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  1. INach

    Question GPU DisplayPort works fine with VGA adapter, but HDMI adapter doesnt work

    My computer has 3 DisplayPorts and 1 HDMI outputs. I normally use 3 monitors, one is VGA only, so I use a VGA to DisplayPort adapter, which works perfectly on all ports I try to connect it. Always good, on all ports. The other 2 monitors are HDTVs that use HDMI, so I connect one directly onto...
  2. SuicidalCookie

    [SOLVED] Monitor resets resolution every time it shuts down or goes to sleep

    Hi there I have a Dell U2913WM, its a ultra wide screen monitor, its proper resolution is x2560 x1080 accept every time i boot it up the monitor starts on 1920x1080. Really annoying changing the resolution every morning. I do have up to date graphics driver for my nvidia 980. my second monitor...
  3. R

    Will my CPU bottleneck my new GPU?

    Hello, i have a question. Will my CPU AMD Phenom II X4 955 bottleneck MSI GTX 970 ? IF yes, what CPU, in the lowest price, should i upgrade? Or is there a good ways, ti overclock CPU? I have one that once, but it got annoying because everytime i restarted my computer its refrshed back to normal...