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  1. D

    Question Wireless Mouse no longer works

    Windows 10 - Asus 470 MB The wireless mouse that I have used with this machine has stopped working This mouse works fine on other machines A wired mouse plugged into the same port works fine The only change I've made is to install an NVME on a PCI card. The NVME works fine and the mouse...
  2. T

    Question Is there any mouse without that red sensor?

    if not, then my mouse came defective. I bought a mouse 'Thunderobot ML701 Wireless' from aliexpress, hoping that I could use it on CS:GO, but it happens that the mouse is a complete crap in-game, with a lagged camera control and such. if there's no red light on the bottom, does it mean that the...
  3. Ratteus

    Question Can using a wireless mice plugged in overcharge the battery?

    I'm currently using an ROG Keris wireless mouse, and I'm wondering if using the mouse wired can overcharge the battery and possibly break it.
  4. L

    Question Why is my new Hytac Wireless 2.4GHz Mouse lagging?

    Hello everyone, My Wireless 2.4GHz Mouse lags when I don't move it for under 1 minute. Ive tried using every usb port in my laptop but it wont fix it. The only way is to take out and put back in the batteries and keep it constantly moving. Anyone knows whats going on? or experiencing the same...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Can i use a Razer Wireless Mousepad Charger for my Logitech G502

    I want to buy a Razer Firefly V2 but i also want to use teh Logitech G502 with it. Will they work together?
  6. alfredjoejr

    Question How do I recover a wireless mouse?

    I lost my wireless mouse's receiver which I usually install in one of the USB Ports. Is there any other alternative ways to use the mouse?
  7. Y

    Question wireless mouse for android tv box

    Hello, will a normal wireless mouse work with an android tv box or it needs a mouse with special requirements? Thanks.
  8. C

    [SOLVED] Which Wireless Mouse Should I Go With?

    I am wanting to get a good wireless gaming mouse to game with. I have tried the razer viper ultimate, but ended up returning it because I did not like the flat ambidextrous feeling at all. I would say I am more of an ergo mouse user as I currently use and like the shape of my G403 but it is...
  9. Anjisth

    Question My mouse is making square turns (help)

    hi, I'm having trouble using my wireless mouse as every time i plug my dongle in it starts making square shape with cursor.Please somebody help
  10. A

    [SOLVED] USB Switch and Bluetooth Mouse/ Keyboard

    I'm currently using a wired mouse/keyboard which plugs into a USB switch (link to switch below) which allows me to quickly switch the two inputs between my PC and laptop. I'm looking into getting a wireless mouse /keyboard set up where the connection is generally made with a small usb Bluetooth...
  11. P

    Question Use this device to wake the laptop from sleep greyed out

    Hi, I recently bought a wireless mouse(not Bluetooth) for my laptop. I am unable to wake it from sleep using that mouse. option to achieve that is greyed out.
  12. SparkyTech934

    [SOLVED] Advice on SteelSeries Rival 650 Wireless

    Hi all, So I had a quick question regarding my SteelSeries Rival 650 Wireless mouse. This mouse is new, and it is the first wireless mouse that I've owned and I've really enjoyed using it so far. I recently noticed that when using the mouse is wireless mode, occasionally both in and out of...
  13. N

    Question Changing the Wireless Mouse transmitter

    Hello everyone! I had a wireless KB/mouse combo. I bought a new wireless mouse for some reason. Now I have 2 wireless receiver for each, keyboard and new mouse. The two dongles seems to be interfering with one another. So, the question is if I can remove the wireless transmitter (which is...
  14. G

    Question How do I convert my USB based Wireless Mouse to a Wired one?

