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  1. Athzalar

    [SOLVED] Upgraded CPU, system not working

    Hi all I am upgrading a system for a friend, from a Ryzen 3 3200g to a Ryzen 5 5600x on an AsRock x570m Pro4 motherboard. Initially I just stuck the new CPU in and tried bios flashing the required update to no avail (computer would start and then turn off after 10s, fans etc. all working...
  2. A

    Question Asrock Creator X570 board Secure Boot

    Greetings, As many others have seen the Windows 11 requirements, I am trying to set up my secure boot on my Asrock Creator X570 board with a Ryzen AMD CPU. On the board itself I have an m.2 drive in the slot and then my backup (mostly games) drive is an older Samsung SSD. When I am in the...
  3. Philbeck

    Question BSOD PFN_REFERENCE_COUNT FIX? (0x0000001c)

    Hello everyone. I recently built a new PC that has been running into seemingly random unpredictable stop code errors including "PFN_REFERENCE_COUNT" mainly, but also "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA". I have not received the Page Fault error since swapping RAM, which I assumed would fix the crashing...
  4. Bilders

    Question New Tomahawk X570 not posting with new Ryzen 5600X - hope this helps people

    Hey all, just posting this to try and help some people as it's a unique issue I've had. Quick note: I have one more step to try, which is trying a Ryzen 3600 CPU that I have - to isolate this issue to the CPU or Motherboard. Trying to boot a Ryzen 5600X with an MSI Tomahawk X570 motherboard...
  5. kioharumi

    [SOLVED] Restarting PC causes it to freeze at BIOS logo screen, but booting from shutdown works fine ?

    Issue: restarting causing freeze & stuck at bios logo, but shutdown boot fine without issue. Only restart. My video showing problem : View: https://youtu.be/0IcN1Uf9S1s This is a strange issue. Restarting will cause a problem, it stuck at a0 error at logo bios & there's green led light...
  6. T

    Question Dual Channel issues on ASUS X570 plus (AMD)

    Computer was running perfectly fine. Turned it off one day when I went to bed, woke up the next day and it wouldn't post. DRAM light showing on motherboard. I assumed it was either CPU or Ram issue with seating so I reseated both and made sure no bent/missing/dirty pins on CPU. Also reseated all...
  7. A

    Question Is a Cx 650 enough for a RTX 3070 ti + x570 mobo?

    Hello, guys! I hope you're all alright and safe. I'm willing to upgrade some of my stuff. Currently, I have a Ryzen 5 2600, A b350 Gaming 3, GTX 1080, 2 SATA SSDs, and 2 HDDs plus 32 GBS ram (it was a gift, lol). Everything is powered by a Cx650. I'm about to get a new card. I'm willing to go...
  8. M

    Build Advice First gaming PC !

    Hi kind readers, I have been carefully creating my first gaming pc that should hopefully last me a good few years. Will most likely play games like Call of Duty Warzone, Rust and maybe New World. I have already acquired some parts from one of my good buddies: I was hoping to upgrade it with...
  9. D

    Question Asus Dark Hero x570/Ryzen 5900x nightmare 2nd build

    Since upgrading to the Asus Dark Hero x570 and Ryzen 5900x I have had nothing but issues and the computer is pretty much unusable from temp issues to USB disconnection issues. Initially I have having an issue where the CPU temps where unreasonably high. Idle was 60c from cold boot, then when I...
  10. P

    Question Question regarding RAM speeds on 3rd and 5th gen Ryzen

    Hello! Recently a friend of mine has been experiencing crashes on his pc, during certain tasks. His most notable and trackable one was a CoD Cold War crash which pointed him to memory errors. Running memtest86, he got 900+ errors on his Corsair Vengeance RGB 3600MHz kit (4x8GB). He's also...
  11. E

    Question New CPU Install Error????

    Hi, just turned on my computer and I get this screen. I have no idea what this is and says that I installed a new cpu and the motherboard got corrupted or something? First of all, I did not install a new cpu. I have this build for the last couple months no problem. I have not touched anything in...
  12. D

    Question VERY high temps --- Asus Dark Hero X570 & Ryzen 5900X ?

    Hello friends. I am currently rocking an ASUS Dark Hero X570 and a Ryzen 5900x (rest of build specs below). When I built this I had an issue with CPU temps due to the cpu getting 1.4v at all times, causing 60c+ at idle, and the moment I turned on a game it would shoot to 80c+ and get...
  13. D

    Question Problems with DOCP TUF X570 + 3600x + G.Skill 3600.

    Hi guys, how are you. I'll leave my configuration right here and below related to my problem: Here is my current configuration: "Mobo Asus TUF X570" + "Ryzen 3600x" + "2x 8GB G.Skill 3600 Trident NEO" + "GPU RX 6700XT Sapphire Nitro +" + "PSU EVGA 750BQ" + WC Corsair H100i V2. The problem is...
  14. H

    [SOLVED] Can I fit 2x 3090s on this Mobo?

