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Forum discussion tagged with wireless.
  1. S

    Question After moving home, wireless on this specific machine running slower.

    I recently moved home from college back into my folk's place. Before leaving this house I bought an ASUS AC56 network card and it worked great, getting around 100mbps download with no problems. I've moved back home and no aspects of the network have changed yet I now recieve around 20mbps...
  2. P

    Question How do I set a wireless connection and a wired connection to the same IP address?

    I have a situation that causes me to swap my PC between a wired and wireless connection quite often, and these connections both have different IPs. It wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for portforwarding. Since you can only portforward to one IP address, I can currently only choose to...
  3. Cheerioo

    Question Constant internet freezing in games

    As the title says I've been having constant freezing in games. I've spent a lot of time researching this and just can't find an answer to this so I've finally decided to just post and hope someone knows anything about it. The video linked shows my exact problem pretty clearly, I've also posted...
  4. Z

    Question Sound predominantly coming out of left earphone

    Not sure what caused this issue, but suddenly my right earphone on my Audio Technica M50xBT has been much quieter than normal (I use them with the wire when gaming on my PC). I tested them wirelessly and on my phone and they worked fine. Both earphones have the same balance, but the right...
  5. Y

    Question New laptop causes all wireless devices to disconnect from internet

    Yesterday I got my new gaming laptop - ASUS TUF A15 - and after I set Windows 10 up and connected to my internet through WiFi, my internet dropped for all wireless devices. At first I thought it was an internet outage but then when I awoke the laptop from sleep mode later on in the night, the...
  6. M

    Question Two laptops getting very poor reception, others connect fine

    Someone was working here before the lockdown, and brought his two Win10 laptops in every day. He was working in a room not far from the main office which has the router, and never had any problems connecting to the wifi. He started back here yesterday, and is having major problems with both...
  7. K

    Question Slow unstable wifi connection after installing network card into hp prebuilt

    Hi there. I bought an HP ProDesk 400 G6-Microtower-PC running windows 10 and wanted to install wireless capabilities. I bought a 2.4/5 ghz wireless card (TP-Link Arhcer T4E) and installed it in one of the free pci-e slots. Now i do have an internet connection but it is terribly slow (<8 mbits in...
  8. T

    Question Causes of Desktop EMFI

    I have a custom build desktop and another person has two hosts. My host and one of the other hosts rely on wi-fi while the third is wired. When my desktop is on, the internet speeds of the other hosts drop from 140mb down to 5mb down, while my wi-fi speed remains constant at 140mb. The first...
  9. rubbergamers

    What are the best wireless earphones in the range of 35$?

    Hey guys, I am from India and am looking for the best wireless earphones around 35$, that is around Rs.2500.I know there are a lot of choices,but if could someone just pick the overall bests..that would be great. The airpods or Samsung galaxy buds are way too expensive. thank you
  10. L

    [SOLVED] Laptop not getting maximum download speed

    Hopefully someone can assist me. Recently changed broadband provider with a max of 350mbp/s. My phone - Huwaei P30 Pro, achieves this download speed consistently whereas my laptop "only" achieves 50mbp/s, both are in the same room connected to the same band. My laptop is a hp 250 g4 windows 7...
  11. Phantom74

    Question Need help on setting up connection for a TiVo requiring an Ethernet connection using old router as wireless bridge. Or is there a better option?

    I am trying to use a TiVo in a room without a wired Ethernet connection. It is a TiVo premiere which requires an Ethernet connection or a TiVo specific wireless adapter. Which I do not have nor do I want to purchase. Is the best route to go the one I am currently trying to do? Which is turning...
  12. Fanoliets

    Question Network Access Point without Ethernet

    Hello everyone. I have recently moved into a student building and decided to get my own personal network to connect some of my smart devices (google home, chromecast, etc) to, however, after buying a router to create an access point (wich i've done before) i've since found out that i dont have...
  13. T

    Question PCI adapter keeps disconnecting me from my network

    So i recently bought a new PCI adapter like few months ago. First it worked really great, i primarly bought it because i was using a usb one before and i had high ping all the time which i couldn't game on or connect to servers, he dropped my connection several times aswell. So i switched to...
  14. J

    Question Slow wireless speed when communicating with router storage

    I have a 1TB USB storage device attached to my wifi router that I have no problems accessing from my laptop. However, I have noticed that when I am uploading files to the storage container that the upload speed is ridiculously slow, at best 5 MB/s (40 Mbps). I am using the 5GHz band and not...
  15. A

    Question Oddity in speed tests?

    I have two desktops. One is setup in my room for me to use (PC A) . One i setup in the living room for my family to use (PC B) . PC A is noticeably higher spec then PC B. Now here is my issue. When i run speed tests i get drastically differing results. On PC B for both Google and Ookla I get...
  16. G

    Question Home USB audio advice

    I need an advice. I want to build a small device dedicated fully to playing music from my external drive digital collection. Here’s what I need from it: ability to connect wirelessly to a Samsung Soundbar OR via wires to a pair of stand-alone speakers ability to run Ubuntu to access my...
  17. Nuubboi

    Question Cant find any wireless networks

    So yesterday i opened my pc, and tried to search something from google, but i had no internet. I tried to connect to our wifi but it says that there is no available wifi metworks. Other devices can connect to the wifi but my pc cant. I did troubleshooting and it said that i need an ethernet...
  18. ThaStrangr

    Question Asus USB-AC53 Nano (Code 56)

    I purchased an Asus USB-AC53 today and downloaded/installed the drivers from the Asus website (as my disc drive is busted), and was promptly met with this: "Windows is still setting up the class configuration for this device. (Code 56)". I have been working on this for an hour and CANNOT figure...
  19. Danknank

    Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Not Working and Not Charging

    I bought the hammerhead tws few months back, by now I've used it mainly for listening music on-the-go. Rarely dropped it by any chance and i always charge it when not used. Problem starts 2 months ago, i noticed that sometimes one of the earbuds (the right one) needs to be pressed when...
  20. T

    Question Speed test spikes then drops continuously for the last few seconds

    Hi I've used a power-link adaptor for a while on my PC, but the speeds have never amazed me - only getting 35-45 Mbps when i pay for 100 - which my phone gets no problem on wireless. I take it's probably because of location, as they're susceptible to interference/different mains circuits etc. I...