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  1. Rionmgesz Shamziaks

    Question Enabling WSL/Hyper-V causes vram to change back to 2GB ?

    Today, i wanted to try out wsl. As a linux and windows user, this would be very helpful! But when i enabled it and restarted my pc, i found out in task manager that my ram has changed form 7.4 gb to 5.9 gb. The "5.9 GB of ram" seemed familiar, because when i bought this pc, it originally came...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] Can no longer start WSL-Ubuntu from Windows command line after changing motherboard & CPU ?

    Hi. I had WSL2 set up and working fine with x410, an X server for windows that will connect to the WSL machine and give you an ubuntu desktop. Everything was working great, then I replaced my processor/mobo and it no longer works. The commands recommended to start everything by the x410 makers...