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  1. BrokenBran

    Question Getting eero network and my hardwired machines to talk (Verizon Fios)

    I got a eero mesh system last week. After setup everything wireless in my house appears to be working just fine. The problem is I have several hardwired computers which no longer talk to the wireless printer. I have Verizon FIOS for my ISP and they use a 192.168.1.x network and the eero uses...
  2. U

    [SOLVED] Two Router, One Printer , How to Print

    Hi, In our office, staff must connect to the two different routers. We have one wireless printer, which is connected to one router. This causes problem, because staff members who are not connected to the same router to which the printer is attached, to print something, they have to change the...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] Why is the signal from my WiFi repeater dropping?

    My desktop PC is plugged into the LAN port of the repeater and my modem/router is plugged into the WAN port. The repeater is running in router mode, using the same SSID for the wireless network as the router/modem. This has worked without issue for several months , but all of a sudden, and...
  4. uxwal

    Question your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (DNS server) is not responding

    i tried different solution in the internet like flush dns, release, renew, winsock and still doesn't work

    [SOLVED] Is there any problem if I keep my WiFi adapter plugged in 24/7?

    Hi guys so I recently bought a USB wireless wifi adapter and normally keep my wifi adapter plugged in all the time and I usually don't unplug it even when shutting down my pc, Its plugged in 24/7 so will the wifi adapter get damaged or overheat by keeping it plugged in all the time or is it...
  6. Slickness

    [SOLVED] My phone gets 10x the download speed that my computer does in the same room

    I have been trying to figure out why my desktop gets such bad connection while my phone is fine. Using Speedtest by Ookla my pc scores a "46mbps" while my phone scores a whopping "460mbps" yes they are both measured using the same unit. Another computer that we have down stairs gets a great...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] can i connect two systems for data sharing?

    I have one desktop and one laptop. Desktop is connect with wire to router and desktop don't have any wireless card. I want to make networking with desktop and laptop. is it possible that i can mix wired and wireless in networking, if yes then how. thanks in advanced
  8. R

    [SOLVED] Is there a way to amplify an outdoor Wifi hotspot ?

    I live across the street from a public park that provides free wi-fi. I operate my pc from that signal. I don't use a conventional router just a wifi USB adapter stick. Sometimes, the signal strength is ok but other times, it needs a little help. I'd like to know if there's a device (if so...
  9. karthikkailash6

    [SOLVED] Sharing PC Internet to Wifi Router

    My laptop is connected to my University WiFi via my laptop's inbuilt wifi adapter. I would like to share that internet to my D-Link 2750U router via LAN which can then provide wireless network to my other devices. Is there a way I can do this? I also need to unblock some ports for playing...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] Setting Up Home Network with Unique login per user

    Hi Guys, first of all, I would like to apologize if I used a wrong or unclear terminology because my understanding of IT and network are not really good. So the situation right now is there are modem that recieve the internet from the provider. What I want to do is set a router so user will be...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] Can you use a USB WiFi dongle to get better WiFi to a laptop even if that laptop already has a built-in WiFi card?

    Hi everyone. My laptop has a built-in WiFi card (Realtek RTL8822BE 802.11ac PCIe Adapter). Can I use a USB WiFi dongle to improve my laptop’s WiFi reception or is it pointless since my laptop already has a WiFi card built in? I believe my laptop has an up-to-date WiFi card built into it, but...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to get 2 or more WiFi signals to work together in concert to have better/faster Internet?

