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    Question Upgrading PC for work

    Hello, There is a workstation that several people use to build programs or use VMs. The problem is that both are slower than on our individual machines. Here are the specs on Dell Precision T7610 My question is: Would replacing the motherboard, changing the 1 Intel Xeon...
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    [SOLVED] Workstation PC

    Hi guys, i'm looking forward to building a workstation PC, so I can work from home. I mainly use planification softwares that need a good graphic card and I need to use an AMD Ryzen 7 3800X processor. -AMD Ryzen 7 3800X -Motherboard -750 Power Source -32 GB RAM -Graphics Card -SSD NvMe 480 gb...
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    [SOLVED] Pre-Built Workstation Suggestion

    Hey everyone, I’m fairly experienced with assembling gaming desktops and home PCs, but never put together anything on the business side. I’m pricing out a new machine for our office, and I wasn’t sure where the best prices are for high performance machines. I’m happy to assemble the machine...
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    upgrading psu & gpu for k450e desktop with no experience

    Howdy, I'm interested in upgrading my power supply and graphics for my Lenovo K450e desktop, it's my first time installing hardware by myself and not sure how to go about it. I am thinking of using the following power supply and graphics card to upgrade to...