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  1. GigaZeem

    Question My pc doesn't turn on with my new ram

    My old ram is 2x Vengeance 8gb 3000mhz my new ram is 2x G.skill 8gb 3200mhz when I installed the new ram with my old ram in my pc turns on fans running but my keyboard/mouse/monitor show no sign of life. Now with only the Vengeance in it works but also with only the G.skill it works but together...
  2. janos

    [SOLVED] Crash for good after adding a 3080Ti and testing it? How to check what's gone rogue?

    Greetings guys, long story short, a friend I sometimes help with plugging in hardware stuff into his PC just bought a new graphics card. I did unplug and remove the old one and added the newer one. Everything ran like a charm, as usual, he even did a view tests with a mid-end graphics game...
  3. Adarsh 9999

    Question My PC won't turn on at home but at repair shop it turns on just fine ?

    My pc won't turn on at home . But when I took it the repair shop it turns on without any problem. When I took the pc back home it worked for a while and after 4 hours of when I try to turn it back on it won't turn on . So i took it back to the shop, and what do you know it turns on without any...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] HP Pavilion HPE H9-1210t Phoenix CTO Won't Start Up.

    I'm rather in a pickle. Last year my HP died. I took it to a local repair shop and they said the power supply was dying but that something else was wrong but they couldn't find it. They mentioned it could be the CMO battery but they couldn't find it. I admit I didn't give them a lot of time...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] PC won't turn on/do anything ?

    Specs: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/RdCwdD Tugging the 24Pin VERY gently makes the motherboard do a bright white flash. Pressing the on button on my case won't do anything, still fans, still cooler, nothing moves. Please Help.
  6. D

    Question PC sometimes won't turn on?

    Hello. my PC build is -Ryzen 7 2700 -Gigabyte AB350M DS3-H. 2x8GB DDR4 3000mhz Ballistix Sport LT. (in 2666mhz for stability) MSI Gaming X RX 470 4gb. PSU EVGA 600W BR 80plus. Case Corsair 400c. The thing is a week ago, I woke up and tried to turn on my PC but it doesn't have any sign of...
  7. D

    [SOLVED] Lenovo laptop not powering on

    Hi, I have a Lenovo Flex 14 and it isn't power on; charging light comes on, however, when plugged into AC. What I have done so far: Power drain by pressing the power button for 30 seconds and then tapping it again. Unplugged battery and tried powering on using AC. Reset CMOS battery. None of...
  8. J

    Question My Desktop Won't Turn On

    Problem: Desktop randomly turned off while playing Witcher 3. I tried to switch it back on, but nothing happened. The keyboard is still on, and when I unplug and re-plug in my PC, the light will come on for maybe half a second, as well as the fans, but then nothing whenever I try again...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] Determining the cause of shutdowns that occur regularly during gaming

    Hi all, I just built a PC a few weeks ago for gaming purposes mostly, and in that time it has crashed four times, all under similar circumstances. First off, here are my components: CPU = AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core Processor Motherboard = MSI B450 TOMAHAWK ATX AM4 Motherboard RAM =...
  10. lenovo_radek_^^

    [SOLVED] Asus X99-E-10G WS ...... I need help

    Hi I'v got a computer here are components inside : Motherboard: Asus X99-E-10G WS (LGA 2011) Processor: Intel i7 6850K 3,60 Ghz Graphic Card: GeForce GTX 1070 This set doesn't work . When i try turns it on every single light, led works on the graphic card, motherboard but after a while...
  11. L

    Whats the best GPU I could pare with my AMD a10 5800k?

    -Thanks for any help, I know this cpu isnt the best.
  12. F

    Laptop or computer?

    I travel between two houses frequently and should I buy a gaming laptop or build a mini itx gaming computer with about a console sized case which one should I get?
  13. J

    Eufi setup utility

    My pc won't work it keeps going to this asrock uefi setup and I can't exit how do I exit
  14. C

    Toshiba Laptop Win 10 Video Driver

    I have an older (4+ years ) Toshiba Satellite L775D-S7226 Laptop with Win7 original OS that I upgraded to Win 10. The laptop video adapter is an AMD Radeon 6000 Series. But the video driver loaded was the generic MS driver which does not properly support the resolution the display is capable of...
  15. D

    Difference between (k) and (non)

    What is the difference between i5 6600k and i5 6600 non (k) version. I mean i know that the i5 6600k is for overclocking but i wanna confirm that 6600k and 6600 have same performance untill you overclock i5 6600k. Overall they both have same performance?
  16. S

    Is my pc Bottleneck ?

