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    Question Razer Nari only works with usb dongle and charging cable plugged in. HELP.

    Hello, I have a Razer Nari and it only works when the usb wireless dongle and the charging cable is plugged in. I don't why this is happening but I would really like it to work wirelessly. It has been like this the whole time iv'e had it. I have tried to use the Razer pairing tool and it didn't...
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    Question HyperX Cloud Stinger wireless

    Hello to everyone , So like this, I recently bought these headphones, but the guy from whom I bought the headphones tricked me by not sending me a USB for wireless connection, which is why he sold safely, but in the meantime I ordered a new USB wireless dongle from the original HyperX site, but...
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    Question Single monitor, HDMI switcher and Corsair Headset

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to make my life a bit easier and i'm not sure how these things correlate. So I have Dell S2716DG 144hz monitor as my main display and also a crappy SE2717H/HX monitor as my secondary display. I'm planning to buy an HDMI switcher, so i could setup my Nintendo Switch, my...