    Hi everyone. Is it possible to somehow get two or more WiFi signals (like your phone's WiFi signal and your router's WiFi signal, for example) to work together in concert to have better/faster Internet than one of those signals could provide on its own? I know some people may be thinking, "Why...
  13. M

    My c: disk keeps getting scanned and repaired but nothing changes, also windows freezes and crashes

    Alright title was pretty clear I guess. 2 Days ago I shut my PC down through force shut (holding power button) for just once. Yesterday I started my pc up and after a few minutes it just crashed. Trying to find a hardware mistake I cleaned out my pc and checked cables, everything was good so I...
  14. A

    Could anyone tell me what heat sink this is as the website doesn't day

    This is a cooler that i am interested as i am getting a windowed case and this seems like a pretty nice cooler http://imagescdn.tweaktown.com/content/6/5/6574_31_phanteks_enthoo_luxe_full_tower_chassis_review.jpg
  15. M

    Upgrade to a new GPU or go SLI? Galaxy GeForce GTX 670 (67NPH6DV5ZVX )

    My question is do I buy a second GPU or move up to a new video card all together? Do I need to consider a new Power Supply? I have never run a SLI system I usually just rebuild every three or four years with a possible video upgrade in the middle of the life of the system. I Built a PC based...
  16. M

    Build For Gaming, Any changes or recommendations?

    Is this a good gaming build, I was playing around with Part Picker and was just wondering about and changes I should make, I'm looking to play games like Farcry 4 and GTA V on Ultra settings. And some future games. Any changes I should make would be good. I don't need a monitor or mouse and...
  17. jacobc888

    PC screen flashes black.

    My computer has been having a problem with the screen flashing black every 3-5 Minutes. I don't think It has anything to do with the graphics card because sometimes when it flashes it will switch me to another window I have open in chrome. I'm starting to get frustrated. I have no Idea how to...
  18. M

    onboard Ethernet connection destroyed?

    I've been recently having a problem with the Ethernet connection on my computer, but I'm not sure what's wrong with it, or if it's fixable. Here are the details: The orange light on the port is always on, unless I unplug or switch off the back of the computer. I haven't seen the green light...
  19. A

    Connect android tablet to wireless using Tenda USB W322U Wireless-N Reciever / AP?

    I've been trying to connect a tablet to my home's LAN by plugging in my Tenda W322U Wireless-n to my Windows 7 computer and share the internet using Internet Bridging (I've tried using ICS and it thows a port in use error (I think that error is caused by the Tenda software (Version 1 (No other...
  20. D

    Network is connected, but brower isn't working

    We have 2 laptops in the house, and neither have internet. it's connected w/5 bars. We've reset/turned off router, cycled it, everything.
  21. D

    Micro atx or atx? I don't know!

    Hey guys i'm trying figure out what type of case i have and i want to make sure i'm getting the correct type of case when i switch it out. I'm trying to get a nvidia gtx 660 but my case won't fit it. My computer case specs are: w-6.8 H-14.17 L-15.7 173 x 360 x 400 mm (WxHxD) Also if you guys...
  22. O

    Computer shut off unexpectedly....won't power back on but LEDs will light up?

    Hello, I recently built my first PC to use as a HTPC (this website has been massively helpful during the process, so thanks for your knowledge!) and while watching TV last night through Windows Media Center my PC unexpectedly shut off. After a couple minutes of pure panic trying to turn it back...
  23. R

    buying this pc build. what do you think?

    Hi all. First of all i was going to build my own pc but then i come across this pc already built and he wants $800 for it can you tell me is it worth it or should I stick with building a new pc as $800 is about my budget and I am in AUS. What games should this be able to play and on what...
  24. W

    Does anyone know how to globally set default scan profiles?

    I've tried looking all over Google, but can't seem to find a solid answer. In our environment, we're implementing a new (well, the scanners are fairly old, but still reliable) scanning solution, and mostly everything functions normally. The problem I'm having is with making it so that all users...
  25. T

    I installed NVIDIA drivers and now getting a sound every 20 - 30 seconds... 'baboop' then a couple of seconds and a 'boobep'

    I installed NVIDIA drivers and now getting a sound every 20 - 30 seconds... 'baboop' then a couple of seconds and a 'boobep'
  26. V

    Will this affect my CPU?

