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    Question How to use "the other 4 DIMM slots" on Asus X299 Prime-A?

    Hi there, I tripped my electric the other day and ever since then i've had a problem with one of the DIMM slots on my board (or maybe it's the CPU, i don't know). The board has 4 light grey and 4 dark grey slots, and as per the manual i've been using the 4 light grey slots up till now, but...
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    Question Second nvme drive not showing when set to raid

    so i previously built a semi new rig and when board is srt to raid mode the second nvme drive is no longer detected. Im aiming to set both drives in raid 0 but this has stopped me from doing so. Pcie raid mode is also enabled for m.2 raid but still same result with only 1 nvme drive detected...
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    Question Bluetooth seems to be blocked by case

    I tried connecting a bluetooth xbox controller to my computer the other day, but I've been having some trouble. I have an Asus X299 Prime edition 30 motherboard, so it has bluetooth and everything on board, but when i tried to connect, I couldn't get the controller to appear in the connection...
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    [SOLVED] Intel Optane Support After Gigabyte F9o Update

    In prepping for a CPU upgrade, I noticed there was a new BIOS available for the X299 Gaming 7 but see a note that states, "No support for Intel Optane when new CPU is installed". I'm currently running a 7900X and was interested in upgrading to Cascade Lake-X when it releases but my OS drive is...
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    Question New 9980XE won't boot

    Hi guys, so I sold a fresh off the factory unopened 9980XE to some dude on ebay. I got a message this morning that the build doesn't work for him. Things he's tried: "Since Wednesday I have purchased 4 different motherboards and I have not been able to get this CPU to POST. I purchased an i7...
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    I can't get rid of the Avast popup trying to sell me upgrades

    I am having trouble getting rid of the Avast popup window that is trying to sell me upgrades. There isn't an X to click, I can only minimize it. I've tried to exit out of my browser & that didn't help, it's still there. I don't want to reboot/shutdown because my hard drive is slowly dying &...