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  1. Z

    Question Having some really weird issue with new V-Moda wireless headphones I bought ?

    Hello everyone, Sorry for coming here with technical problem but I dont know where else to go. I couldnt find anywhere how to solve the problem I am having, and I didnt see anyone with the same one. I very recently bought new V-Moda Crossfaide II Wireless, after being satisfied with my V-Moda...
  2. Thunder7542

    Question Anyway these wlan cables can be transported to the Corsair 4000d airflow?

    Here is the link for the pictures of the cables.
  3. L

    WTS - Logitech POP Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and Wireless Mouse (Blast) - $90

    Logitech POP Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and Wireless mouse both for $90. Blast theme (yellow/black) Comes with logi bolt USB receiver. Only a month old, works beautifully and flawlessly. Due to preference I went back to a full sized membrane and mouse. Payment accepted through venmo or...
  4. TheFlash1300

    Question How to check if there is malicious activity on a Wi-Fi network?

    Hello. There is a person who freely shares his internet connection (he consciously chose to not put a password on his Wi-Fi network). When i asked him if i can connect, the person said yes, he also said he intentionally has no password, so people, who don't have Wi-Fi networks, can use his...
  5. V

    Upgrading WiFi card of a laptop for 5Ghz and Bluetooth support ?

    Hello, I would like to upgrade my wifi card because the RF antenna socket on the card for the AUX got broken. The soldering for that fell off. My laptop has two antenna for Main and Aux connections. However, the laptop is quite old and it only supports 2.4 ghz with no 5Ghz and Bluetooth...
  6. G

    [SOLVED] Should i buy wifi antenna or get mobo with one

    Right now im building pc and i realized i dont have cable for internet, so ill need to get antenna maybe. My option is to get some motherboard that has built in wifi (like this gigabyte b660 ds3h ddr4) or to buy antenna separately. Now i need help because i dont know which motherboard will...
  7. T

    Question wifi from switch

    CAN I CONNECT SOMETHING TO A SWITCH TO GET WIFI ? :( I have extremely poor wireless coverage everywhere through my house unless directly in front of the modem/router large 4 bedroom house, lots of bricks and lots of walls so impacts the WIFI signal significantly.. i have 3 wireless...
  8. P

    Question is there a wireless mouse that can be held in the hand for use with a Windows 10 pc

    I'm looking for a wireless mouse or maybe a wireless game controller that I can hold in my hand and use like a mouse. It needs to be something that I can literally hold and use in my hand and is wireless. I'm searching for brand names or products that fit these criteria. My problem is that...
  9. J

    Question MIFI is super slow compared to Phone Hotspot. Help

    Need some help here. I have just 1 Data Sim. And i have been using it from my phone as a hotspot. Its all good but once you get calls or stuff, it disrupts the hotspot. So i decided to get a MIFI Router. And it became so slow. Like Download speed is horrible. Upload speed seems fine. Stupid...
  10. Mattleve18

    Question Sim router network problems

    I just got a new sim router and carrier. The new router has great speed, both download and upload, but for some reason it will not load any streaming apps except YouTube on my roku tv and my galaxy note 20. My roommate has an iPhone 20 and it seems to run streaming services better than without...
  11. alfredjoejr

    Question Wifi Keeps dropping

    Recently, I updated my Kali Linux to the latest version along with the microcodes. Ever since then, the Wifi seems to be dropping and requesting a DHCP request in the time interval. Also, the speed seems to be throttled due to the dropping. However, I checked the adaptor by booting into Windows...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] WiFi connection consistently ping spiking every few seconds ?

    I have recently swapped to WIFI since my apartment that I moved to has terrible powerline accessibility, (powerline light is red with slow connections and sometimes connection drops entirely almost 24/7) works perfectly with the red light about 40-50% of the time What I got and where I got it...
  13. Kuplungúr

    [SOLVED] Conflict of 2.4GHz devices

    Hello! I just bought a Redragon Horus wireless KB. and unfortunately when I try to use the wireless option it has a very-very serious lag in which 80-90% of all data (keys hit) get lost due to some serious conflict between this one and the 2 Logitech GPRO mice in the same room. Now Logitech has...
  14. ThatOneTechyDude

    Question Decent Full Sized *Wireless* keyboard?

