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  1. JunkSniperJoe

    Question Issues with Office: text disappears for a second in Word

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but I thought I give it a shot. For a while now, my office installation has been a bit weird, Word especially. When I type letters temporarily disappear, then come back when I'm done typing. My other Office applications don't have this issue...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] How to scan a folder for corrupted DOC/DOCX files?

    Hello, I have over 3000 office files between doc, docx, ppt, and xls. And I want to separate the corrupted files from the "healthy" ones. // I'm not interested in fixing the corrupted ones. Is there any way or software to scan the entire folder and sort the corrupted files from the rest?
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Word dosnt open files

    I cant open any file that isnt made on this pc this is the error shown i have no clue how to fix. Error: Word eperinced an error trying to open the file. Try these suggestions. *Check the file permissions for this document or drive *Make sure there is sufficent memory or disk space *Open the...
  4. S

    Question Need help with Word Envelope Drop-Down Menu

    I'm using Word from Office 365, and I use the "Mailings" tab to create envelopes. However, I selected a wrong address in the drop down and now it's always displaying and I don't know how to get rid of it. Anyone know how? View: https://imgur.com/pbvzKgP
  5. Question Bug? Word pops up by itself on Amazon's search bar in Chrome.

    Whenever I visit Amazon.com, on Chrome or Brave, the word "abs" always pops up on Amazon's search bar by itself. I already used CCleaner to clean all cookies, and Chrome's built-in feature for cleaning passwords, cookies, history, etc., but nothing makes "abs" stop popping up on my screen. I...
  6. S

    Gaming laptop question

    Mainly will be playing World of Warcraft and wondering how this laptop should perform: 7th Generation Intel Core i5-7300HQ Quad Core (6 MB Cache , up to 3.5 GHz) • 8GB 2400MHz DDR4 up to [32GB], (additional memory sold separately) • 128 GB (SSD) Boot + 1 TB 5400RPM SATA (HDD), No ODD • 15.6"...
  7. V

    PC freezes with artifacts while installing windows 10.

    Hey guys, i'm starting to think that my motherboard is faulty or it just can't have a windows 10 install on it. I have a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 rev 6 and i'm trying to do a clean install using my onboard gpu (radeon hd3000). But everytime i try, it freezes at a random % with pink artifacts...
  8. Astralv

    Reinstalled Win10- not all drivers agree to install- why?

    Hey there I just reinstalled Win10 and when I installed it first time, I do not remember having any issues with installing drivers. But this time- I get error for LAN: "There is an issue with Microsoft Windows 10 that prevents Intel Advanced Network Services feature from working correctly. You...
  9. K

    cm storm octane devastator ms 35 mouse led problem??

    so i bought the cm storm octane combo about a year-ish ago everything works fine on the keyboard side but the mouse has got a problem with leds not the buttons so it should light 7 colors the blue and red works fine , but when i choose green one side only lights up, then purple works fine and...
  10. O

    Opinion on LG 24MP47HQ-P

    Hi, I would like to get people's opinion on this monitor, LG 24MP47HQ-P http://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-24MP47HQ-P-led-monitor I could not find any reviews on the web and is hoping to hear if this monitor is great as the specifications so far are quite ideal. I am looking for an mid-priced...