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  1. Adrihan

    [solved] [closed] Sudden Stutter in The Witcher 3

    So after one month not playing it, i decided to play Witcher 3 once again a few days ago, but i got surprised by some serious performance issue. The game is stuttering, sometimes lightly, mostly bad as hell. No matter if I'm moving or just standing still or moving the camera, and all of that...
  2. M

    Question Issues with RTX 2070 crashing games (Witcher 3, Doom,Jackbox)

    Hi all, This all started on Saturday night with Jackbox party pack 6. The game loads to the main menu, but as soon as you hover on a game with the mouse, or use the arrow keys, the game crashes to desktop. Jack packs 1-5 are fine (thankfully) Then I decided to play Witcher 3 - I last played...
  3. H

    Question Microstutters / fps drops on Rx 580 + ryzen 5 2600

    Hello everyone, i need help.. I have microsttuters and fps drops in some games.. i recorded whats happening on witcher 3 and fortnite. I got recently installed newest windows and newest drivers,bios,chipsets. Tried different settings in radeon and capping fps and etc (doesnt really help) I get...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] Will i7-3770k 4.6ghz bottleneck 1080ti?

    Hello, i recently had questions about i7-3770k cooling, and now i went over to GPU upgrade. I have i7-3770k in combo with 1070 strix, i am planning to get around 144fps in witcher 3, so i am planning to buy 1080ti. But, as i know my cpu is too weak for that GPU, but will that actually matter in...
  5. D

    [SOLVED] RTX 2070 Super. Horrible performance.

    Hi guys! First of all i want to apologize because my english is not very good. Ok so i got a Zotac 2070 super (almost 2 months) and i realized that im getting really low fps. When i first noticed it was with the witcher 3, at 1080p with ultra graphics i get between 55-70 fps... and i think that...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] RTX 2080 - frequent crashes. No idea what to do.

    RIG SPECS ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 8GB Intel i9 9900K @ 3600 Mhz 32GB RAM, Corsair Vengance 3600Mhz ASUS ROG STRIX Z390 F CORSAIR H115i Platinum Cooling Corsair HX1000i Power supply. 500GB SSD, 1T M.2, 2T hardive. Built it 3 weeks ago. Problem started 2 days ago. PROBLEM Each game I play...
  7. T

    Question Witcher 3 intense lag

    Hi guys, I've seen a lot about this topic online and have tried most of them, with none working. Witcher 3 has an immense amount of lag (my specs are below), it was playable (thought with a fair amount of micro stuttering) in White Orchard but now it has become unbearable in the next area. I...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Witcher 3 Frame dips.

    Hello everyone, Before i start this is my PC Specs. AMD A10-5800k AMD RX 470 4GB. 2x4GB DDR3 1866mhz 750watt PSU 500gb 7k RPM. Recently i have slight problem with this game, it wasnt really annoy me but, i just curious to find out whats wrong, For you that have played the game, on the...
  9. zuricose

    Question Low FPS even in old games

    Hi, I hope you guys can help me figure this one out because I have tried everything I can think of but the problem doesn't go away No matter what game I am playing, it could be a new game or an old game, my CPU usage is always low (10% - 30%) and I think that's causing low FPS in games that my...
  10. Z

    Question witcher 3 fps problems

    I have a i5-2400 and a rx 460wf 2gb oc. At the lowest settings i get around 45fps but in the video i watched he had a i5-2400 and a gtx 10502gb but was always around 60fps at the same settings. Dont know what it is, the card or cpu. The card is all the time at 100% and the cpu around 30%.
  11. K

    Question Do I need a wireless adapter for my motherboard for internet?

    Hey, I was wondering if you need a wifi adapter or some sort to put into your motherboard, i'm going to build my first computer very soon. The motherboard I will be getting is Asus Strix Z390-H and I was planning to get an ASUS PCE-N15 Wireless N PCIe Adaptor. Does this motherboard come with...
  12. D

    Question TowerRAID/Windows Storage Spaces only visible on original computer

    My computer is Windows 10 Pro, i9, 64GB RAM, RTX2080 originally set up with a 2TB Samsung SATA SSD boot drive. I got a TowerRAID TR8UM6G 8-drive external USB/eSATA enclosure and put in 8 2TB drives that I had on hand. I don't have an eSATA card so am connecting the external bay with USB 3.0...
  13. rosorys

    About Pc gamepads

    Hello. I was wondering how can i see if a set pc gamepad haves pressure sensitive triggers.I've heard that if it haves xinput they will work ,but i cant find conformation. Thanks in advance.Sorry if its a stupid question.
  14. B

    Improve wifi signal.

    I have a router on the ground floor of my house which provides a perfectly acceptable signal although it occasionally goes down, (I can live with that). My Ipad works equally well via wifi however, when I go to bed on the second floor and use the Ipad the signal is very weak or it just drops...
  15. C

    MSI All-in-One PC where is my geforce???

    almost 2 years ago i bought this AIO MSI from newegg.ca https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883152212 I'm very bad with computer and i never used this computer for gaming. Now my son is on that age where he tries same game and i noticed that quality was very bad. at the...
  16. W

    PWM splitter, do I also connect the molex?

    Hi I bought a Gelid Solutions PWM 1-to-4 Splitter today to combine the 3 front casefans I have. Now the package is rather vague but I see the cable has a 4pin pwm and a molex cable on one end for the psu. I do know that my mobo fanheader (the 4pin pwm) has enough volts to carry multiple fans so...
  17. G

    Power supply short

    my power supply is a thermal master atx 12v tm 420w psar 13 and it just shorted out. i saw a switch that changed the wattage from 230w to 110w and switched it. there was a short and im not sure whether it took out the rest of my pc
  18. K

    New computer build

    I wanted to just make sure everything would fit in this case: https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16811139109...
  19. M

    Can I boot from an SSD despite my pre-existing HDD already having windows installed on it?

    In a couple days, I am going to have my new 120GB SSD delivered. I currently have a 1TB HDD in my PC right now, and I wanted the SSD so I could run windows on it for improved performance. The problem is, I wanted to know if I could install windows on the SSD using my windows 10 ISO and boot from...
  20. H

    Unfamiliar Cables from Casing

    Hi, I was assembling my first PC, and I have set up all the cables to the motherboard, except for the three identical cables shown in the image in the link.. Does anyone know what they are for? Can’t seem to find the description. My guess is it’s for the fans, but I don’t know where to plug...