    Hey folks, I've been looking around as best I can, probably not too well but I've tried, and I can't find any decent full sized mechanical keyboards that are wireless. They're all 75% or TKL. I want a full sized, wireless, cherry MX brown or equivalent keyboard. Has anyone got any suggestions...
  15. MANDRILL08

    [SOLVED] Making my computer internet wireless?

    I built my PC back in 2019 and I didn't need to worry about making it wireless as I knew I'd have access to an ethernet spot. Although I'm moving to a uni rented room in September and I won't have access to ethernet and need to make my computer wireless. I have no idea what to get or how and I...
  16. [SOLVED] Wireless Access Point - Android Ping Response Time Issues

    Hi all, So I have an issue that I hope you can help me with. I have a smartphone that is connected to an wireless access point. When I ping from the Access Point(AP) > smartphone, I experience high and inconsistent ping times compared to when I ping from the Access Point > a non-smartphone...
  17. Purpleflax

    [SOLVED] Vastly differing WiFi speeds.

    Hello! I thought I'd come on here and ask about this issue since I've been struggling with this one myself for awhile. Recently set up a new network with about 50Mbp/s down on my devices. The problem comes though that this speed seems to apply sometimes and not other times. For example if I do...
  18. F

    [SOLVED] my pc cant connect to amazon eero wifi network and i dont know why

    i just got a new pc and it wont let me connect to the wifi booster i have. under networks only my main network shows up and the rest are hidden and wont let me connect to them. they dont show up normally under the wifi list but when i go to network connections under settings they show up as...
  19. ohados

    [SOLVED] Looking for multi-device rechargeable keyboard and mouse combo

    Hello all, I need your help in finding the best new keyboard and mouse combo... I currently have the Razer turret RZ03-0133 which is great... But the charger is busted(Irobot knocked off the charger from the table and it got smashed) I've been searching the brands(Logtiech, Razer, Microsoft...
  20. E

    [SOLVED] Wireless Mouse Interference

    Hello everyone, I have a G703 and it's been flawless for months. Including a lot of gaming yesterday I had no issues. Nothing has changed in my apt or environment but today as I did for weeks at a time months ago my mouse is constantly skipping all over the place. I have cleaned the sensor...
  21. B

    Question Ways to get a wired connection from a wireless connection

    I currently live in a university dorm that only has wireless internet access. There are no ethernet ports inside the rooms and connections come from wireless access points in the hallways. I have been streaming on twitch the past few weeks and the overall quality of the stream seems to be...
  22. S

    [SOLVED] Home automation recommendations ?

    Back after a while! We are replacing the 40 years old windows and doors as the house has become colder and issues with them cannot be fixed. It’s time for a replacement. It is a detached property and we moved in Jan 2015. We have a Virgin business broadband, a Cisco switch connecting the...
  23. L

    [SOLVED] Internet connection problems with ASUS PCE-AC56 PCIe WiFi adapter ?

    So to fully describe my problem and the situation I'm in I'll need to start back in December of 2019. I had just build a new computer with the ASUS PCE-AC56 wifi adapter (link) and that was that. The adapter worked great until around the start of this year. At the start of this year I switched...
  24. X

    [SOLVED] Deco X20 fast ethernet turtle speed wireless

    I have fiber optics, ethernet gives me 600/600 up/dn, however when switching to wireless, cant get above 170/160 This is the same as my old service that could not get above 150dn (15up) standard. I did not see an option to change the channel. The router is 15ft from my current device, so...
  25. M

    Question Arctis 1 Wireless - Crackling sounds & randomly disconnects.

    I have asked a few places, and I haven't been able to get a good fix. I thank you in advance if you're able to help. After the initial setup, I used the headset for a few minutes before it would start disconnecting and reconnecting, along with these horrible crackling sounds that would appear...
  26. nickkiefer

    [SOLVED] 2 routers share name and signal

    Need help with home network. Have a xfinity xb6 wifi router on one end of home and a netgear wifi router on the other end of home connected by ethernet. One broadcasts Network 1, and the other broadcasts Network 2. How do I make them share a signal/network? 1 is while 2
  27. H

    Question Bluetooth 5.2 latency?

