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    Question CPU High Temps suddenly

    Hey guys, Yesterday I turned off Firewall and Anti-Virus (ESET), then Searched the Web and I played SAMP, CPU Temps never exceeded 60c. Today I Started my Computer and I played Mafia 2, While MSI Afterburner alarmed me that CPU Temp even ecceeded 85c! but yesterday CPU Temps never exceeded 60c...
  2. M

    Question Ryzen 5 3600 ridiculous voltage while gaming

    Hey all, SO I put together a new pc a few months ago for mainly CS GO and WoW classic (which a potato can run). Here is the part list; (fyi, some parts like the HDD, SSD, case and PSU were reused from my old build to save money) Anyways, I have updated...
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    Question Ambitious n00b with a grown-up bank account

    Hi all, So I'm getting into this as a hobby (I've decided) and I'm going to start building my own gaming rig that can also act as a media center for different rooms... I got the idea from a piece I read about a multi headed gaming system...
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    [SOLVED] All apps are greyed out after an update (FIXED)

    Hi, after an update, all the windows 10 apps are greyed out, start button, clock, volume don't work, non of the google fixes help...Is there a solution without reinstalling\reseting?
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    Question Why does my power supply make a clicking noise and not power on the PC?

    I do NOT understand. Its been 2 weeks since I have tried posting and the same thing just happened from 2 weeks ago. I had a 450W psu and it made a click noise and didn't power up. I bought a 700W psu, did something to it IDK WHAT but it make my computer run for a few hours. Couldnt do anything...
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    Question Google Pixel 3 XL battery issue

    Having what looks like a battery calibration problem with my Pixel 3 XL (in a potent illustration of why I hate phones that don't have removable batteries and hate more that any and all new phones of consequence are manufactured that way). After a period of heavy usage, the battery saver...
  7. X

    Question What causes my CPU usage going up that high?

    I have an Intel Core i5-8600 3100Mhz 9mb LGA1151 cpu, and when I play Counter Strike 1.6 (yes that old classic CS), my CPU usage goes up to 40-60%, which is ridiculous, nothing else is opened, but the game and Steam. What causes it?
  8. M

    [SOLVED] PC Sounds Like a Jet Engine at Low Temperatures.

    I recently build a mini-itx system cooled by the h100i v2, the fans get rather loud during games which is expected but keep going after i've closed the game. Speedfan shows CPU to be less than 30 degrees, gpu is around 45 and hd0 (im assuming hard disk 0 which is m.2 ssd) is hovering at high...
  9. C

    System Fan Failure

    Hi i have recently installed an NZXT sentry 2 fan controller. This means i had to unplug the fan from my motherboard, and into the fan controller. Everything works perfectly. However whenever i boot up my system i get a message saying system fan failure, press f1 to skip or f2 to go into the...
  10. W

    Blew a fuse in my PSU

    So I was playing some CS:Clamida when all of a sudden I realised that my nzxt hue light strip was sticking out of my case. So I pushed hard on my side panel to get it to close and as I did a loose screw fell into my psu and blew a fuse in my house! I know for sure my psu is dead but I am worried...
  11. G

    PWM hub fan

    I have the "Enthoo Evolv atx tempered glass case," and a "Asus Maximus rog viii hero." My case has 3 pre-installed fans that connect to a hub labeling fan1-6. Fan 1 has a white 3 pin connect, rest of the fans have black 3 pins. Also, a 4 pin that the Manuel says has to be plugged into the Cpu...
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    Using 2x8 Gb in P9x79 WS would cause any problems?

    My MotherBoard is P9X79 WS(Workstation), I have one slot of 8GB and I'm planing to buy other 8GB, would it cause me any problems?
  13. shep611

    computer will not start up unless i press the cases start up button repeatedly

    This problem just started recently and has me concerned that my PSU is a piece of crap ( according to reviews that i have read about the brand that i have ) . let me first tell you what i have in my set up . MOBO is msi 970 gaming ( ms-7693 ) CPU amd fx 8350 vishera Memory g.skill 16 gb 4x4...
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    windows 8 vs 8.1

    which one is best in perfomance?
  15. K

    Cheap gaming pc with future expandability

    Hi im hoping to build a gaming pc in September ik it's a very long time from now but it can't hurt to have a idea of what i want that being a gaming pc around 350£ i think my main focus is future expandability with the pc still being decent being able to run game such as dota csgo maybe even bf4...
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    Best high end am3+, i5 LGA 1150, i7 LGA1550 cpu

    I am currently planning on upgrading my computer. Right now I have a Asus M5A99FX pro r2.0 AM3+ motherboard with an amd fx-4130 that is due for a major upgrade. The motherboard is still completely fine so if I was to go the amd route again I would not be replacing it, and sticking with the am3+...
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    Help Choosing Cheap Pre-Built Desktop/Laptop (Non-Gaming)

    I've been looking for a cheap PC to pick up for my grandmother while these Holiday deals are going on. The one she has now I played on as a kid 10 years ago and would love to buy her something that will be faster and easier to use. Her current PC is just about shot and I was looking at some...
  18. CardboardComputer

    Do I need a heatsink?

    Hi everyone, I'm building my first PC and ordered a CPU cooler with a heatsink and fan. An Amazon customer replied to my question about the motherboard, which was if it had a heatsink. It does not. If I have a CPU heatsink, will I need a separate one on the motherboard?
  19. J

    looking to upgrade

    i feel like i need a new cpu any suggestions i dont mind getting a new motherboard but only have £200 really to spend i would also want a good quiet cpu cooler. specs bellow: Processor: AMD FX 4170 4.2GHz Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Memory: 8GB Kingston DDR3 1333MHz Graphics Card: MSI...
  20. H

    My First build

    Decided to build my own gaming of I've got two builds in mind, which one would be better Or