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  1. JelkoBG

    Question Buzzing audio

    Hello, I tried to use my wireless earbuds with my ps4. To do it I used my monitor port for headphones. I plugged 3,5 mm jack in in and plugged the other side in my computer microphone port and it works but there is constant buzzing noise. I tried my to connect my wired headphones directly in the...
  2. H

    Question Wireless headsets for gaming ?

    Hello! Just wondering if it's worth it to use a wireless headset for gaming? For many years it wasn't worth it to use a wireless mouse for gaming because of the latency or lag, however, over time this issue has been improved upon and for the most part resolved. I was wondering if the same...
  3. OlssonNDD

    Question Wireless headphones not connecting properly to motherboard ?

    Hello, So i've had connectivity problems with various types of wireless headphones for a long time. The issues are different from time to time but the headphones have all been tried on different computers where they work flawlessly. So my conclusion is that the problem is somewhere in my...
  4. naviseven

    Question [PC-Win10] Cannot use Wireless Controller and Wireless Headphone simultaneously

    I'm currently using a 4.0 bluetooth adapter for PC and the PS5 Controller, aswell as a wireless headphone. Both the headphone and the controller are working just fine and can be connected by cable optionally, so in the worst case scenario i can still use both at the same time. However, I cant...
  5. Mr.Stork

    [SOLVED] Does Logitech G733 have OnBoardMemoryManager support?

    I want get that headset, but is it possible to turn of the rgb lights without keeping the GHUB on in the background all the time?
  6. Rodion15

    [SOLVED] Any headphones with separate mic for the hearing-impaired?

    I recently bought an impressive TV over-ear RF Avantree HT280 headphones for my mother (she's 91yo and hard of hearing), she's very happy to be able to hear the TV now! Her greatest frustration (I mean when she talks to people, without the headphones) is that she can't hear people in normal...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] Headphones won't connect to motherboard

    I recently bought a pair of wireless headphone that comes with a charging station that has an optical port for me to plug into the back of my mobo (MSI B450 Pro Gaming Carbon), but I'm not getting a signal. It works when using AUX but so far nothing with optical, and I would like to have that...
  8. BenX41

    Question Wireless headphones hissing

    Had to replace my Acrtis pro wireless headset after the batteries had broken and the left side cracked, however the replacement pair I got hisses constantly after being turned on. I've no clue why it does this, I've tried suggested fixes like turning the sidetone off and turning on the volume...

    [SOLVED] Razer Nari only works with usb dongle and charging cable plugged in. HELP.

    Hello, I have a Razer Nari and it only works when the usb wireless dongle and the charging cable is plugged in. I don't why this is happening but I would really like it to work wirelessly. It has been like this the whole time iv'e had it. I have tried to use the Razer pairing tool and it didn't...
  10. Z

    [SOLVED] Sound predominantly coming out of left earphone

    Not sure what caused this issue, but suddenly my right earphone on my Audio Technica M50xBT has been much quieter than normal (I use them with the wire when gaming on my PC). I tested them wirelessly and on my phone and they worked fine. Both earphones have the same balance, but the right...
  11. Anub100

    Question Does my wireless headphone use my motherboards sound card

    I have a wireless headphone (hyper x cloud flight). It uses usb. Does it use my on board sound card? Or i have to buy a DAC that has usb so i can plug my headphones usb dongle there. Im planning to buy a good motherboard x570 that has alc1220. I just want to know if my headphones will be using...
  12. L

    Question Having trouble getting audio out of Sennheiser wireless headphones

    Hey everyone So, here's what happened: I got a Roku for Christmas and I just wanted to hook it up to see how it worked. I don't have cable on my TV, just a BluRay player. I should mention that, since there was no way to directly hook the Sennheisers up to my TV, I bought an HDMI converter box...
  13. A

    Question bluetooth usb adapter appears as a usb pnp sound device

    i got a bluetooth usb adapter the other day and i wanted to try it out but when i plug it into my pc it shows up as a usb pnp sound device . and i haven't been able to connect anything to it.
  14. I

    [SOLVED] Very poor Bluetooth connection.

    So I use Sony WH-CH700N wireless headphones (which tbh might not be the best option for use with pc). A few days ago when I fully charged them Bluetooth connection with my pc completely dropped. Whenever I cover my headphones with hands, sound fully cuts out. They seem to work fine when the pc...
  15. M

    Question Should I buy wireless or wired headphones for gaming (because of Bluetooth lag and mic not working unless headphones are in hands-free mode)

    So, I'm planning to treat my self with new pair of gaming headphones. I zeroed the search on Logitech G935 but since I own Beats Studio Wireless 2 I know potential issues that can come up trying to configure them to work wirelessly with mic and audio (in the end I ended up using them with 3.5mm...
  16. notea

    Question Dolby Atmos + Wireless Headphone not workin

    Hi, So i recently purchased the Corsair H70 SE and tried to use Dolby Atmos, all options are greyed out, not even windows sonic works, can anyone help me get this sorted or is wireless not at all supported with these apps? thanks in advance
  17. T

    how to get Two 8gb Ram Kits (same brand and speed)

    well i had a 8gb kit of gskill v series ddr4 3200 and i had bought a anther 8gb kit same timings and speed and when i put all 4 dimms in the pc wont post but with two it will and i have rasied the voltage to 1.75v and i have gotten one of the dimms form the second kit to work for a total of...
  18. T

    Overclocked GTX 970 or GTX 980?

    Which one to buy? I have £400 to spend! For some strange reason scan.co.uk has stated the MSI 980 as discontinued?