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    [SOLVED] Dual X5660 no post

    Hello, I have two X5660s and a Tyan s7012. I had some issues getting it to post but was able to get it to post with a single X5660 installed. When I install the second, the system fails to post. I have updated the bios to the most recent revision. A green light blinks near the second cpu...
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    What does solved means

    Hi I was wondering what does yay!!! solved with a number means? i was mining an a coin and a had a few of them that had yay!!! solved.
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    Which brand of GTX 1060/RX 480 should I buy?

    So the time has come to upgrade my r9 270x to new new card, a card that could push games at maximum 1080p detail levels with lesser demanding games at higher resolutions. I've done my research and I'm stuck between the 6GB GTX 1060 or the 8GB RX480. Problem is, my main desktop is a solid black...
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    Is it worth it to completely switch to an SSD from a HDD?

    I've been using a Toshiba 1TB HDD for a year and a half now and only used up to about 400 GB. Now, Windows 10 takes forever to load which in this case is 6 minutes. And noises were heard even if I am 3 meters away. I heard that SSDs are much quicker and make no sound at all so I might get a 480...
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    ASUS 980Ti Strix vs Zotac 980ti AMP Extreme vs Gigabyte 980Ti G1

    So im building a pc and thought of getting a Titan X, but i figured that saving up 300$ for a couple of fps is a better thing to do. Now im choosing out of one of these 3. Somebody please explain me which one should I use and WHY!? [im running a i7 4790k but maybe i change my mind and put up 5820k]