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  1. D

    Question Unusual connection issues; connection quality crumbles and only when gaming.

    My internet connection vastly deteriorates when entering a game and has some unusual behaviour. I'm going to use League of Legends as an example as that is the game I've been really testing this experience on. My network works perfectly on all devices, including this PC. Surfing the web is...
  2. B

    Question Internet stays connected but only pulls internet temporarily

    On my PC I connect to a wifi network. It says connected, internet. And it works for a few minutes. For example, I'm trying to download Forza Street from Microsoft Store. It says downloading, 11 mb/s or whatever for about 30 seconds then the download speed disappears and the progress bar stops...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] Huge lagspikes in games over wifi

    I need to use wifi because my house is old and hasn't been wired with ethernet cables and we dont have a long enough cable to connect just by laying it on the floor, and for the past 3-4 days i've been having huge lagspikes in every game I've been playing that connects to multiplayer. The 3...
  4. K

    Question Ping issues on PC

    Hi, so a week or two ago I noticed ping spikes on servers that run at ~20ms, but then jump to ~700 momentarily. My wireless adapter works on other computers but not mine, and It's been working on my computer for a few months prior without any issues. Any suggestions will be appreciated :)
  5. S

    Is my PC running at a decent temp?

    So I've been upgrading my PC a little bit this last month and picked up an I5 4690 and then added on a Noctua NH-L9i heatsink for it. Before adding the heatsink I'd be sitting around 35C stable but now I'm running around 40-42 stable any ideas why? I'll add all stable temps to my specs. Thanks...
  6. ptrthgr8

    Asus ROG Swift PG278Q powers up, but "no display" message appears

    Hi, all. I took delivery of this PG278Q yesterday – I’ve been eyeballing them for many months now and decided to pull the trigger. I have been disappointed thus far to get nothing but the dreaded “No Display” message. I was running a DisplayPort connection with my old monitor (an ASUS VS278Q)...
  7. J

    i5 4690k overclocking issues

    Hi, trying to overclock my i5 4690k processor with the system build below. However, every time I raise the clock frequency with more that 2% the computer freezes. Any ideas what the problem might be? Issues with the cooling of the processor or some kind of a weird power supply problem? System...
  8. I

    Help and advice on a new gaming pc

    Hi!I am building a new gaming pc for myself and i would love if you guys can help me out with chosing the right components for my new pc.My budget is 1000$,plus minus 100$.It will be nice if you guys recommened me other builds,advice me or criticize my build.The computer will be used for gaming...