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  1. yash.veer.yv26

    Question Help...please! new CPU computer powers off after few seconds

    I just got a Xeon x5460 modified to work with (LGA 775) And when I try to power my PC on it turns on normally and does recognize the new CPU but then after like 30 secs it turns off and help? My specs are:GT 1030 4gb ddr2 And the new Xeon I'm using. all my peripherals turn on
  2. H

    help with ram upgrade

    My specs Fx 6300 Hd 6670 2gb ddr3 4gb ddr3ram 1600mhz I ll be buying a 2gb ddr3 ram tomorrow. For gta 5. So my question is will therebe any performance degradation if i install 1600mhz ram with 1333mhz ram?? My mobo only support upto 1333mhz.. Help
  3. Esiwrab

    New PSU - Computer running extremely slow.

    Hello, I recently replaced my PSU because my old one was overheating and was shutting down due to surges. Replaced it two days after first surge. Computer was working fine for the first day I installed the new PSU then problems started occuring, start up times were fine, but opening programs...