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    Build Advice Smooth System for streaming Wow

    I have a pc with core i3 CPU and 4 gigabyte of ram and biostar B250GT3 motherboard , i want to upgrade my pc for both playing and streaming World of Warcraft , want to know if Intel core i5 7500 + evga gtx 1060 6gb + 8g ram is enough for both? i want to stream at 720p/60fps.
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    Question Installed new NVMe M.2 SSD in my laptop. Now, every time I turn on/restart my laptop, it automatically opens Repair Utility. How do i stop this?

    My laptop specs: My old SSD died apparently as my laptop kept looping the Aptio Utility BIOS and did not detect my old SSD so I replaced it with this new SSD that is NVMe ...
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    Question All input methods stop working in BIOS

    Using the MSI h110m 7994 motherboard and the intel I3-6100. Trying to update bios for an i7-7700 but anytime i try to update it the mouse works for a bit then disappear completely. I have used usb mice from 2010 in all the usb ports, used a PS/2 mouse, tried various keyboards and it happens with...
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    Question Does every curved monitor suffer from backlight issues?

    I'm trying to buy a monitor for gaming. I've tried several ones so far, and every single curved monitor had backlight issues. I tried these curved ones: AOC C32G1 - clouded screen Bought second AOC C32G1 - again clouded screen Acer XZ321Q - clouded screen and edge backlight bleed Then I tried...
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    Question Upgrading PC - Need Assistance

    I bought a prebuilt PC a while back and all I've upgraded so far has been the graphics card. Currently I can stream Fortnite and CSGO at a fairly good quality but with slight lag depending on the settings. After this next upgrade, I hope to be able to stream those games and possibly some other...
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    Question Can I partition an external hard drive for Xbox and PC usage?

    So my brother has an Xbox one 500 GB. he is going to save up for a 3TB WD external hard drive, but he wanted to use it for bother xbox and media usage on his Macbook. Can he partition the External hard drive where he can use 1TB for his xbox, and then when plugged into his Macbook, use the other...
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    Question Will my i7 7700 bottleneck an rtx 2060?

    Hello! I was just wondering if my current cpu(i7 7700) will bottleneck an rtx2060. If yes, how bad at 1080p? 1440p? Thanks for any help anybody can give me
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    Question GTX 1060/1070 fitting into the Asus P8P67 deluxe MOBO ?

    I want to upgrade my GC Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 currently installed on an Asus p8p67 deluxe MB. It's not for gaming but for photoediting using the Topaz AI software which makes use of machine learning and thus is very demanding with regard to VRAM. I'm thinking of a Double GTX 1060 (6 GB) or 1070...
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    Question Trusted Prebuilt Gaming PC sites?

    Recently looked into Cyberpower and Ibuypower, looked at the reviews and they seemed awful. Looked at Digital Storm, looked good, but seems their Financing is atrocious. I trust this website, and this community has always seemed well informed to me. Anyway, are there any trusted sites that allow...
  10. Myronazz

    [SOLVED] Please clarify 25 pin serial connections to me

    Hello, Literally wasted an entire day trying to connect my dial-up modem to my laptop via the parallel port, only to realise that it was actually a 25 serial port that had the exact same shape and pin locations I was so desperatly trying to get the LTP1 port to show up in my modem installation...
  11. Katie_Burger

    Question My computer is having some weird visual crashing issues, any help?

    So I refurbished an old pc i found in my garage, had been sitting there for about 7 years. It has been working fine up until about two days ago. I noticed that the fans and everything else was on, but nothing was displaying on the monitor. I did some tests and its not a monitor issue. I left the...
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    Question My Keyboard goes crazyyy when connected to PC (Corsair K55)

    Hi everyone, few weeks ago, I built a new PC, installed OS, drivers, games… and everything worked brilliantly. Until now. All at once my keyboard (Corsair K55) has decided to randomly start typing letters and numbers when connected to PC. However, when I connect it to my laptop everything is...
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    Question GigaByte B360N WIFI boot from M.2 SSD

    Hi, I would like to know if GigaByte B360N WIFI (2018 version) is able to boot from a M.2 SSD (SATA or PCIe based), Thank you!
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    Build Advice $1800 Gaming PC Build Advice

    Approximate Purchase Date: April-May/2019 Budget Range: 1800 Before Rebates System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Amazon / or other Country: USA Parts Preferences: No real preference. Overclocking: Maybe SLI...
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    Question WF-2630 printer

    I have had an Epson WF-2630 printer for some time with no problems. Two months ago I needed to replace my PC but since then when printing a Word document, the printer no longer gives me the either the option of printing in B & W (grayscale) or reverse page order printing. My printer driver is...
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    Question Game minimising on launch

    Windows 10 Pro Ryzen 5 2600 RX580 8gb This happens with 2 games I have out of 43 they are Tony Hawks HD and Rugby 08. It only happens when they launch in fullscreen. They don't have an option for window mode. (I did manage to run them in window mode which worked but it's shit and I don't want...
  17. Phuc Chau

    Question Can RX 480 compatible with ASUS H61 mainboard ?

    Hello, I have an Intel Core i5 3570 CPU with ASUS H61 mainboard I want to upgrade my graphics card from GTX 750Ti to ASUS RX 480 4GB Dual (I have bought an 600W PSU last month) but I'm afraid that my mainboard isn't compatible with it (I'm afraid my PCI-e 2.0 x16 slot can't deliver enough power...
  18. P

    [SOLVED] Rx Vega 64, PSU not strong enough? Help

    Hello everyone. I just bought a Vega 64 2 days ago, after a bunch of reading i have undervolted it to: p6 1452 freq 1000mv p7 1552freq 1100mv hbm 945mhz 980 mv I have a Xeon 1650v2 now at 4.2( was 4.5 but lowered to see if i could get this stable) ECC ram at 2400mhz PSU ; AeroCool...
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    Question RX 470 4GB

    I'm about to buy this model but my friend said that it will not last long for it's durability is not that good or it may fail immediately, I just want to know what you think of this. Is is true or what?
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    Question Budget gaming pc builds

    Does anyone have a good build thats 500$ ish