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  1. Monitep

    Question Help! Extremely slow write speed on NVME M2 Raid 1 Boot Drive!

    Good morning everyone, I hope someone can help me, Boot drive has an awkward writing speed and I can't understand why. Some details: PC configuration: https://valid.x86.fr/7bb8c2 The problem occurs with both Win 10 and Win 11 The problem occurs even when changing the motherboard and the...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] Mysterious throttling in HDD during zero-fill

    My 1 TB HDD (WDC WD10SPZX-24Z10) is displaying a weird throttling behavior while I'm trying to wipe it. It's writing speed is dropping dramatically for all regions after doing a long (> 10 GiB) zero-fill operation in Linux (Mint 18, running on a thumbdrive) using dd. And, for some reason, if I...
  3. JoaoPauluu

    [SOLVED] SSD Slow Writing but normal reading speed

    Hello, I'm having a problem with my ssd, it is a bx500 240gb from crucial (dram-less), bought it ~ 10 months ago, did a speed test on the week of purchase, everything was fine, but tried to run a benchmark again recently an those are the results I got (using crystal disk mark. Already tested...
  4. MrSix18

    [SOLVED] Trouble with ADATA sx8200 pro NVMe

  5. H

    [SOLVED] Inconsistent write speed from HDD to HDD

    I am transferring large files(tv series) from one HDD to another over LAN(From Windows 10 to Ubuntu 20.04 system's samba share). At first 2-3 minutes the transfer speed is consistent at 105MB/s, but then something happens and it drops to random 20-40 MB/s(sometimes even 5-10MB/s). What could be...
  6. M

    Question Low nvme m.2 speed (Seagate Firecuda 520)

    Hello. My seagate firecuda 520 (500gb) has advertised speeds of 5000mb seq read and 2500mb seq write, I was achieving this until recently and now I get 2500mb read and 500mb write. Updated to windows 2004 and then got 2500mb on both but back down to 500mb write again. I have 300gb free on...
  7. kelvs

    [SOLVED] HDD suddenly acting weird

    Hi, i got this HDD a year ago, I mostly put games in it, everything was fine until one day when I need to update a game, it won't anymore, it has writing issues it seems, is there any fix for this? Any cause?
  8. Akshae Samson

    [SOLVED] Issue with copy speed in pendrive

    Whenever I copy something to my pendrive, the speed goes to ~30MB/s then it comes down to 0KB/s. Then again accelerates to around ~30 MB/s then again decreases gradually to 0KB/s and so on. It is really weird to copy, lets say, 1GB with this fluctuation! Tried both Fat32 and NTFS but no luck...
  9. O

    [SOLVED] When highlighting filename, is data being written to disk?

    Hello everyone I have my Windows in danish, so I hope, I use the correct terms and names. When I do the following with an image-file: Right click on the file, press “change name / rename”, or left double click, so the name gets highlighted, and then left click with the mouse outside of the...
  10. N

    Question Why is my SSD write so slow!

    My 90GB SSD is a 500MB/s read/write drive and it's doing 480/125. I formatted the drive, secure erased, made sure the firmware was up to date, ran a manual trim, tried another SATA3 controller via PCI-e 8x RAID card, fresh OS, nothing has worked. It's a Corsair Force GT I'm still getting about...
  11. A

    Question Slow NVME speed

    I have a NVME Samsung 970 with heatsink connected to motherboard directly through M.2. It's not the boot disk. When i turn on the PC, if i test with crystaldiskmark i get slow speed read/write results: However, if i reboot the PC and i execute the test again, i get correct results: If I...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] Can you write/rewrite a CD-ROM?

    If I have a blank CD-ROM, and I wrote some information on it, can I rewrite information on it even though it is CD-ROM? What if I have a CD-ROM already pre-installed with information, can I write information to that?
  13. C

    [SOLVED] SSD write speeds dreadful.

