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  1. J

    Is this artifacting or an in-game issue?

    I've had my 980ti for almost a year now and I have never seen anything like this. I've beaten this level before and it wasn't there, and even now it takes a few seconds for it to pop up and overlay on the textures/geometry. I tested out other games (Witcher 3, Dark Souls 3) and even ran...
  2. A

    Best airlow settings for dtec 921 case?

    Best settings?like example top fan as intake or that.and also what fan is great for airflow?
  3. K

    Can i use a two 2011 socket core I7-5820k in a twin socket motherboard ?

    i want to set up a render machine with two processor, xeons seem too costly, so i want to use core i7 do they work in a double socket motherboard?
  4. D

    R9 380 Safe gaming temps. for hours?

    Okay so I recently got a PowerColor PCS+ 4gb R9 380, I launch my system (Windows 10) and I check the temp at desktop "61C"... I get a bit nervous but using the Radeon Software from AMD, im able to check the fan speeds, apperantly its around 35% - 38%, So I raise it, It balances out at around 53...
  5. M

    Geforce4 MX 440 with AGP 8x + Win7

    I have a really old computer on which I installed windows 7 (the good old XP is not even supported by some softwares anymore). What I didn't know when I installed Windows 7, is that there are no Windows 7 drivers for the graphic card (the one i mentioned in the title). So I found out that...
  6. D

    Very low fps

    hi, why is my fps really low when i play games like nba2k16. i have nvidia gt 635m and intel graphics 4000, but still running low around 3-10fps. can anyone help? i already set high performance nvidia processor..
  7. F

    Does Intel Xeon

    Does Intel Xeon E5-2699v4 works with ASUS Z10PE-D8 WS?
  8. Ryan_78

    buying some thermal paste. comparison and explaination of these two

    ok so I haven't done repasting yet since I built my rig and I am going to do a repaste of the cpu ad gpu. I was going to buy some thermal paste and yes I was going to buy arctic silver 5. but I looked more and found other types of paste, non-silver based ones and others. Which one would be...
  9. walidshady

    Is a 29" 21:9 monitor enough?

    I have recently wrapped my head around the idea that a 21:9 monitor would do greatly in games and for productivity purposes since I'm emerged into that. But I was wondering; would a 29" monitor be enough, or should I invest more and get a 34"? Keep in mind that I won't be sitting too far from...
  10. A

    why microsoft wont target older computers with light version windows 10??

    can someone answer me this.??? if microsfot wants make windows 10 most popular system,why they dont target older computers also with light version windows 10??with this i mean windows light version,whtat could run with less than 1g ram.also i think some features should be removed,if they wants...
  11. M

    Help with overclocking GTX 980 Ti's in SLI

    Want to overclock my gpus to gain some performance in games etc. Any advice and planning to do it with mis afterburner. Any settings to use specifically? thanks pc masterrace of peace and prosperity :D
  12. D

    What is the best cpu cooler for my case? low budget

    Can someone please help me finding a low budget cpu fan that will fit in my case? my case: Thanks Greetz David
  13. B

    PC unable to detect Seagate hard drive from My Computer, Disk Manager, or BIOS

    Hi, I'm currently attempting to help a friend recover some data from an external hard drive. It's a Seagate Expansion 1 TB (model SRD00F1). When I plugged it into my PC I heard the classic connecting noise of a USB and my PC attempted to download drivers, but failed to do so. It should also be...
  14. J

    Hi , i eventually had to buy skylake how can i OC ?

    i was here asking a few questions if i'm better off buying AMD and i did indeed place an order for an AMD 9590 but they called me and told me the msi motherboard was nowhere to be found around , so instead i had to look for a skylake upgrade with the same tight budget , This is what i bought...
  15. itsonlydanny

    Installing Windows 10 Pro from a USB stick - no luck

    Hi, Just tried installing Windows 10 Pro 64-bit from a USB stick (Patriot Supersomic Rage 32GB) - but no luck. Yes, I altered the 'boot priority' settings but that does not appear to have helped. I currently have a dual-boot setup, with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and Windows XP Home 32-bit...
  16. J

    Laptop smoking, please help

    I smelt a burning smell today and I didn't know what it was, I looked down and noticed black smoke coming out of my laptop. I suspect the fan wasn't on and my components were being cooked How do i clean the fan? Oh, also on a related note, I inhaled some of it should I go to a hospital? I feel...
  17. M

    dell vostro 1510 keyboard

    Hello, I have problem with my Dell Vostro 1510 keyboard. Last row on the keyboard is not working properly. What is the solution? Thank you.
  18. J

    GTX 960 or 7850 Crossfire?

    I currently have a 7850 overclocked to 1.05Ghz and was wondering if it is worth it to buy a new 960 for 200 bucks, or buy another 7850 for the 80-100 bucks and throw it in crossfire. I probably not going to be able to sell my current 7850 because I've customized the hell out of it to match my...
  19. S

    Bootable Ubuntu USB

    Hi guys, I was following a guide on to create a persistant bootable ubuntu usb drive (using Universal USB Installer). However when I bott into the usb instead of giving me the options to boot into ubuntu...
  20. Y

    Low Writing Speed on SP Ufd Flash Drive

    i have a 16gb silicon power ufd usb 3 flash drive.when i copy files,it takes too much time to buffer data at the begining of copying each's very annoying whenever i want to copy large number of files.except that,writing speed is 18-24 mb/s,of course for huge files. how can i fix that?