    I have a USB Based Wireless Mouse (https://www.amazon.com/TECKNET-Ergonomic-Wireless-Chromebook-Adjustment/dp/B013WJRG5C/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1550934224&sr=1-1&keywords=tecknet+m003). I have lost the USB Receiver and I would like to use it as a Wired one. I have bought a new...
  15. Z

    Question Logitech Z906 + ASUS Xonar not working

    Hi guys I have very annoying problem. I have just received a new PC build by Novatech. Everything run smooth and nice expect the sound. Actually there is no sound at all. Control Panel/Sound Settings shows that thhe sound is present, so I assume the sound card works properly. At the same time...
  16. K

    Question Just built new pc and having terrible stuttering in games

    So i just built my new pc yesterday (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/QnyQJ8) and ive been having some issues with it. It started with driver issues, i was getting a few bluescreens here and there and maybe me trying to run the ram at 3200 was part of the problem so i just decided to reinstall...
  17. Y

    Question RAM Compatibility

    Hello. I have a question concerning RAM compatibility. I am planning to build a PC in the near future. My build is summarized in this pcpartpicker link: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/t8F2cY As you can see I have put two different memory kits. The G.Skill (F4-3000C16D-16GISB) one is not...
  18. N

    [SOLVED] Intel Optane + 5400rpm/7200rpm for games/data?

    I'm about to plan my storage and there was a lot of option to consider and I refused the SSHD option for my gaming/data storage. M.2 NVMe will be my system boot drive so we don't wanna talk about that but instead my data storage needs. I think I've come to my last option: should I use Intel...
  19. firexaura

    [SOLVED] AIO Liquid Cooler

    If I got a aio liquid cooler would i still have to buy waterblocks, etc or is it actually all in one.
  20. S

    Pc wont Power on

    Hello. So i just installed new cpu, motherboard and ram.. and my Pc just wont turn on.. i really dont know what is the problem.. my Guess is that my Power supply IS older, but IT IS 750W and i had no truble before.. do u have any tips what might be the problem ?
  21. J

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Reset Fails

    Desktop Windows 10 keeps failing to complete the reset program. Gets all the way through removing programs but then fails when trying to reload fresh Windows 10. I can get into Safe Mode. It also fails to repair the b o o t r e s . d l l. From the SrtTrail report: Root cause found...
  22. T

    Upgrade from MSI GTX 1070ti Gaming to MSI RTX 2070 Gaming? Is it worth?

    I have a month old msi 1070ti gaming, and I was thinking of selling it and getting RTX 2070 from MSI or ASUS. The question - Is it worth the upgrade? The shop where i bought the whole PC will allow me to return 1070ti and pay the rest for rtx 2070. Looking thru benchmarks it is better in every...
  23. V

    Lenovo Flex 3 or HP Notebook - 14s-cf0012tx

    My company wanna buy me a laptop, which one is better for programming while also can used for gaming? hp notebook 14s have this specification: Intel® Core™ i7-8550U Processor (1.8 GHz base frequency, up to 4 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, 8 MB cache, 4 cores) Windows 10 Home Single...
  24. P

    Comparison between RTX2080 and GTX1080??

    So, I'm building a new PC, and Trying to determine what GPU to go for. I'm looking at the GTX 1070, 1080, and RTX 2080 and am confused on how pricing seems to be done on these boards. Most of the 1080's seem to be very comparable in price to the 2080's despite the specs being lower across the...
  25. D

    [SOLVED] Actually thinking about a mATX build....

    I have pretty much selected all of my components for my next build. i9-9900k, Asus maximus xi, asus rtx 2080ti oc, etc etc. Lots of research, reviews, etc etc etc. Now, I am sitting here thinking.... can I get what I want in mATX? Do I really need the big motherboard? There are some really...
  26. H

    shuts off after entering games

    I have a old ASUS Crosshair 2 with a phenom 2 x4 black edition at normal clock, 3.4, i never overclocked It. I have a thermaltake 850w psu. I bought a new GTX 1060 and a cooler master watercooler 240l. The system is Windows 10 all upadted and drivers too. When entering any Game the load screen...
  27. D

    [SOLVED] Is this a good deal for Gaming Computer?

    I'm looking at buying a new gaming computer. $2215 Alienware Aurora R8 $2215 MOtherboard Intel Z370 i9 9900K NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080 OC w/ 8GB Memory: 16GB Dual channel DDR4 @ 2666MHZ Hard Drive: 256GB M.1 PCIe SSD + 1 TB 7200 SATA Power: 850 watt, w/ liquid cooling BDRE Drive Killer Wireless...
  28. S

    Upgrade from i5 4690 to i7 4790

    I have a rtx 2070 and want to upgrade should I rather spend more to get the K version
  29. R

    [SOLVED] Which CPU Cooler?

