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    Question PC does not turn off from inside windows

    Hi, My PC (see spec list below) does not fully turn off from inside windows, meaning CPU fan, 1 of 3 GPU fans, and all of the system fans ramps up to full speed and stays on after pressing shut down inside windows. Only when doing a reboot from inside the BIOS does it temporarily turn itself...

    Question Fans stay on after powering off

    My system is Aaeon Mini ITX Motherboard EMB-B75A i3-3220 2x4gb ddr3 ram XFX r9 280 Evga 500 white PSU NZXT H210 case When I turn of the system all the fans(2 rgb fans, 2 NZXT fans) stay on including the PSU, cpu cooler, and GPU. The only way to turn the system of completely is to hit the...
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    [SOLVED] Shutting down windows 10 - fans and RGB leds keeps running

    Hello, I made a new PC build and while i was trying to make X.M.P run on my new motherboard i updated BIOS and go the X.M.P running. I didn't test then if the PC shuts down properly (only did the restarts and it did power down and started up again then). Now when i shutdown the windows it turns...