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  1. Ugijago

    [SOLVED] is it safe to overclock with auto voltage?

    hello i overclock xeon x5670 to 3.9 with auto voltage (1.264 - 1.272) is it safe? will it destroy my motherboard? temperature max testing with cpu burn less than 75(70-75)
  2. A

    [SOLVED] RX570 with a Xeon X5670

    I have an old Dell T3500 which has been really good so far. I was hoping to upgrade the GPU. Currently, I'm using RX460 on this system and was wondering if getting an RX570 was a good idea. I was worried about the processor causing a bottleneck with the RX570. I've seen a lot of people running...
  3. G

    What does solved means

    Hi I was wondering what does yay!!! solved with a number means? i was mining an a coin and a had a few of them that had yay!!! solved.