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    [SOLVED] Asus Rampage V Extreme Bios uefi random freeze

    I just changed out my motherboard with an Asus Rampage V Extreme and i noticed when i first started the pc and went into the bios it freezed within 1 Minute in the bios. Only a hard restart fixed it and the uefi doesnt have a problem. Hardware: Mobo: Asus Rampage V Extreme X99 CPU: i7 5820k 3.6...
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    [SOLVED] Should I buy DDR4 32GB now and upgrade to DDR5 64GB next year?

    Hi, I am still waiting for my Trident Z DDR4 3200C14 64GB memory modules to arrive. Delivery has been delayed. It seems that DDR5 memory will be available for purchase at the end of this year or earlier next year. Moreover, they are at twice the speed as the DDR4. In this case, it is better to...
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    [SOLVED] Does the Dell Vostro 15-3578 have a dual hard drive bay?

    My son just bought a Dell Vostro 15-3578. Dell Business Sales has been giving us different answers as well as lying about it coming with an optical drive. This was a Cyber Monday deal, and it came with a 1 TB HDD which we were fine with as long as we can add either an SSD or an M.2/NVMI SSD to...
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    mobile memory parallelism

    We every day hear about RAM, ROM of mobile devices (cell phones and tablets). Internal and external storage in these mobile devices. What I wanna know is distinguish their mobile meaning. What are these memories for cell phone and tablets? Of course, I know acronyms, but, the perfect meaning for...
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    Should I buy a new CPU

    Hello! I was running Assassin's creed 4 black flag on my pc it runs on around 20 to 30 fps on lowest settings MY specs; GPU: AMD Redeon HD 7770 2GB ddr5 Ram: 6Gb CPU: AMD Phenom 8600b triple core proccessor 2.30 Ghz Windows 10 as far as I know this game should run nicely atleast on lowest...
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    Does lowering the refresh rate damage the display?

    Hey all, I am a noob when it comes to pc's and i was wondering if using custom resolution utility to lower my monitor's refresh rate will damage the display. I have a 120hz monitor and i wanna lower it to 60 because some games don't run at 120hz
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    Alienware 6500u i7 | will bottleneck RTX 2080 ti?

    I have Alienware laptop 13 R2 - 6500u i7 2 core 4 thread. 2.50ghz and i want to run the RTX 2080 on the famous Alienware graphics amplifier, but will i be having issues with my CPU? Obviously i want to reach 250fps + in gaming or 170 minimum intel® Core™ i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz more info...
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    How to do this

    So i went to this cool cafe and the one thing i really liked about it was it resets all the settings when the computer restarts and im currently opening a gaming cafe so i need this in my computers please help thanks in advance
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    Will my Windows 10 digital license work on another laptop?

    I recently bought a used laptop that came with a clean install of windows 10. The laptop came with a hdd though, and I want to swap that with an SSD I already have. I can see under update and security that Windows 10 is activated with a digital license, and it looks like I can link my microsoft...
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    Safe overclock limit i7 8700k NH D15 no delid

    Hi, I recently got an i7 8700k, and am looking to overclock it. Obviously, I don't want it to be damaged or end up broken due to this. I see people overclocking to 5 ghz, but generally they have all delidded and I am wary of delidding given that I am not experienced with PC building and don't...
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    Can't Modify Non-Write Protected MicroSD Card

    Hello, I've had my Micro SD Card in my phone for a few months, and when I want to take it out and use it for my Raspberry Pi, I can't modify it. Now I'm not noob, I know about the write protect switch, and it is clearly off for both adapters I've tried so far. I try a different computer, doesn't...
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    Spec 04 cpu cooler height

    Hello, I already bought Spec 04 case for my build, I almost bought everything except motherboard and cpu cooler I searched on pcpartpicker, It is showing that Cooler Master Hyper 212 Led/turbo, isn't compatible with Spec 04 case Can anyone please confirm me if cpu cooler will work or not...
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    How to work 2x8ddr3

    I have a dell optiplex 980, and I have bought 2x8 DDR3 ram. It’s the right one, only it won’t work. I’ve read other threads but all I think so far is that I need a new motherboard?!?! Can someone plz correct me.
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    Unable to start Farcry Primal Error (0xc000007b)

    I'm trying to launch far cry primal and i keep getting "The application was unable to start correctly(0xc000007b)". I have tried each and every method online most of them suggest installing .net framework but non of them worked. Is there any other solution if i copy paste the same game on my...
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    New Router and Powerline Adapter

    So I just purchased the Nighthawk x4s from Netgear and I already have a fairly new powerline adapter that I bought just about 1-2 months ago, it was working great with my old router which was terrible so the speeds of 3mb/s when downloading something on steam was great. I am using the powerline...
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    Lenovo ideapad 310 stuck on the loading screen

    Hi, i was playing video games on my lenovo ideapad 310 and suddenly, my keyboard totally stopped responding. Nothing crashed, i was still into m'y game, and i could play with my mouse. No keyboard means no ctrl alt suppr, no alt tab... After waiting around 5 minutes, i decided to shut it down. I...
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    Easiest way possible?

    Do I connect the sound bar to cable box, TV, or use the Bluetooth somehow. Please let me know the easiest way. It has a HDMI, and small pink, and green plug
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    internet not working, internet adapter drivers failing???

    I built my pc, installed windows 10, installed the drivers that came with the motherboard and graphics card in the form of dvds, but my internet doesn't work. I am using an internet cable but it doesn't work. I troubleshoot the problems and it says that my internet adapter needs drivers. I check...
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    Need help with Phanteks Eclipse P400S Airflow

    So i bought Phanteks eclipse P400s case and 3x corsair 120HD fans and was wondering about the airflow. So the problem is that i would like to mount these 3 rgb fans to the back of the case (rear and top) as exhaust fans, and have my NZXT Kraken X52 AIO Radiator set to pull configuration in the...
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    One of my cores seems to be acting up on my 4790k

    Hello Community, I've noticed that one of my cores seems to update slower than the others when viewing their activity in MSI Command Center software... When I first launch MSI command center software my cpu is overclocked to 4.4ghz... But the actually real-time speeds of each core are...