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  1. F

    Question B450 Tomahawk or X370 Gaming Pro?

    Where I live the 2nd gen Ryzen motherboards increased in price by a lot compared to the previous B350. Because of this and a considerable drop in price of X370 motherboards it's actually more expensive to buy lower end B450's than a full size X370 motherboard. Right now the X370 Gaming Pro is...
  2. beefycactusyt

    [SOLVED] MSI x370 Gaming PRo Outdated BIOS, or DOA?

    Hi, I've bought a Ryzen 1600x to go along with my MSI Motherboard, but im pretty sure the firmware is older than what supports my cpu. Whats the best way to update the BIOS? Which Cpu could i borrow to guarantee compatibility? Thanks! Note: GPU and PSU confirmed working in other pc. also, only...