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  1. L

    Question Built PC does not power on at all, tried almost everything.

    Just built a PC for the first time and it will not power on. I've tried checking all of my PSU cables, I've re-seated every component except the CPU, I've ruled out the PSU being the culprit as I also tried the paperclip test, and I quadruple checked my front panel cables. The only thing that...
  2. CrocQueen19

    [SOLVED] New Build PC won’t start

    Hi guys, I’m very new to Pc building but recently experienced some freezing problems on my build which seemed to be mobo related. The screen would freeze on whatever I was doing and power button had to be held to do anything. I tested the keyboard caps lock whilst it was frozen as recommended by...
  3. S

    Is my pc Bottleneck ?

    Major fps drops in h1z1 120 to 60 70 and shutters gaming , i also have an 144 hz monitor without G-Sync MotherBoard : MSI GAMING 970 CPU: AMD VISHERA FX 8300 / 4.2 GHZ using OC Mode by MSI motherboard VideoCard : MSI NVIDIA 1060 * 6GB 192 bits Gaming Ram :16GB 4X . HyperX FURY Blue 4GB, DDR3...