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    Question Can i connect routers to each other to extend range?

    So i have one ethernet connection coming from the ground, it is connected to what i believe is a router (black box). It gives OK connection if u are downstairs (both wifi and ethernet) But the connection is too weak upstairs. So is there a way i could buy a new router, connect it to a cable...
  2. E

    Question Problems with connecting to wifi on gigabyte motherboard with windows server 2016

    So I've assembled a server but have problems with getting wifi on it for some reason. I have the gigabyte b360n wifi MOBO and use windows server 2016. I have installed all the network drivers that were on the disk provided with the MOBO but when I plug in the wifi dongle it does not show up...
  3. M


    Hi guys. I need your help with covering my house with WiFi signal. I've tried with powerline adapters, but that had a very poor performance and i'd often loose the signal, probably due to the bad wiring issues. What i have is a 3 storey small house, and my phone line/internet/router is placed on...
  4. Question Connect PC with only Ethernet ports (no USB) to Wlan

    Hi Everyone, Hope I'm posting in the correct section. I'm looking for a Ethernet->Wlan bridge with 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies that can be managed through CLI (SSH?). [edit] I need to connect a PC to a Wlan network via Ethernet To be more specific, I explain the context: What I need to do...
  5. L

    Question How can use general ethernet driver if official drivers aren't accessible?

    Hi! I have a little problem with an old ITX pc. It has a IPXLP-MB mobo (Dunno much else about it). I can't find drivers for it, and for my pci ethernet card to. Were different linux distros on it, everything went fine, i had lan and wifi (with dongle) without drivers needed to install, cuz all...
  6. TotallyWafflez

    Question First PC build, anything I should change?

    Having always used laptops, I've always wanted to build a custom PC, and am finally ready to do it. Will be using it for gaming (preferbly on high - ultra graphics at 60fps), video editing (currently using lightworks (lwks.com), but am looking at getting premire pro), photo editing (using...
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    Question Decent system but bad lag during gameplay

    Hello, My specs are: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti FTW 8gb graphics card Corsair Vengeance LPX 4x8GB DDR4 DRAM 2400MHz C16 1TB HDD EVGA Supernova 750 P2, 80+ Platinum 750W Ryzen 5 2600 MSI Motherboard B350M BAZOOKA Dell - 24" LED QHD G-SYNC Monitor (model S2417DG) Playing Fortnite (all settings set...
  8. X

    Question Weird update message

    So i was fairly sure i fully uninstalled this after i noticed it got installed. Not even sure when it happened tbh. But this "Chromium" web browser got installed. I uninstalled it via the control panel then went and so i thought removed any other files i could find associated with it. But now, i...
  9. M

    Old/Faulty Wiring Effecting Upload Speed Need Advice

    This is a problem I've been having for a while now and don't have any idea how to go about fixing it. First of all my full time job is streaming and making video content for youtube. I need upload speed in every sense of the word to preform my job. Its been insanely frustrating these past couple...
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    Buying new CPU/mobo Need some help

    So iv been bottle-necking my Currecnt CPU with the new black ops 4 Royale.so i thought its about time to upgrade. here are my specs currently https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/cTZdtg If anyone could recommend a good new Mobo and CPU Pref for overclocking in the future Got a budget of around...
  11. F

    ok, I have a nvidia 1070 SLI, yes... I know... but now what?

    Hallo, I have a MSI TITAN 64GB Ram, Intel I9, with a Nvidia 1070 SLI, meaning two GPUs and a RAM of 8+8=16 What I don't want to know: 1) that I made a mistake to buy a 1070 SLI instead of a single 1080 (I know this point of view, but it was an offer I couldn't refuse) My "status": I don't play...
  12. N

    What are these parts worth now

    I just upgraded my graphics card and cpu and Im looking to sell the old parts. Does anyone have any idea what they are worth. Gpu-https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00E4MQO8C?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title Cpu-https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00EUUIWZ6?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title
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    GTX 1070 TI - MSI Afterburner problem

    Hello, My card is working perfectly, i can OC it through Gigabyte aourus engine, but i have problems in MSI Afterburner. First of all, the card fans stop working when i want to test them and put it on 100% instead of auto (possible conflict with aourus engine, here it works well)? Secondly...
  14. C

    I want to change my CPU but idk what to choose

    Hello, I'm looking forward to changing CPU and motherboard I have a budget of 120$ Activities: Stream and game SPECS: CPU: i5-2400 MOTHERBOARD: LENOVO 7033GL1 GPU: GTX 1050 TI RAM: 8GB DDR3 ( i don't want to change RAM cuz I don't have the money)
  15. S

    My EVGA 1050 SC’s fan not working

    Hello there, My Evga 1050 sc fan are not working even though it’s displaying and I can play games but my gpu temp goes to 80-90 and still it won’t spin. I tried manually on Msi afterburner still didn’t work My build 1 i3-6100 2.evga 430w power supply 3.1tb Hdd 4. 8gb ddr4 ram 5 gigabyte...
  16. K

    One friend unable to join my servers (multiple games), all others can.

    This began when I made a server for the game Rust. I have 4 friends that were going to join, but only one person of the four is unable to join. I had port forwarded, to my knowledge (and I checked multiple times), correctly. He and I both tried opening the ports in windows firewall, disabling...
  17. R

    BenQ RL2455 console gaming monitor

    Morning guys I bought this monitor hooked it up to the Xbox one X got no dead pixels / backlight bleed its perfect, feels very responsive in games like PUBG big difference between my Sony 55" 4k hdr XE9005 and the RL2455. I have couple questions if anyone knows the answers please. AMA seems a...
  18. C

    Rebuilt my PC nothing happens when I push the power button

    Motherboard: ASRock Motherboard H97M Pro4 CPU: Intel i5 4690 GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 PSU: Super Flower SF-550F14MT Case: Corsair 100R I took apart my PC and brought everything except the case overseas. (I moved from Singapore to Japan) I had to rebuy a new cable to power the PSU...
  19. P

    can i play gta 5 in 4gb ram cor i5 7400 CPU 3.00GHz plz anwser me fast

    can i play gta 5 in 4gb ram cor i5 7400 CPU 3.00GHz plz anwser me fast
  20. E

    wiring stereo jack to mono board, want to use with stereo mic.

    I have an Akaso Brave 4 action camera that has a tiny button sized mono microphone inside of the thing that does a terrible job picking up audio. I want to remove the mic and replace it with a jack. The microphone I want to use is a stereo shotgun mic with 3.5mm connector. (I already have a...