won't boot into bios even after cmos reset

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  1. C

    Question PC appears functional but won't display anything

    Hello! New here. Just built my first PC for my kid—all brand new parts. Everything rans smoothly; he didn't have any issues for over an hour. I asked if he tried ARK: Survival Evolved yet, so he boots it up, plays for a minute and the computer crashes. Whenever I turn on the PC, the CPU, PSU...
  2. refriedfood

    [SOLVED] ASUS P8Z77-V/CG8580 won't boot into bios, even after cmos reset

    Had this motherboard for well over a year (it is older than that) and was doing fine up until tonight when I rebooted. There was no prior incidents related to motherboard wear that I had noticed: wasn't sluggish or slow to boot, no lock up or phantoms, etc. I used it in a secondary build in the...