    Howdy! Just got these (https://www.oneplus.com/oneplus-buds-pro) Wireless earbuds for Christmas and wanted to also use them when I'm PC gaming. My two questions would be, what type of Bluetooth adapter do I need to get for my PC? (Example...
  28. M

    [SOLVED] Remotely reset a disconnected static SIM connection at property using a backup SIM connection?

    What equipment to use? How to do it? I have an unreliable static mobile internet connection (functions through a SIM card in a router) which I use to monitor my home through a Wi-Fi security camera. There are no other options other than the mobile network for a way to connect to the internet...
  29. M

    [SOLVED] No bluetooth available ?

    I want to buy a wireless controller for games but it seems like Bluetooth is broken on my Windows 10 there is no option to turn it on on my pc as apposed to other people pc's : View: https://imgur.com/a/Z1C7qhR There is no bluetooth device driver in my device manager : View...
  30. T

    [SOLVED] Irregular and inconsistent wireless network card performance ?

    Hi everyone, I’ve recently been having issues with my AX200 PCIe wireless network card. It’s showing some very irregular behaviour. When it works it works perfectly fine and as expected. I can rule out that it is not my network since all other devices work fine. There will be spans of hours or...
  31. R

    Question Which one should I buy? Logitech G733 or Cooler Master MH670?

    Hi, folks. So I'm planning to buy a wireless headset next month and I'm looking for wireless ones at the price range of 130-150$ and these two (Logitech G733 and Cooler Master MH670) are the best candidate so far but I can't choose which one, I need your help for me to make my decision, post...
  32. J

    [SOLVED] Wireless Mouse on Couch

    I am looking for a Wireless Mouse that will work well on the couch. I mean simply just moving it around on the couch cushions and not on any sort of pad. Would the Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro work well for this or would some other type be better?
  33. L

    [SOLVED] Multi device keyboard?

    Does anyone know of a 60% or TKL wireless keyboard that can connect to multiple devices either by having two separate dongles or switching between a dongle and BT? I can’t use a typical BT keyboard since one of the devices I’m using is an Xbox. Alternatively I’ve thought about using a kvm but is...
  34. alfredjoejr

    Question How do I recover a wireless mouse?

    I lost my wireless mouse's receiver which I usually install in one of the USB Ports. Is there any other alternative ways to use the mouse?
  35. J

    Question "Connected and secured" but no internet access ?

    I have integrated wifi on my motherboard. One day my wifi went out, but in a strange way - the internet is "connected and secured" but there is no internet access, e.g. chrome can't load a page. Windows troubleshooter tells me that "Windows can't communicate with the device or resource (primary...
  36. E

    [SOLVED] Types of wireless data transfer?

    Dear all What other hardware than Bluetooth, Network card and FM transmitter (Radio hardware?), can transfer data through “air” / wireless? Thank you in advance for replying Best regards
  37. bewatermyfr1end

    [SOLVED] I can't find Airplane Mode to disable it, and no wireless networks are found ?

    Hello, I'm on Windows 10 Version 21H1 (Build 19043.1266). I normally only use my LAN Network, however today i tried to setup a USB Wireless Adapter. The Wireless Adapter shows in Device Manager and Drivers are up2date. (I think this one is working fine). But Windows10 doesn't find any Wireless...
  38. S

    Question Looking for router with two or more wireless subnets?

    Since the "S" in (home) IoT stands for 'security', :( I'm looking for a router with two or more subnets, each with a separate SSID. At least House on one subnet, (wireless) IoT things on a second (isolated) subnet. I would prefer to get a capable router rather than trying to hang multiple...
  39. mickpat23

    [SOLVED] Connecting 5G Nokia Fastmile router to TP-Link TD-W8970 router

    Hi there, My original set up was a Netgear wireless router placed inside the house, connected via 30 metre ethernet cable to a TP-Link TD-W8970 wireless router in a granny flat outside, in order to provide a signal while in the granny flat. Now I recently got 5G home internet, receiving a Nokia...
  40. wassupthw

    [SOLVED] Boost wifi with yagi antenna?

    Hey, I'm soon moving into a college dorm and the only type of internet there is through wifi (one hidden access point for 8 rooms on the floor), no Lan or cable. The students living there told me that in the rooms there's basically no wifi signal whatsoever. I was wondering if I could connect...