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  1. L

    Question PC doesnt turn on!

    I have a problem concerning my younger brothers PC. He tried booting up he's pc this morning, but it was just stuck on the "windows 10 startup screen". He noticed that he wasnt able to shut the PC off by holding the power button down even after holding it down for 10-20 seconds. We tried the...

    Question My PC that was built 2 days ago suddenly wont turn on

    My Specs are Ryzen 5 2600 RX580 8gb XXX GTS by XFX Asrock B450M PRO4 G.skill 16gb 3600mhz ram 512gb ssd Had an APEVIA Prestige 600w 80+ Gold now im switching it to a Corsair CV650 +80 Bronze So i builded my PC 2 days ago and it was working fine apart from a driver issue that i fixed and was...
  3. T

    Question Computer isn't turning on despite replacing motherboard and PSU seems fine

    A while back my computer suddenly made a whining noise and turned itself off, now it wont turn back on, occasionally when I press the on button all the LED's will flash for a split second. I bought a PSU tester and plugged it in, it showed the correct voltages and showed green LED's meaning the...
  4. JoeyMan12345

    Question Computer sometimes will not turn back on until I unplug the power cord and plug it back in

    Ever since I built my computer about 1.5 years ago, I noticed that whenever I plugged in my power supply cord into the power supply, or even moved it a bit, I noticed some sort of crackling sound (I have no idea if this is a normal thing), but for a long time now (maybe about a year), sometimes...
  5. Z

    Question Razer Blade 14 will not turn on

    So I have this Razer Blade 14 With a GTX 1060 and i7 6700HQ that will not turn on. It was working fine 1 day then I turned it off for the night and the next morning it will not turn on, holding down the power button or pressing the power button. I should add that the battery overheated about 1...
  6. L

    Question Need help with diagnosing HP Pavilion Laptop Model 17-g119dx

    Hey guys, this is my wifes laptop. She got it new in 2016, and it died early 2018. Finally want to try and get it fixed So the issue is it wont come on. Theres just a single click sound when pressing the power button down, or even holding it. We replaced the battery and it did not fix the...
  7. Erixk14

    Question My PC won't turn on after installing a GPU

    Hello, I am new here and my English is not very good. I am putting together a pc (my budget is very tight, the motherboard and cpu I have it for a long time, because I do not plan to change pc for a while due to economic issues). Well, a few days ago I was going to buy a rx 580 4gb nitro +, it...
  8. Z

    Question GPU replacement crashes now won’t turn on.

    I replaced my GPU under the belief that I had enough of a PSU but after the whole PC crashed I decided I better replace the PSU to accommodate the upgrade. I replaced and plugged everything in and it all turned on but nothing is coming out on the screen. The fans on the GPU and the CPU LED are...
  9. J

    My Lenovo desktop screen will not turn on.

    My Lenovo desktop screen will not turn on. The power is on and a fan is running but the screen is black. I don’t know what model it is.
  10. S

    CPU temp spikes (OC)

    Ok so I decided to overclock my cpu from 3.4 ghz to 3.65 and now the temp is spiking at idle. Sometimes its at 25 and it goes to 30 which is normal but sometimes it goes from 30 to 42c which I don't see normally. Is this just because of overclocking and not a problem or should I be more...
  11. M

    HDD not show in DVR

    I have broblem with CCTV DVR HDD . HDD is not show in DVR. I have been formart HDD in pc. What should I do. Please tell me how to fix it. Thanks.
  12. U

    How to reset cpu?

    so i have been having trouble with my fps in games, and long story short apparently my cpu is running under clocked ? it never uses more than 16% of its potential getting this from the task manager (i dont know why i just bought this cpu and put it in ) . also i was talking to a guy on a forum...
  13. B

    Help With Budget (Under $400) Gaming Build.

    Hi all, so I'm fairly new to PC building, but I wanted to build something that wouldn't cost a whole lot more than the latest consoles while being able to offer console performance with the added benefits of a PC. Here's my list of parts. [PCPartPicker part...
  14. A

    Getting Packet Loss

    So I'm getting packet loss in multiple game, (Paladins, Rocket League, Battlefront) the only game I am positive that I am receiving packet loss on is Battlefront. Due to the fact their is an overlay that shows me (Not sure if that is possible on the others) I was wondering how it might be...
  15. C

    I need a good Gaming Desktop

    I'm looking for a good gaming desktop which can run Overwatch pretty well. My budget is $1000, I also would prefer it to be on this site https://www.computeralliance.com.au/systems PS : Yes it is AUD Thank you ~
  16. N

    Phanteks p400- No optical drive. is this a problem?

    I'm in the middle of building my first gaming computer, and I love this case. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/phanteks-p400-p400s-rgb-case,31154.html the problem is there's no optical drive. I don't know if that's a big deal, but it seems useful. I could just pick up an external optical drive...
  17. M

    How to i fix network disconection in window 7

    I have TP-LINK 300Mbps TL-WN821N wifi adapter . 1. I have tried to uninstall and then re-install drivers from device manager (adapter option). 2.I tried to install driver from "...
  18. D

    No display, no USB

    I removed one RAM chip that wasn't being registered by my mobo, now my PC boots up with all the fans for the case, gpu, and CPU working, along with their LED's, the LED's on the mobo work as well, but I get no display or USB function. System: MSI 970 motherboard FX-8350 R9 280x EVGA 750w...
  19. A

    Best graphics card for 3 1080p monitors

    Ok I need some decision making help on what would be the best card to game at 60 fps on my triple 1080p monitor setup. Can afford up to a 980ti but that would be all of my money and wouldn't want to spend that much unless it was the only good option.
  20. J

    SSD randomly stops working?

    recently i have been having a problem with my SSD..... my computer will be on and it will randomly reboot itself. and my bios refuses to pick up my SSD. and trys to boot into LINUX. im running windows 7 pro 64BIT on my SSD. and i have nothing but games music picture ETC on my hybrid driver...