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  1. B

    Question Wake on LAN - Turning ON a PC directly connected to main router from a sub router

    WOL is not working when the target PC is completely off (G3) and directly connected to the main router and the WOL broadcast is coming from a device that is connected to the child router of the main router but it works if the target PC is in sleep mode. Also, the target PC starts if the...
  2. nw_assassin

    [SOLVED] Setting up a PC to switch on automatically at a specific time via Bios " setup task remotely "

    In regards to the following I was looking to setup some Windows 10 computers in my office office to automatically switch on each morning in case they were switched off the day before by our users when they were working remotely from home. I know this can be done in the bios settings manually...
  3. Pashovski

    [SOLVED] Adding a Static ARP (WOL)

    My Home Assistant Server needs to send WOL to my TV. I am using Unifi gear, and in order to do WOL between different subnets I need to add a static ARP. My confusion here is where to put the MAC address; after reading this thread, I'm confused about the exact order and placement of the MAC and...
  4. H

    [SOLVED] Wake on LAN not working

    My motherboard gigabyte b365 has wake on lan which normally works. However if power is removed, meaning I shutdown the pc, unplug it, wait for about 10min, then plug it back in, it does not wake up. For it to work again I have to turn on the PC manually for the first time and it works after...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Wake On Lan over Internet (WAN) stops working despite ARP binding

    Hi! I've been trying to configure Wol over the Internet for a good month now and occasionally it works. I've done every single step required and have MANAGED to turn on my computer from the other end of the country. But with enough time passing it seems to stop working (like overnight). I...
  6. C

    [SOLVED] NAS wake on LAN

    hello everyone i am building a NAS device with my older system i3 4130 , 8 GB RAM . now what i want to do is activate my main workstation by wake on lan for unattended access . i have a non static ip address so i cannot use wol directly but since my NAS will be on 24*7, i was wondering if i...
  7. L

    [SOLVED] Trouble with WoL ddns Hostname Updating

    I'm trying to setup TeamViewer so I can access my computer while I'm not currently on my local network. I've enabled Port Forwarding for UDP port 9 on both my modem and my router. My router is also compatible with No-IP so I've set it to update the hostname I'm using with my current public IP...
  8. H

    Question Wake on LAN not working over the internet

    I have got Wake on LAN to work in my local network but i cant do it over the internet. Can you please help. My router is Dlink DIR-600L. I have setup port forwarding rule for my computers local ip. But it still does not work.Please help
  9. Y

    What PSU For this system?

    I don't have much of a budget and need a PSU for my build: -CPU Intel i7 8086K -MotherBoard ASROCK Z370 Pro4 -CPU Cooler Hyper 212 EVO -RAM T-Force Vulcan 16GB DDR4 -I will also buy a GPU later not sure between 1060 or 1070 Here are some power supply's I found good deals on -Corsair VS550...
  10. S

    Using my monitor power supply to charge laptop

    Do you guys know if it's fine to use my monitor power supply to charge my laptop? I plugged it in and it works fine, just wanna make sure it's safe.Thanks, it's only to charge it fully for now until I get a new charger tommorow.
  11. packersfan036

    memory command rate question

    I'm running a asus maximus vii hero motherboard, i5 4690k cpu, and 4x4 16gb of gskill 1600mhz cas 9, I was thinking of changing the command rate from 2 to 1. is it a good idea or could it f up my system or?
  12. G

    Use one gpu for running games and another just for my monitor

    OK so I've finally delved into the world of dual GPU's, a Gt 730 low profile andba GTX 550 Ti. Now is it possible to dedicate the 550 for running games while using the 730 for just my monitor, this is without sli. I'm not certain with that, if it is possible to do without sli, how could I do it...
  13. F

    compare 2 systems

    I have 2 builds. 1. asus z170-ar motherboard i5-6500 cpu 16gb Kingston hyper X ddr4 @ 2133mhz 2x crucial m500 120gb ssd's EVGA GTX 980 Ti Kingpin Seasonic ss-860xp2 80 plus platinum 2. gigabyte z97mx-Gaming5 motherboard i7-4790k cpu 16gb Corsair vengeance pro @ 1600mhz EVGA GTX 1080 SC EVGA...
  14. O

    CPU Temperatures too high.

