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    Question X264 slow preset vs NVenc (new)

    My specs is: Ryzen 2700 stock cooler 16gb tridentz single channel Zotac RTX 2060 twin fan edition Actually i am streaming games on youtube so initially i was using nvenc but problem. But when i stream Battlefield V or some other heavy game it lags a little bit in game and also in stream games...
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    Toshiba sattelite laptop wont turn back on. No lights

    My toshiba satellite laptop suddenly turned off while I was using it and it wont turn back on. There are no lights at all even charge indicator light. I also tried doing the take battery off hold power button for 30 sec and so on. . . But still no power at all. I was using it while it was...
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    Decrease build price

    Thanks for trying to help me out, My brother was looking to buy a pc and I have this part list for him: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/bX3mBP 1.6k turned out to be a bit much, and ideas on how to decrease the price? Its for editing and gaming. I was think maybe to drop down the gpu to a 1060...
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    How Much of a Difference Does OCing Make?

    Does overclocking really help that much if you already have a decent system? This is the build that I am going to make soon: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Evan_S./saved/30Ke How much will overclocking affect the performance of this build? And also, what are the downsides and negatice...