    Major fps drops in h1z1 120 to 60 70 and shutters gaming , i also have an 144 hz monitor without G-Sync MotherBoard : MSI GAMING 970 CPU: AMD VISHERA FX 8300 / 4.2 GHZ using OC Mode by MSI motherboard VideoCard : MSI NVIDIA 1060 * 6GB 192 bits Gaming Ram :16GB 4X . HyperX FURY Blue 4GB, DDR3...
  17. red-rock-run

    Installing an SSD with existing HDD

    I've used migration software which came with the SSD to clone my HDD data onto the SSD. What now? When they're both plugged in, the sign-in screen flickers. Should I unplug the SSD, put a media creation kit on a USB, load from the USB to format the HDD, then plug the HDD in? Is this the...
  18. B

    Help With Budget (Under $400) Gaming Build.

    Hi all, so I'm fairly new to PC building, but I wanted to build something that wouldn't cost a whole lot more than the latest consoles while being able to offer console performance with the added benefits of a PC. Here's my list of parts. [PCPartPicker part...
  19. Y

    corsair af140 led vs af140

    is the corsair af140 led fan the same as the regualr af140? I want to know if they have the same preformance
  20. G

    Keyboard Malfunction - Multiple Key Presses

    Hi. I'm using a DELL Inspiron 15 5547. Oddly, whenever I press: - 3 or 4 (number keys on top of the alphabet keys), '43' gets typed in. - e or r, 're' gets typed in. - d or f, 'fd' gets typed in. - c or v, 'vc' gets typed in. Anybody here encountered the same issue? Using the on-screen keyboard...
  21. M

    windows takes to long to boot maybe ssd problem

    Hi i bought my pc in january this year first two months it was booting for 11-12sec.Now i have some problems that started a month ago my pc some times takes 2min to boot.Example yesterday it took it like half a minute to boot but today it was 12sec,and i think next time it will again bee...
  22. F

    cheapest egpu setup for mac

    i have macbook pro 13 inch 2015 early i5 8GB ram 128GB SSD now i want the cheapest egpu i already have PSU and i already have the GPU only need adapter and all the the things in internet are 200$ or so but i saw some ppl posting things like only 50$ (adapter) anything like that? if someone...
  23. S

    hi i have a toshiba i am not change the os through usb it will come unet boot in how can i solve it

    hi i have a toshiba i am not change the os through usb it will come unet boot in how can i solve it
  24. Ohh OriginaLz

    Corsair K95 RGB Marco Keys as EXTRA buttons

    I would like to know if I could get my extra 18 macro keys that I don't use to function as extra button so for example I could press the key ( not have it do a macro function just have it as an extra key) and have it start my engine in eurotruck sim?
  25. L

    Can I connect blu ray drive to my pc?

    Is there an internal drive?
  26. F

    Gtx 960 vs r9 285

    Hi,I want to play games with my new CPU fx 6300 but I want to buy a GPU like r9 285 or gtx 960 which could let me play games like farcry 4 and assassins creed unity especially assassins creed unity so which of those GPUs would support those games with fx 6300 and 8gb of ram.
  27. AbyssD

    Is it enough this psu to hold the system?

    Hello guys and excuse me for the noob question. I'm gonna buy new motherboard and cpu and i want to learn if i be safe with my current PSU The system will be: CPU: Intel pentium g3258 OC 4.3-4.4 MOBO: Asus maximus vii hero Ram: Kingstone hyperx 8gb 1600mhz HDD: WD Black 1TB HDD: toshiba...
  28. E

    I Upgrade to Widnows 8.1 My Computer does not dectect wifi properly

    I just to have windows 7 and 8 it was fine no problem with this two systems but then after I upgrade to windows 8.1 I even I installed and re stalled again 2 or 3 times. and Still It does not let me view handful WiFi networks list also I don't see Airplane mode or nothing,it appears as cord...
  29. T

    TPU & EPU, Asus z87-a

    My mobo has 2 switches on it both disabled by default, but I'm not sure if I should keep it that way. One is the TPU switch which has 3 positions: disabled, CPU ratio boost, and CPU BCLK and Ratio Boost. I have an i7-4770k at the factory 3.5MHz and I have 2400 Tridents with XMP enabled. Should I...