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  1. larathompson288

    Question Please help! Wifi support - how can I extend wifi throughout my house - mesh network or extender? Which brand?!

    Hi there. I was wondering if I could have some support regarding wifi. I currently have a Virgin Media box but it only works in one room and due to the design of our house and the thick walls, Virgin said it cannot reach all the rooms. It is the TV room which is on the side of our house on the...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Question with working from home set up

    Hi, I have a custom built pc and a Microsoft Surface tablet pc as my work computer. Currently I’m having to swap out keyboard and mouse usb connections to use my work computer and then swap them back to my own pc when I want to game. This is fine but I can feel the usb connections getting...
  3. T

    Question Working from home set up advice.

    Hi there - I am recently allowed to work from home using a Surface Pro 4 work laptop, but I would like to know if its possible (or what the best method is) for connecting this up to my current set up? I already have a high end PC so would like to have a plug and play solution other than having...