    Recently my CPU reaches very high temperatures to the point that it restarts or turns off while playing games, when I boot up the pc it gets to 90°C and drops slowly, while almost totally idle it remains between 49°C and 52°C, but when I open a program the cores get to up to 90°C and drop again...
  15. jjs1107

    I7 6700k idle and load temp problem?

    Hey everyone just put a new i7 6700k in my system and noticed that when I rendered a video the temps jumped to 100C. In idle they are anywhere from 29C-38C. Is it running hot?? I feel like it shouldn't do this. I am running the Coolermaster Seidon 120V as a cooler and it worked really well for...
  16. L

    Intel Core i5-4690k reaches temperatures up to 60 degrees celsius?

    Hello! Recently, on my 5-year old computer (I got an upgrade from AMD based processors to Intel based, woot), I have noticed that when playing some graphics intensive games, sometimes not even, my the inside of my computer case reaches temperatures up to 60 degrees celsius. This should not be...
  17. R

    Will "any" smart phone work for 3D or 360 degree viewing?

    All the articles are about "the best" or the maximum performance but I don't want to play games. All I want to do is look at 3D and 360 Degree Movies (yes...... non immersive). that said, it seems to me I don't need a smart phone with an accelerometer or a gryroscope: ie....all I should need...
  18. K

    Samsung SSD NVMe EVO 960 500gb

    Can anyone recommend a suitable USB 3 enclosure for this please?
  19. M

    Do i buy 1 amazing/good-curve 27inch monitor or 2 good/ok 27inch or 3 good 24inch or ...?

    I'm thinking of buying new monitor/s and im hella confused !! do i get a normal 27inch monitor or a curved one or 2 27inch okish curved ones or 24inch or what combination !!!! two things are confusing me in making my decision ! one is how good is a curved monitor ? i never tried one, and second...
  20. P

    AMD Radeon 7700 2gb driving me crazy in Lightroom and Photoshop on Win10

    I am going crazy right now. I'm a photographer and work with Lightroom and Photoshop every day. Since I have upgraded to Windows 10, my Lightroom has been crashing at specific points (mainly using filters in the develop module). After much reading, these crashes are linked to the AMD card...
  21. M

    How to post deals and offers in Tom'sHardware?

    Can I post Deals and offers in Tom's Hardware?if it is where to post? and what are its guidelines?
  22. I

    CPU and GPU?

    Hi there, So I got 3 questions to aks. I am building a new pc and don't know what parts to pick. CPU : i5 4460 or i5 6500 or i5 6400? RAM : DDR4 or DDR3? GPU : Gtx 960 4GB OR r9 380 2/4GB Thanks in advance, iMove Quick
  23. W

    acer aspire 4755g freeze phoenix bios screen

    when i turned on my laptop it freezes to the phoenix screen. only found in the screen are the logo (acer) and 'press <f2> to enter setup'... but i tried to press f2 but it doesnt work. i tried pressing other f's but still it doesnt work. i already removed cmos battery for 1day, and try to...
  24. T

    I dont know how to use this wireless adapter ;/

    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/bVnwCJ I put this disk in and did the install but I cant open up to config utility and this is my first build.
  25. I

    Looking for the best graphics card for about $300

    I have a new build: Asus Vii Hero, i5-4670K, 8 GB RAM Corsair 600t case, and a 750 watt psu. I've been looking at the EVGA GTX 770 and 760. I just can't decide what would work best with my board and psu. I only have one monitor (22.5"). I'm a casual gamer but when I do game, I definitely want...
  26. joshua951

    Why is dual display on my xfx 6850 not working?

    Hey guys any help would be appreciated. Im using the top dvi and bottem dvi on the card and im only getting one working. Thanks in advance for the help :)
  27. J

    Is 400W PSU Enough?

    Hi, Just a quick question Is a 400W Gamma PSU good enough to run this system? CPU: AMD FX 8320 GPU: ASUS GTX 650 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P RAM: 8GB(2x4) - Don't know which brand yet HDD: 320GB 7200 RPM Not going to use a fan or DVD/CD Rom Will be used just for Gaming and regular...
  28. B

    Alienware X51 Cooling

    I'm not completely sure if this is the right category, if not I apologize, and yes I know Alienware is the devil please do not throw holy water at me. So my X51 is having some overheating issues and I was hoping to get some suggestions, I thought it would be best to ask here first as I'm still...