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  1. xenthia

    [SOLVED] Having problem with Audio and ACPI (power) drivers

    Hi there everyone, I hope you are all seeing this post in wellness and health. A few days ago I decided to update my Windows 10 x64 machine (laptop). I was a tiny bit worried about malware infections so I asked a friend of mine if anything could help me with the situation. One thing led to...
  2. MrBearIsHere

    Question Got a BSOD while playing normal video in discord

    So I just normally open a video in discord. The first time it's fine, but when I replay, my pc just BSOD.....sometime I'll get this bsod randomly while doing general stuff....this is my system Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (3.00 GHz) Micro Star (MSI) OEM Motherboard for Acer Aspire M1641 Gigabyte...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] windows update error perpetually [KB4549951 - Error 0x800f0982] [KB4550945 - Error 0x800f0988]

    so for me there are 2 pending updates KB4549951 - Error 0x800f0982 KB4550945 - Error 0x800f0988 i have everything on this post - https://www.howtoedge.com/fix-update-error-0x800f0982-on-windows-10/ what are my options other than an in place upgrade? an what settings reset/files are lost...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] New mobo, CPU unstable/overheating

    Setup: CPU - AMD Ryzan 7 1800x CPU cooler - Corsair H100 I v2 MOBO - Gigabyte GA-AX370-k5 --> now to current installed MSI x470 pro carbon VID card - Asus Rog gtx 1080 - A8G - gaming 8GB Ram - Corsair vengeance LPX 16gb 2x8 sticks DDR4 PSU - RAM'd a Corsair RM650x and went up to a EVGA...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] bad mobo?

    ok someone help I'm stumped. friend gave me his old pc, has amd fx6300 cpu, asus gtx750TI gpu, 4 sticks of ddr3 ripjaw 4g RAM, and a MSI 970A-G43 mobo.. my problem is I cant get an input signal on my monitor. all in all ive checked the graphics card in my PC works fine. ive put my graphics card...
  6. Z


    I used driver booster and i dont know what it did but when it was done my sound is really distorted and just bad all around i tryed to rollback my realtek sound driver and that didnt work i dont know what it changed
  7. Darren93


    I recently bought a nighthawk ac1750 router, when I try to set it up it says Ethernet cables not connected but my modem only has one Ethernet port and I'm using that to connect to my router and my dsl is going into my routers Ethernet port, what am I doing wrong?
  8. F

    Question What's making me lose frames?

    So this has been an issue especially, i think it may have been since i added a third monitor, but my frames drop immensley without changing settings, yet i still get like 40fps on Siege, I found out that every time i drop frames, my entire CPU (all six cores) are working 100%. The only thungs i...
  9. Jason433

    Question Need help badly

    If I get a new mother board and cpu do I need to do anything to the hdd and ssd or just leave as is ?
  10. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Should I get the RTX 2060 or GTX 1660 Ti?

    I plan to do gaming at 1080p @ 60HZ with high to medium settings. I might upgrade to 1440p @ 60 or 144HZ later on. I don’t really care about ray tracing. What do you think I should get? Thanks!
  11. B

    Question Cant restart..

    So i think its the windows error that if I press restart, my pc cant find any boot device. If I shutdown then open it, it will boot to windows 10. Ive checked the bios, i put boot order 1 to AHCI P0 KINGSTON SVBLABLABLA(my ssd), and disable the other when I shutdown my pc. But when I restart and...
  12. J

    What happens if you leave a computer running programs for a long time

    I've been having this discussion with a friend about if it is bad for the computer to leave on for a long period of time. I did a bunch of searches but the results are all over the place and some are from pretty old resources. The reason it came up is my friends computer is barely running now...
  13. L

    [SOLVED] Dell Optiplex 7010

    Can I use the I5 2400 cpu on the Dell 7010?
  14. A

    Suggestions on My First Pc Build

    https://in.pcpartpicker.com/list/r4Y9vn I just need a confirmation if these components I chose are compatible or good in the price range. Are there any better options that I can go for ? Any good Case suggestions would be much appreciated. Also is it okay if I go with the stock cooler ? Can I...
  15. H

    [SOLVED] 8700K Bottleneck 2080?

    Planning on upgrading for Xmas and was wondering if the 8700K will bottleneck the RTX 2080 I’m new to this and for those wondering I plan on playing shooters (Fortnite, Overwatch, etc) at their competitive settings, while playing other games at high/ultra preferably. Also with upgrading, I do...
  16. K

    Will sleeved cable touching back of mobo damage components?