    Hi all, I've recently built a new computer and have just noticed that my write speeds are terrible on my SSD, here is my SSD. https://www.amazon.co.uk/YUCUN-Internal-Solid-State-Drive/dp/B07F2J4S18/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1551705658&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=yucun+500gb I have looked online...
  14. D

    Question SSD How long without power / finite number of write cycles?

    I build 2 PCs quite some time ago and have been using an SSD for years. I never knew that drives will eventually loose their information if they go too long without power. Even USB drives? How long is this period? Also, SSDs have a finite number of times they can write? And apparently its bad...
  15. E

    Buy Cheap Blower Style GTX 1080 Ti or Multifan, Case Air Flow issues

    I can get a ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti for 530 but its a blower style card as you can see. I've heard they are good for cases with bad airflow. Mine would fall under that category. It's ENERMAX iVektor ECA3310A. Pic of inside of my build is below. I have a 290 Vapor X and playing Witcher for 20...
  16. D

    CPU fan speed error + Overheating CPU

    So this morning I went to turn on my PC and the pump fans were going full load, I checked the temps and the CPU was up top 100C. I've done nothing I wasn't doing before. Although I recently reinstalled win10, being the only change I've made I'm stumped what the problem is.. after checking...
  17. S

    PCIe and ASRock Z87 Extreme6/ac ?

    Hello, I have ASRock Z87 Extreme6/ac with i7 4770k and I would like to benefit from PCIe SSDs as a boot drive: - Will it work with my mother board? - How is it best to connect it? I have multiple pci-x slots and would rather use on of the smaller ones toward the end of the mobo if it doesn't...
  18. G

    4690K or 6600K or 7600K

    If I buy a 6600K or 7600K its more expensive because I don't have DDR4 on hand while my current G3258 setup has 16 GB of DDR3 and would be about 100 dollars less. I'd need a new motherboard (I want to overclock,) new cpu cooler, new processor and/or new ram. Would the DDR4 setup or the DDR3...
  19. C

    Laptop to TV with HDMI

    So if i play games on my laptop that has a HDMI port on can I hook it up to the TV through HDMI and will the game play on the TV?
  20. L

    Problem With Power Supply

    Hello Recently i've been experiencing a problem with my setup. Here is my build, taken from Speccy: Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1 CPU: Intel Core i5 4690K @ 3.50GHz Haswell 22nm Technology RAM: 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz (10-10-10-30) Motherboard: MSI H97...
  21. O

    built a new computer, having many problems. please clarify

    Justa week ago I built anew computer. while gaming just after a cutscene the screen goes black but the sound keeps on playing normally, it happens both in witcher 3 and gta 5. The case also seems to be somewhat too hot. I am having this problem from day one. my specs are : intel core i5 6600...
  22. TheFluffyDog

    Protecting PCB from Moisture

    I am going to be building a sub ambient cooling system. Its mostly just for fun, as in, I realize the money may be better spent on other components. The thing I need to know is, if anyone recommends a better way, or certain product for keeping moisture off of the PCB. I feel like a moisture...
  23. P

    Frequent Blue Screen

    Hello, my PC has been blue screening quite frequently and I would like to find a solution. Here are my dump files. My specs are Windows 7 64 bit OS, AMD FX-6100 cpu, Sapphire HD 6870 graphics card, and a Gigabyte 990xa-ud3 motherboard. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  24. spiers333

    Case fans cooler master

    hi i was wondering about what fans i should buy for my top exaust and front intake i was thinking of the cooler master SickleFlow or jet flo because they have leds but realized theres alot of bad reviews about the sickleflow would anyone tell me some good fans or should i get jet flo or sickleflo
  25. D

    New GamingRig Slow

    Hey! I just recently purchased a pre-built iBuyPower Gaming tower off of Bestbuy. Ever since getting it, It seems to be running slow in almost everything I do. In simple games I cannot even go to maximal settings. In games like MapleStory it lags and runs slow. Same for Warframe. What bugs me...