    I'm thinking of upgrade my pc this year for 3d rendering and probaly use 2x 3090s but I need to know if its possible to fit those in this motherboard, I won't benefit from faster pcie, so not a problem to run on x4 or x8. Also my case is Lian Li Lancool Mesh 2 Performance. Also, is a BeQuiet...
  15. B

    Question Asus Prime x570-Pro good enough for Ryzen 5950x?

    Will the Asus Prime x570-Pro motherboard be good enough to handle the Ryzen 5950x? I am planning to use up to the max boost clock of 4.9 Ghz most of the time and this motherboard has 12+2 VRM. Not sure what the VRMs mean exactly, but I heard the higher the number the better it can handle...
  16. geckovic02

    [SOLVED] Will it throttle? MSI X570 A PRO /w Ryzen 9 3900x/Ryzen 7 5800x

    Hi! So yeah... My old B450 motherboard gave up and I really needed the PC so I quickly bought a x570 board that fitted my connectivity requirement... And that's how I got the Msi X570 A Pro. Anyways, since I have a x570 board now, why not upgrading to a better CPU: Currently I'm running a...
  17. helper800

    Discussion x570s vs x570 Dark Hero - What are the expected differences, and added functionality if any?

    Just as the title suggests, what would the difference be between the ASUS x570 Dark Hero motherboard and the expected x570s motherboards that are coming out with passively cooled chipsets? As far as I am aware this is the only confirmed benefit of the upcoming AM4 based x570s motherboards, are...
  18. B

    Question Ryzen Temp Spikes on New Motherboard

    I recently upgraded my motherboard from Asus Prime x570-P to Gigabyte Aorus x570 Master or my Ryzen 3950x. I have been having issues with CPU temp spikes. It would run at around 32 deg C on idle, but frequently spikes to as high as 58 deg C, especially when I perform non-intensive tasks such as...
  19. JonKalas

    Question X570 steel legend and ryzen 5600x

    Hello! I have an x570 steel legend mobo with 2.6 bios and I wanted to flash newer bios version so my 5600x could run so I used a ryzen 1200 cpu to acces bios and I successfully updated them to version 3.7 via usb. But when I swapped to 5600x my pc is stuck at a boot loop...cant acces bios and I...
  20. M

    Question One M.2 Drive Disconnects on High Load

    Hello, I have a STRANGE issue, im on MSI x570 Creation board with latest bios update. the mobo has two m.2 slots, both have Identical SSD's installed Corsair MP510 2tb. When I do high load write operation on each SSD Separately [one works, second idles] they work fine. BUT when I do the same...
  21. Joeyobeee

    Question RyzenMaster question for anyone that can help?

    Hey guys - hoping someone can help. TLDR I have a 5800x on a 360mm AIO, should be nice and call. Thing is, idle temps are about 40 degrees C or so on idle - normally. However, anytime I run Ryzen Master, that drops to 25 - 30 degrees C instead. Does anyone have any ideas why this might be...
  22. NoLongerHuman

    [SOLVED] Need to set my RAM speeds and timings right, I am new to this

    So I’m in the MSI BIOS on my MEG ACE X570 and I need to figure out how to put the timings in right because it doesn’t look straight forward to me at all but then again I’ve never done this before. Before you ask I am not able to use XMP because the CPU (5900x) does not support the speeds for...
  23. M

    Question Intel660p not detected on Asrock X570 ITX

    Hello & thank you in advance for any help. I've recently built my 4th PC, which is intended to be a lightweight ITX build for music production. I've elected to use just one drive, which is the Intel660p 512gb M2. When I boot, my X570 ITX UEFI can't seem to recognise the drive. If I boot...
  24. JamieMan21

    Question Asrock x570 steel legend BIOS Flashback???

    Hello Everyone, This is my first amd build and have never had any issues before with a PC build but can't seem to get the pc to post. As I have eliminated all parts to be working fine apart and are compatible with this motherboard I can't get it to post. I belive it comes down to the BIOS...
  25. Chef Joh

    Question Samsung 970 pro does not boot.

