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Wireless Adapters

Forum discussion tagged with Wireless Adapters.
  1. TribalOutcaster

    Question All Connectivity just doesn't seem to work.

    First up some details on the laptop: Owner: A friend of mine OS: Previously had Windows 7 with non-genuine key/No Windows key. Now upgraded, Windows 10 with no Windows key. Issue: So, he had a problem with his computer so i had to reinstalled windows for him from 7 to 10. Unfortunately when he...
  2. T

    Question Need New Wireless Card for Lenovo Laptop

    Hello everyone. My wife has a Lenovo Ideapad Z410 and it works fine except the wireless card is utter garbage. It randomly disconnects until she restarts it and even when it is connected, it's slow as molasses. I was thinking of upgrading the wireless card for her, but heard you have to use a...
  3. T

    Chkdsk stuck processing WD MyPassport 1TB Hard drive

    I've been having problems with my Western Digital MyPassport hard drive. It started when a download to the drive I was in the midst of froze and locked up my computer, so I did a hard reboot. Since then, the drive is either unrecognizable, or functions okay for a little bit after being plugged...
  4. T

    Coil whine. Looking for some advice on what to do next.

    Hi there. I have an XFX R9 390x in my pc which is emiting a whiny noise when I game. The noise is there briefly when i start up and then in games. If I tab out of the game the noise disappears. Its not jet engine loud but its constant and gets annoying after a short while. I disconnected each...