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  1. P

    [SOLVED] Looking for a wireless keyboard with keys that activate backlight only when pressed

    I want a Windows PC full sized wireless keyboard for streaming here in the UK. Not looking for mechanical keys, just a regular modern but stylish looking keyboard. I prefer keys to be slightly raised but pretty close to being flat/chicklet. Can anyone recommend a brand/model that fits this...
  2. quest221

    Question Keyboard disconnect intermittently

    Hi all, There are some issue with my keyboard, here is the symptom. The computer is a Intel NUC, there is a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse, both are Logitech the one with small wireless adapter connect to the USB port on the NUC. Only the wireless keyboard disconnect...
  3. whiteknights

    cannot open TP-Link router case.. please help

    Hello guys.. i wanted to open my router case because the power button is getting stuck so i wanted to fix it from inside.. but its really almost impossible to disassemble the router case.. i removed the 2 screws and the router case is getting opened little bit from the back using a visa card...
  4. R

    When should I buy a new video card with the crypto currency craze?

    I'm looking to buy a 1060, 560, or 460, but the prices are through the roof. Should I cough up the extra dough or wait a month? P.S. I live in the states
  5. L

    Which fans to get for this case?

    Greetings, friends! I'll be building my first rig (Yay!). My problem is that I don't know whether I should buy SP fans or AF fans for the front intake of the case (note that it has a dust filter), and if it's better to have 2x140 or 3x120. I was leaning towards 3x120 SP Quiet edition fans from...
  6. I

    New computer build problems ( device manager )

    Hey guys! Today I've built my computer but I have a few problems in device manager. This what it looks like: I've already installed a bunch of stuff. Any ideas?