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  1. cangelini

    News Nvidia’s Mobile Quadro Family Gets Turing GPUs, Up To 16GB GDDR6

    Nvidia is refreshing its mobile workstation GPU line-up with three RTX-enabled models, two Turing-based designs that lack RT and Tensor cores, and a pair of entry-level chips based on the previous-generation Pascal architecture. Nvidia’s Mobile Quadro Family Gets Turing GPUs, Up To 16GB GDDR6 ...
  2. AnirbanB

    Question Which laptops (Windows OS) do have higher AdobeRGB color gamut?

    As a photographer, I tend to get higher AdobeRGB spectrum/color gamut for a display. I prefer IPS display. I am not concerned about sRGB but only AdobeRGB. Wanted to go for a MacBook but doesn't seem a viable option with that budget. Budget: $1000-$1200 USD Configuration: • Display size with...
  3. News ASRock Launches AM4 Motherboard for AMD Ryzen Workstations, Servers

    ASRock Rack, which is ASRock's server brand, has developed the new X470D4U motherboard for consumers who want to build a workstation or server around AMD's Ryzen processors. Read more here. ZHIYE LIU @zhiyeliu Zhiye Liu is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers CPU, GPU and...
  4. IamBread

    Question Is My Motherboard dead?

    Hi I'm Bread, I recently started my new build, The Specs are ASUS ROG Strix B350-f gamin, 32 gbs Of Ripjaws Gskill ram, Asus 1070 video card, and an AMD Ryzen 5 2600x. When I put the build together I tried turning it on, but no boot. The CPU fan was spinning, I even felt the hard drive at it was...
  5. F

    Laptop CPU comparison and difference

    Hello everyone, I've recently started looking for a new laptop, and I'm stuck on choosing the right CPU, mainly for everyday use, university-level coding and university-level projects. As I've noticed, both core i3 and core i5 are 2C/4T processors (until the 8th generation), with a slight...
  6. mehdi505

    Question Your pc ran into a problrm and has to restart is stuck in 0%

    While i was playing Apex legends, it crashed in a loading screen then the blue screen appeared saying that my pc has ran into a problem and has to restart, the problem is it's been stuck in 0% for half an hour now, i have a Lenovo legion y520 , nvidia gtx 1050ti 4Gb , 8Gb of RAM , i5 7300 , and...
  7. A

    Question GTX 680 Bios issue

    Hi all, I've previously flashed GTX 680 cards to be used with Mac Pros with no problem. However, whilst flashing a Palit GTX 680 4GB card in the same way, the machine went funny whilst flashing the BIOS. I left it for a good while before restarting but now I get no display at all. I've tried...
  8. P

    Question Brand new RAM cause crashes when XMP is on.

    So I recently bought the G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB DDR4-3600MHz (F4-3600C18D-16GTZRX). Everything looked to work fine, but after some Blackout rounds it crash, then I tryed to enter the game again but it crash till I restart the pc. Then I run normally the game but after some rounds (2-3) it...
  9. M

    Question Fan speed and wear?

    I just got a new gpu an RX 590 and I've been able to keep the temperature down about 20C by increasing the RPM to temperature by about 300 - 600 RPM higher than default Wattman settings If I keep it like this will it wear out the fan faster? (I enjoy fan sounds actually so I do not care if I...
  10. F

    Question What Cable Modem/Router or Modem should I get?

    Hi, I am planning on getting a brand new cable modem and a brand new router for my next ISP (Cox). I want something that will last (my SB6141 is slowly starting to "die") and something that will be worth the money. I have a straw poll with all of the options Here. I am also looking for a router...
  11. J

    Question Ryzen 5 2600 Build

    Hello Experts! I am planning to build another rig this June (or when prices drop when 3rd gen Ryzen CPUs get released) based on the Ryzen 5 2600. So far, here is what I got: PCPartPicker part list: CPU: AMD - Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core Processor...
  12. SkyRock1986

    Question i5 4690k Overclock

    I currently have my i5 4690k overclocked to 4.2 Ghz and a core voltage of 1.2. is temps 39-40 to high idle? Under load I never see more than 70, 75 maybe max for a few seconds.
  13. adamcurpier

    Question New Build, Fresh Win 10 Install, Fails at BSOD - unexpected kernel mode trap

    Hey all, just did a new desktop build: Specs: I7-6700K Asrock Z270 Killer ac 16gb Corsair Veng. Corsair H110 Cooler Thermaltake 700w psu AMD 580 - 8gb gpu (Sapphire Nitro) 3 - 120gb ssd's SO ... used the win 10 media creation tool to make a bootable USB stick (using my laptop). When I try to...
  14. D

    Question Will I ever be able to retrieve this data completely ?

    Hey. Recently I asked my brother his external 3Tb hard drive because I needed to make a save of some of my files to reinstall Windows 10. But here comes the part when I messed up like a fkin idiot: so I also asked him for a USB key in FAT32 to put Windows on it, the thing is, after 3attempts, it...
  15. S

    Question New gaming headset 2019 Help needed!

    So like title says im looking for new headset for gaming (games like CS:GO, Division 2 etc.), i have had several headsets (Cloud Alpha, Cloud 1, Wireless Cloud Flight) and now is time for new headset so SHOULD i wait for HyperX new Cloud Orbit for few months or go Sennheiser GSP600 /...
  16. U

    Question will this ssd work on my motherboard asus h61m-cs sata 4x 3.0gb/s
  17. N

    Opinions on build price (selling a PC).

    Hi folks, long time lurker, first time poster. I'm selling an editing/gaming rig with the following parts: Now, I know the listed price there is over $2900 - I know it's not really worth that much considering I'm on a 4th Gen CPU and I realize the cost...
  18. M

    Question Is it worth waiting the gtx 1660? EDIT

    I was thinking about buying a gtx 1060, but the gtx 1660 will release soon, is it worth the wait? EDIT: I meant the 1660 6 gb
  19. G

    Question Portforwarding/networking issues

    So I've been trying to portforward for a few days now and seem to be running into nothing but problems. As far as I know I am doing everything correctly 1: I have port forwarded the required ports through my router 2: I have allowed exceptions for the required ports through my firewall and also...