    I have a Kingsto 4GB RAM single channel 1600mhz,but my CPU Intel Pentium G850 2.90ghz supports only 1333 mhz.How will this affect my CPU?
  27. G

    Cheaper Google Glass Alternative Lets You Build It Yourself

    The SeeThru heads up display claims to offer a full augmented reality experience for $399, a fraction of what the Google Glass Explorer Edition costs. There's also an option to build it yourself if you'd like to customize it. Cheaper Google Glass Alternative Lets You Build It Yourself : Read more
  28. E

    Help me choose a video card for FSX

    I have a budget of ~>110$ and i need a good video card for FSX Here are my specs - Windows 7 Ultimate Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2300 2.80GHz Ram: 4GB System type: 64-bit Video card: ATI Radeon™ HD 5450 512MB Intel DH67BL Motherboard (PCIe 2.0) FSX is running with ~9 FPS when using...
  29. G

    Asus GTX 780 Poseidon Platinum Edition Video Preview

    We take a closer look at the new graphics card from Asus that supports both air and liquid cooling out of the box. Asus GTX 780 Poseidon Platinum Edition Video Preview : Read more
  30. A

    Graphics Card is dead'ish

    Hello, I want to replace my semi-deceased GPU. (GTX260) I asked here a while ago what I should get (on a 170$ budget), and you guys recommended I buy a radeon 7790 or a GTX650TI (but isnt the 650 less powerful?). I noticed there are 2 versions to the 7790, one with 1GB and another with 2GB...
  31. J

    Gigabyte R9 280x graphics card help!

    Hello, I'm building a new rig and was looking to include the gigabyte R9 280x card in it. Although I have been reading great things on review websites, I have been reading a large number of BAD customer reviews about this cards quality, temperatures and noise... What do you think about this...
  32. W

    Cooler Master K380

    Does anyone have experience with this case? Are you satisfied with it? I'm about to order new graphic card (probably R9 280x TOXIC) and this case, and I want good airflow so it won't be overheating. Is K380 a good choice?
  33. U

    My computer is not using my GPU's dedicated ram

    Someone help me with this please?
  34. C

    In the market for a new motherboard

    Looking for something reliable and Intel based. I am kind of ignorant on mobos and do not know what to buy. Can someone help? ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 11/22/2013, 05:47:37 Machine name: COLE-PC Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit...
  35. G

    Corning's Optical Cables for Big Data Transfers First Look

    Moving big data using light with Corning cables. Corning's Optical Cables for Big Data Transfers First Look : Read more
  36. WhiteW1ng

    Is this a good build for gaming/work for $1200?

    Hello, is this a good build for my budget of $1200? This is also my first time building a custom pc, so any suggestions and advice are welcomed. My goal is a good build for both gaming and a little work, for example web, word and etc. Games:Mass Effect franchise, Guild Wars 2, Skyrim, Mount...
  37. Billy Stephens

    fsb overclock fx6350

    Hey guys tryin to overclock my fx6350 by using the fsb to 220 as well as multiplier ,something I haven't done before only by using multiplier alone. I tried it and no boot or froze on windows load screen...mobo is a ga-970-ud3 using 8gb vengeance o/c to 1866mhz .. should I be changing anything...
  38. ready4round

    Watercooled R9 290X or GTX 780?

    Is a Watercooled R9 290X a better option over GTX 780? As R9 290X is 3000 rupees cheaper than the GTX 780 (priced at 40,500) where i live, i thought of getting the AMD card and water cool it. Will i be able to overclock it without worrying about the heat and its performance or should i get GTX...
  39. P

    Upgrade advise needed please.

    So I've got my new graphics card, sshd and windows 8 pro recently. I've installed the card and love it, my question is should I also upgrade my ram, motherboard and CPU and if so what should I go for (no budget but pointless spending a fortune) or wait ? Current spec I5 2500 k - OC to 4.5. Win...
  40. N

    Is everything compatible?

    Is everything compatible? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2B6kx