need help with a wireless adapter purchase

    Hi I recently upgraded my wifi in my house to a 500mbps package, however it seems like my connection isnt as stable. I play a lot of games and I am getting pings lower than I ever have but I will get random spikes. I know it would be ideal to use ethernet but the way my house is set up...
  4. A

    Question Tplink t9uh ac1900 overheating or is it normal?

    I am testing my new tplink t9uh ac1900 wireless adapter but it is heating like crazy even on idle condition. I can’t even put my finger on it. Is it normal for for this kind of adapter or should i return it.
  5. M

    [SOLVED] My ASUS PCE-AC88 Dual-Band AC3100 not working anymore..

    I don't have the manual.. I must of misplaced it somewhere but I've been using this wifi card for almost 2 years now. Had a few problems with it shutting off here and there but nothing a quick pc restart wouldn't fix. A few days ago it stopped working. Couldn't get anything. I figured it was my...
  6. matthughes

    Question Wireless networking issue on 1 PC in network

    Hello. First time poster here so please excuse any mistakes. I have been experiencing this issue on my desktop PC for 4 weeks now. It appears to have started randomly. My PC is getting severe lag spikes and moments for a minute or two where my wireless network card can't detect any networks...
  7. J

    Question Device no longer recognized when downloading large files or streaming.

    Recently I have had an issue with my usb wireless adapter (NETGEAR A6210). Whenever I try to download a large file or stream on Twitch, Windows 10 ceases to recognize the device. No matter how many times I plug it back in, it will not recognize it. The only solution seems to be restarting my PC...
  8. D

    Question Realtek 8812BU (and others) dropping wifi constantly in Win10. Drivers Updated and Power Options at Full.

    Hi all. I have been swapping between 3 wireless adapters, the Realtek 8812BU being the newest and fastest. I uninstalled all old network adapters and have reinstalled this and updated numerous times. I have followed multiple tutorials suggesting editing power options to have no effect on...
  9. jay-d

    Question my laptop doesn't have a wireless network device

    Hi, I recently downgraded my laptop from Windows 10 to 8.1 because I prefer it and the 10 makes my laptop lag. However when I finally got the Windows 8.1 up and running I can't seem to connect to the Wi-Fi. I checked the Device Manager and found that in Network Adapters there's no driver for...
  10. S

    Question Should I buy the "ASUS PCE-AX3000 WiFi 6" or the "Asus AX3000 (Pce-AX58BT)" Wifi-6 Adapter to go with my ASUS AX11000?

    Hello all, i recently got a new Wifi 6 Router from Asus (AX11000): https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-GT-AX11000-Tri-Band-Aiprotection-Compatible/dp/B07MRD1LDZ My current MotherBoard is a MSI Z390 Godlike which does not support WiFi-6 by default. I am planning on buying a new Wifi-6 adapter from...
  11. KanyeJ19

    [SOLVED] Good Wireless Cards (Gaming/4K Streaming)

    Hey all, just wanting to get some second opinions for this. My TP-Link Archer T9E has kicked the bucket today sadly I need a new wireless adapter, and am contemplating an Archer T6E (https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Networking/Adapters/60935-Archer-T6E ) or going for a WiFi 6 adapter. If WiFI...
  12. F

    [SOLVED] ARCHER T6E speed problem

    Hi there. I have a Tplink T6E that is connected to a 5Ghz network. Yesterday it worket at around 170Mbps but not its working between 11 and 50Mbps according to Ookla Speedtest (and feels like 11mbps too). In the "TP-LINK Wireless Configuration Utility" software it says that the rate is at...
  13. H

    Question my new Wireless card keeps disconnecting every few hours

    My wifi card has been disconnecting every couple hours for a few days. I just installed it a couple of days ago. I have changed power settings, completely uninstalled and then reinstalled, and switched drivers multiple times, but nothing seems to work. It displays that the default gate was not...
  14. S

    Question My usb wifi adapter keeps randomly disconnecting?

    I got this Wi-Fi adapter a couple weeks ago and it was working fine the first day I was using it, after a little while the internet would have a 10 second lag spike, after a couple days it would just disconnect me from my internet completely. I tried contacting the manufacture to help me with...
  15. S

    Question TP Link wireless adapter giving slow transmit rate

    My Archer T9E has been working flawlessly since 2017. Giving a transmit rate of 1300 MHz on 5GHz band. It even allowed me to cast full size 4K HDR movies on my Chromecast Ultra. But as of late the adapter has started giving some problems. The transmit rate is between 1 - 130 MHz which generally...
  16. J

    Question How to Fix "Problem with wireless adapter or access point"?"

    Good day, I have had issues with my computer's ability to connect to game servers and other messaging services. Loading pages on Chrome, Opera, and Firefox often lead to connection failures. When playing games my ping if often between 50-70, and when displayed packet loss is below 5%. However...
  17. D

    Question Do WiFi adapters that plug into a computer's Ethernet port exist?

    Hi everyone. I was wondering, do WiFi adapters (e.g. dongles) that plug into a computer's Ethernet port exist? I've been searching online but so far I've only found WiFi dongles that are meant to be plugged into a USB port. It seems to me that if there were a WiFi adapter that plugged directly...
  18. T

    Question Wireless and Wired Connections not working

    Have been using net gear wireless adapter model a6100 for sometime never had any issues with it. i am on my on windows 10 pc, not a prebuilt or anything. this AM it randomly goes out, and when plugged in, it says the last usb device you plugged in malfunctioned and is not recognized. have been...
  19. Jackovitch

    Question Odd flickering in WoW

    View: https://youtu.be/kSm8t2phbJ0 Hello everyone :) I was hoping to get some help with this issue. i have an 144 hz monitor with AMD free sync and a GTX 1060 6b oc GPU, when in WoW (only WoW). the npcs/adds flicker as seen in the video. What can be done?
  20. C

    Question Deleting Windows On Old HDD After Clean Install On SSD

    Is it possible for me to just delete the windows files on my old HDD and keep all the files or do I need to do a format of my old HDD?