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  1. Toad Rangler

    Question Overclock suddenly not working in windows

    Hi So i have an x5675 in an msi big bang xpower motherboard, it has been overclocked from when i first bought it over 2 years ago It has been at 4.5ghz (180mhz bclock) for at least 6 months When i booted it up today cpuz, aida64 cpuid, and hwmonitor all said the cpus base clock was 133 and the...
  2. Ugijago

    Question is it safe to overclock with auto voltage?

    hello i overclock xeon x5670 to 3.9 with auto voltage (1.264 - 1.272) is it safe? will it destroy my motherboard? temperature max testing with cpu burn less than 75(70-75)
  3. D

    Question Overclock issue Xeon W3670 on ASUS P6T SE

    Im in need of help. So I bought a W3670 xeon to replace my i7920, crossed my fingers and hoped all would go well. Made sure BIOS was the most recent (from 2010 lol) the works. So got it to boot and work fine, overclocked it to a stable 4.2ghz with ease, keeping de cpu volt just slightly above...
  4. [SOLVED] How to attach a fan to heatsink on Dell Precision T3500?

    Hello modding community, I have a Dell Precision T3500 with a Xeon X5650 and the lower end aluminium heat sink without the copper heat pipes. My CPU is running hot and I will change the thermal paste however I have a Arctic F8 80mm fan on the back which does nothing to lower the temps of the...
  5. Javi7707

    Question Chipset overheating

    I have a new Huananzhy x58 rx3.0 motherboard, and it's chipset it's overheating so bad it causes the pc to restart in some cases, the board it's paired with a x5650 cpu. I don't know the temperature of the chipset but I can't even touch it after having the PC on for 3 mins so it it's really...
  6. Heskeli

    Question MSI X58 CPU Voltages

    Hello! I just recently put together a rather old but still functioning desktop for 1366 Socket with motherboard of MSI X58 Pro-E and Intel Xeon E5620 2,40Ghz. From the Google and Youtube I found a lot of info that this CPU is capable to "good" overclocking and I really would like to do that...
  7. Omakebon

    Question Upgrades: w3530 to x5675 using the same board

    Hi, this is my first time dabbling on an x58/1366 platform. A friend recently upgraded his set up from a w3530 to a Ryzen and gave me the old one; I am using it now as of the moment. I'am planning to do a litte bit of an upgrade as to change the CPU to an x5675 which can be bought for a...
  8. P

    Question P6X58D-E 1600MHz XMP profile won't boot

    So, i have a Xeon x5670 @ 4.3GHz and 3x8GB of the Corsair CML8GX3M1A1600C10 in tripple channel configuration and when i tried enabling the XMP profile inside the bios. It wont even post after that so i cleared my cmos and got my settings back to my OC setting. The Ram should work at 1600Mhz...
  9. Zdos123

    [SOLVED] X58 with Xeon L5630

    I have an asus p6t se and i was wondering if people know if i can get it working with a xeon l5630, i have seen this motherboard being used with xeon successfully, any thoughts.
  10. ahalibut

    Question GTX 1000, RTX 2000 cards don't work past BIOS on X58 Sabertooth

    Almost threw this in the motherboard thread (possible BIOS issue), or the Win10 thread (possible driver issue), but here we are. I am upgrading my X58 based battleship for the last time with some on-hand parts. It had been running 2 GTX 980s in SLI for almost 3 years and I wanted one last GPU...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] Go to X79 or stay X58

    So i currently have a X58 chipset with an X5650 @ 4.6ghz, I can get it to 5ghz plus but it thermal throttles so my question is should i upgrade my Gigabyte G1 sniper X58 board to a X79 board and cpu or should i keep the X58 and get a better cooler to get it to 5ghz + i have been debating it for...
  12. A

    Replacement Inwin Case Parts

    Hey all. I bought a computer from someone earlier this week and didn't realize that the case was missing some stuff. As stated above, it's an Inwin 303 that's missing both of its feet as well as its under mounted dust filter. I can't seem to find anywhere to buy this stuff. Any suggestions...
  13. M

    How to check PCI-E slot

    Hello how can I check which PCI-E slot I have in my motherboard . It supports ddr2 memory..
  14. G

    Computer unusably slow after reset

    I reset my pc to get a fresh clean start. Everything seemed to go smooth until i noticed to took abnormally long to login. i got to my desktop, then it flashed back to logging in for a couple seconds, then right back to the desktop. for some reason i’m getting about 1 fps on my desktop and...
  15. M

    intel hd graphics dedicated memory

    Hi, i increased the "dedicated graphics memory" of my display adapter which os intel hd graphics 520 to 4096 mb will this harm my laptop or the intel card ? i have dell inspiron 5559 8 gb ram intel core i5 6600U amd radeon r5 m335 2gb notice : i played fifa 2017 on my intel after i've...
  16. Lynx_1

    Will two 2400MHZ DDR4 RAM would both work on 2133HMZ support motherboard?

    I have an Msi H110m PRO VD PLUS and got along with two Kingston HyperX 4GB 2400MHZ RAM. Will both RAM work to get 8GB out of it considering my mobo is locked to 2133MHZ?
  17. A

    Seagate BUP 1TB won't read

    I have a Seagate BUP Slim 1TB. It won't recognize it as an external hd. On Hardware management it shows as undetermined or something. I tried plugging it into different ports. I tried other machines and it is recognized on other machines -- even on the USB hub it has. Both machines are Windows...
  18. C

    PC underperforming help

    Hello, I bought a new PC few months ago and since I bought it I feel like it is kind of underperforming. It is not too bad, but I feel like it should do a lot better. For example currently I am playing borderlands pre sequel on all settings set to high/ultra besides PhysX which are set to low...
  19. Cyrus3v

    MSI Radeon R9 270X idle temperature 45

    As you can see from the title I have a msi radeon r9 270x and I am having some issues with the temps. When is idle, and idle for me is like just having a browser opened the temperature is around 45C. Now, let me open 3ds max and open a simple scene temps rise to 53C and starts to raise...
  20. Q

    Geovision Capture Card

    I need the download link for the software for the Geovision GV-1240B. I am using bnc connected cameras. It is a legitimate card, not a chinese knockoff