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    Question ThinkPad X230 keyboard functionality issue

    Hello! I have a ThinkPad X230 23243QC S/N PK0ZY2Z with i5-3320M CPU @ 2.60 GHz – System Board 1ZSSK698FP1 - BIOS G2ETB7W (2.77) everything works fine, except some of the keys don't type the correct letters e.g., when I type 6 on the keyboard it shows 6, when I type 7 – it shows 7 & 8; when I...
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    [SOLVED] thinkpad x230 faulty wifi card, can it randomly shutdown my laptop ?

    I recently accuired a 2nd hand thinkpad x230, on my own i did remove the WWAN card and installed a msata ssd in its place, also replaced the RAM modules from 2x2gb to a 2x 4gb( ram is verified pulled out from another system). OS wise i installed win10pro as the system had its sticker with...