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  1. Y

    Question New PC lights up but turns off right after

    So I built a new pc and I put everything together correctly since I double checked every part like 10 times. My psu works also since i checked it with the paper clip. I checked each if my ram slots. I plugged out my graphics card and it did the same thing still and I took out my cpu and...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Pc opens and closes.

    So i bought some New stuff, Mobo msi mag z390 tomahawk Cpu i7 7700 I saw that my Mobo support only 8th 9th gen so i got a New Mobo the asrock z170 pro4s retail that support 7th gen but still when i put everything up i press the button and as soon as the pc starts it closes again. I tried with...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] Motherboard LED turns on but nothing else

    So I have just put together everything together for my new gaming pc, apart from the gpu but I don't think thats the issue. When I turned on my computer to test if everything is working,the only thing that happened was that the motherboard LED turned on. Nothing else turned on in the PC. I don't...
  4. N

    Question New built PC will not boot (CPU light on MSI motherboard)

    Hello, this is my first time building my own gaming PC from scratch. I've taken IT classes and networking classes before in school and I don't consider myself to be unknowing when it comes to computer hardware and software, yet when I decide to drop tons of money and build something for once, I...
  5. alexanderwe6

    [SOLVED] Help with Troubleshooting

    I recently built a system with ryzen 5 1600 MSI x370 gaming pro carbon RTX2070 16gb Corsair Vengeance RGB 3600 and an EVGA 650 G3 The other morning the system wouldn't output to the monitor, tried the monitor on my switch and it worked, tried a different cable, and nothing happened, reseated...
  6. B

    Sony Vegas Rendering is causing temp to go high... Help

    I have been running games fine, idle temp is around 25-30c but when I render it's reaching 70c -75c My motherboard beeps when get it gets hot. It's quite annoying... What the fuck is going on? I reset the cpu and tightened the h110i, I noticed a few bent pins on the motherboard, I bent them...