    Apparently the i5-8600k CPU doesn't come with a cooler. So any recommendations on which Cooler I should get? Also is a higher RPM Cooler better?
  30. S

    Bricked Motherboard from inserting RAM while PC still on

    I've made a massive boob and accidentally connected RAM to a motherboard while the PC was on, this wasn't intentional so please save any ear bashing. Once that happened the PC immediately powered off and i could smell smoke, now when i power up the motherboard shows power but i don't get any...
  31. G

    Will this prevent CPU working? Bent pins!

    Hi I am just putting together a new PC. I was just about to install an i7 6700k processor and noticed some of the pins on the motherboard (used Asus Z170 pro gaming) are bent. https://photos.app.goo.gl/FuViD88geSZQmodG6 My question is there probability that the PC wont start and boot properly...
  32. M

    Low FPS and Stutter with i5-8600K and 1080Ti

    I recently upgraded my buld, got a MSI 370-A Pro, a i5-8600k and a Zotac 1080ti FE. The thing is, I'm having 45fps in AC: Origins with settings: 1080p @ultra, and 50fps with heavy stutter in FF XV I've seen people with the same building getting +110 fps on both games. OS: Windows 10 Ram...
  33. D

    When overclocking Voltage my clockspeed goes down to 1.2ghz from 3.87ghz

    A while ago after an update in the Gigabyte Bios I had all sorts of problems. I started having coil whine on my 1080 and nothing worked properly. Thankfully I managed to fix all of that, but now I do have an issue that persisted. I can not seem to overclock my cpu further than what the 'AUTO'...
  34. C

    i3 8350k, why do people hate it? And should I upgrade?

    my rig is i3 8350k @ 4.5ghz Gtx 1080 ASUS z370 strix gaming F Geil superluce 16gb dual channel EVGA supernova 750 g2 Corsair h100i v2 —————————- My Delma is weather or not to upgrade my pc to a 2080ti and an i9 9900k. I can afford both but if I can save money I wont complain. I’m wondering if...
  35. A

    1060 vs 1070 for i5-4670k

    Recently I had decided to go for a 1060 for my PC with and i5-4670k. I was wondering if I did have the cash to spare and go for a 1070, would it lead to a major bottleneck? On a side note, I was confused on the Variant of GPU to go for. Zotac has caught my eye due to its low pricing compared to...
  36. C

    sub works but speakers take 10 mins to work

    every time my paradigm millenia ct is turned on the sub woofer works perfectly fine but the speakers will take 10 minutes to startup. the sub woofer starts and functions normally on startup but the speakers wont start producing any noise until around the 8 minute mark, then it takes around 2...
  37. Y

    upgrade my computer

    Hi i was wondering what parts are essential that i need to change in order to play high end games or is it better that i buy a new one its a ( got this from a friend was wondering if its worth upgrading or should i buy a new one) Dell inspiron 560 Processor Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5700 @...
  38. S

    Gtx 1060 6gb or gtx 1070?

    Hi, I have a low spec of desktop: i7-2700 Corsair vengeance 8gb Gtx 960 2gb ... And running on dual 1080p monitor I plan to buy 1070 because I want to upgrade 1 of my monitor to 1440p though can I still use one of my 1080p monitor for dual monitor thingy without affecting the performance of...
  39. J

    Motherboard Compatability issues

    Hi guys I've recently got a Intel Core i7 3770s 3.1GHZ Quad Core CPU Processor LGA1155 I was wondering if you'd be able to tell me if this motherboard would support this processor...
  40. K

    [SOLVED] Looking for 4K Monitor

    Hi, I am setting up my home office and I am looking for 4K monitor. I am not into gaming..mostly professional work (engineering). Appreciate your advice 1. What Is Your Country Of Origin? UK 2. What do you plan to do with this monitor? Office work 3. What resolution and screen size do you...