    First of all, I know there are similar threads, but I'm unable to find a solution even after checking every single post. PC specs: MB: Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite Ram 16GB G.Skill Storage: Adata Sata SSD 2.5 Samsung 970 Pro m.2 (brand new from today) OS: Win 10 pro x64 What is happening is the...
  26. M

    Question Black screen in game: have to cut the power off

    Troubleshooting: My computer crash when I play but never during benchmarks. The problem occurs randomly: sometimes on the main menu, sometimes after 1 minute of play, sometimes after 3 hours of play, ... I got a black screen and the fans are running at full power until I turn off the power...
  27. A

    [SOLVED] M2 PCIe 3.0 x4 support X570 MOBO

    Hi , Im planning to buy the MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS mobo . I will also use the ryzen 3600 cpu with it and a Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSD 500GB . But my concern is i noticed on the msi website in its combability section its says nothing about supporting ryzen 3rd gen cpus with M2 PCIe 3.0 x4...
  28. Callum Emery

    Question Can't set RAM speed higher than 2133MHz - X570, Ryzen 5000

    I hope someone can help me out. I just upgraded to a Ryzen 7 5800x + Crosshair VIII Dark Hero from an i7 7700k + Strix Z270F. I am unable to even get into Windows at any memory clock higher than 2133MHz, at 2400MHz the login screen may load but my PC will crash immediately after typing my...
  29. [SOLVED] How to set 2 SSD in Asus HYPER M.2 X16 CARD V2

    Hey guys, Today I would like to ask you how to configure the NVMe adapter from Asus. I had earlier a B550 which had 3 NVMe slots but once I switched to X570, I had to find a solution to mount an additional 2 NVMe in one adapter (earlier had 1 additional PCIe NVMe adapter). My current config...
  30. S

    [SOLVED] No signal coming from computer after M.2 switch (and same after switching back)

    Hi, I purchased an EVO 970 Plus 1TB to replace an EVO 970 Plus 500GB. As system drive, to make a fresh Windows install. My computer has been working fine for 1 year, no issues. Today I open my case, make the switch (unplugged power, removed and put cmos battery again). I have 4 other hard...
  31. N

    [SOLVED] Installing multple m.2 drives

    Hello, I want to have 3 or more m.2 drives installed into my pc, but I only have 2 m.2 ports on my motherboard(ASUS rog crosshair 8, with a 5900x). I will use this pc for gaming and would like mass storage for games and multimedia recording my gameplay. I would like to purchase a 'ASUS hyper...
  32. A

    [SOLVED] Temperature warning not working in Aorus X570 Elite

    Hello, I've set a warning in my BIOS, in the Speed Fan 5 section to warn me when CPU temperature reached 80°C. Is it supposed to display something or emit some kind of sound ? Because I've launched Cinebench and temperature went beyond 80°C and still no alert message received. Did I miss something ?
  33. A

    [SOLVED] ASrock Taichi X570 power issues

    Hi Folks I am building a new system with the following config: AMD Ryzen 5600x ASROCK Taichi x570 Crucial Ballistix RGB 3600 MHz DDR4 DRAM - 32GB Corsair MP600 512 GB SSD WD Black 750 1TB SSD Gigabyte 3060TI Gaming OC graphics card Lian li Galahad 360 AIO Corsair RM650 PSU Except for the PSU...
  34. V

    [SOLVED] How to power more fans than the motherboard supports?

    Hello! For my build, I am going to be getting the Gigabyte Aorus x570 Elite It has 4 fan headers: CPU_FAN CPU_OPT SYS_FAN1 SYS_FAN2 I will be using a Corsair 4000D AirFlow case, which comes with 2 of the Corsair AirGuide 120mm Fans. I am also using Noctua NH-D15 82.5 CFM CPU Cooler, and 2 of the...
  35. ReneLee121

    [SOLVED] the RAM is giving me half the speed in the BIOS

    I bought 4 DDR4 4000mhz RAM's with profile X.M.P. 2 and when I activate the profile and set the level to 3 the memory still shows me 2139.39 in the bios. my motherboard is a Gigabyte Aorus X570 PRO and my processor is an AMD Ryzen 7 3800X.
  36. J

    [SOLVED] Best high-end Mobos

    Will any of the high-end motherboards models of the x570 or b550 last longer than the others at 4k gaming? I'm talking about even short amounts of time.
  37. B

    [SOLVED] What mobo is better?

    What mobo is better: the mpg x570 gaming plus or the b550-a pro? For cpu i would take a R7 3700x.
  38. mrb96

    [SOLVED] Help to choose mainboard and ram

    Hi. My friend wants to buy a pc for work and asks me to help her. I chose AMD Ryzen 5600X and Radeon 6800XT (if she can find one of course). But I can't decide about mainboard and ram. She use this pc for rendering with Lumion, 3ds max and maybe Unreal engine in future, but most often works with...
  39. IvanLookThatKill

    Question USB C asking for more power than the port can deliver

    I upgraded my ryzen 5 1600 to a R5 5600x with an ASUS x570-E and phanteks Evolv X as a case, but i cant get the front usb c port to work, if i plug it while the pc is on the message above appears, but if I plug it and then turn it on the motherboard's rgb lights turn off and it doesn't boot, is...
  40. D

    [SOLVED] worth upgrading cpu

    hi i currently have a ryzen 5 2600x and i am thinking about upgrading to a ryzen 5 3600x and swapping out my motherboard to a better one i currently have a aorus elite b450 and i am looking at a x570 mpg gaming pro carbon is it worth it for me to upgrade processors and boards if you need any...