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  1. J

    Question Why is my monitor suddenly only displaying 60fps?

    So I just got an Hp Omen 15 and everything was going great until suddenly my 144hz monitor that was doing 144fps (on rocket league) suddenly dropped to 60fps for no reason. I realized that when the game was in fullscreen on my 60hz laptop display the frames went to 144 fps no problem (i know...
  2. SpecOpsNick

    Question I never seen this in a RAM before need help.

    I am currently shopping for 32GB of RGB Ram and I have experience in RAM but it's been years since I last took a look at it and I ran into something called DRAM and SDRAM does it matter if I pick anyone one of them for my new gaming rig? Also I ran into RAM that had a ( AMD Only ) I thought RAM...