    Hey everyone. I’m replacing my motherboard for my new build, and I was routing my cables through the back of my case this morning to make things easier when the mobo comes. One of the black sleeved cables would be touching the back of my mobo from behind the opening in the back of the case. -...
  17. T

    X470 Aorus Gaming 7 With Wifi

    Can a motherboard carry a "temporary" residual electrical current after it has been turned off, which does not immediately dissipate, but takes approx 30 seconds to leave the motherboard?
  18. I

    [SOLVED] CPU Running Hot

    So I built my first pc about 4 months back and I recently checked the temps of all my specs for the first time, and my CPU is running really hot compared to the rest. My CPU sits around 85c but hits up to 95c while everything else is in the 40-50 range. I have a Ryzen 5 2600x with wraith cooler...
  19. I

    GTA V Lagging For No Reason

    Hi there. I've been playing GTA V for a few days now, I got a new GPU and I couldn't run it before. I turned my PC off last night, everything was on Ultra settings running at 40-60 FPS. I woke up this morning, got on and the frames were so choppy and the game was freezeing, it wasn't playable...
  20. B

    My pioneer radio won't work while my stock radio works

    I have 2 dual radios and 1 pioneer radio that all work in other cars but not my truck but my stock radio still works
  21. A

    ryzen 5 2400g

    can ryzen 5 2400g vega 11 run lumion . can i render on lumion by using vega 11 . witout extra gpu
  22. J

    what ram do i need?

    hey, i need to know what kind of ram i can use with the ryzen 1600 and msi b350m gaming plus, I've always dealt with intel and is my first time with AMD. i was looking at 3000 mhz viper 4 series 8 GB ram can this work, thanks
  23. J

    Comment on my dual PC build.

    Hello, I would like the forum to comment on my dual PC gaming/streaming rig on how I can improve it. I want to be able to stream 1080p or higher with 60fps. Games that I am planning to stream are games such as CSGO, Fortnite, Dead by Daylight, The Forest and League of Legends. Gaming PC Specs...
  24. A

    Should I buy a new CPU?

    My current cpu is I core 5 6600k , and I can't run assassin creed ultra on 60fps ( 1080P ) should I upgrade it to 8700k?
  25. G

    what cable would i need for 1440p at 144hz?

    I believe HDMI is good for 1080p but there are better options for higher res and refresh rates. Is the dual link DVI better or displayport?
  26. J

    VGA to DB9 to RS232, will this work?

    Hello, I need to add a serial port and I don't have 10 pin IDC in my motherboard, USB to RS232 is not working properly so its not an option here. Will VGA to DB9 cable work? Something similar to this for example...
  27. K

    Spot inside monitor?

    Hello, Recently I noticed this long spot on my screen. I tried cleaning it but it doesn't go away. Seems like it's in the screen but I don't know what it is. Is there a way to remove this? Or do I have to replace it. The screen is only a year and a couple months old. Here is a picture of it...
  28. I

    Bios start Problem help

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4miyeX5G7A bios problem help
  29. P

    Asus Z270F + Cloud II mic issues

    Basically my headsets (Cloud 2) microphone sounds muffled on my "new" build PC. I have tried it on my laptop and it works perfectly. So my conclusion is that it is an issue with the motherboard. Both running Windows 10 Home. Some things i have already done: - Downloaded & installed Realtek...
  30. T

    Fortnite stuttering and screen tearing heavily.

    So I have a Pc I built this year, and these are the specs Ryzen 5 1600 8 gb ddr4 ram gtx 1060 6gb msi msi x370 gaming plus mobo 1TB HDD Acer predator monitor 144hz 1080p AOC monitor 60hz 1080p Windows 10 64 bit I tried practically every method people posted on forums, and none of them did...
  31. M

    Budget Build Opinions needed

    Hey, not really an issue but more after an opinion on my budget build? Link to parts picker https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/pyZGV6 First ever build and relatively new to PC gaming. Looking to overclock my CPU slightly and will upgrade my GPU to the 1060 next year! any responses would be...
  32. K

    Is my motherboard broken?

    My pc auto starts when i plug in the power cable and cant be turned off with the off button. The mouse and keyboard that are plugged into the mobo dont work either but the leds and fans are all on except the front panel leds on the case Is my motherboard broken or something? All i get is no...
  33. devayyy24

    470 Dolar Gtx 1080 vs 840 Dolar Rtx 2080

    470 Dolar Gtx 1080 https://amzn.to/2MwUb9y 840 Dolar Rtx 2080 https://amzn.to/2xfuswK I think the GTX 1080 makes sense because it is very cheap. Which one is better for you?
  34. J

    Tried the F8 command on my Toshiba Satellite laptop ro do factory reset but it doesnt work, help !!!!!

    Been trying to do a factory reset on my Toshiba Satellite with windows 7 by following your instruction about using F8 but i dont get the command, any advice?????
  35. M

    Pc doesn’t give power to keyboard mouse monitor

    I had this problem for a really long time now it went a way for a while and now it looks really dead all components works fine etc but it doesn’t give power I went to a pc store and they didn’t know what to do I don’t have warranty any more so I am screwed
  36. R

    G4560 vs G5400 build

    I finally came to my final conclusion for the best outcome from my $350-355 budget gaming PC build. But in the end, I'm still dilemmatic between these two final builds: 1st Build: Pentium G4560 @$49 ASrock B150M Pro 4 @27 (Used, good condition, warranty on) 8GB DDR4 @47 Sapphire RX 560 2GB @87...
  37. C

    help new ssd

    Just purchased a new ssd Samsung 970 EVO. I've spent the last 4 hours trying to figure out how to install just the OS (Windows 10) for just a boot drive and maybe some other programs. I did watch Linus youtube video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMo8krAJd5Q&t=218s ) and im not even sure if i...
  38. O

    Transfer Everything to a New User

    I changed the username on my PC a while ago. In some instance, it will display the current user name in the windows explorer bar, other times it will display the old name. From what I've gathered, this will occur unless I move to a new user profile entirely. Is there a way to transfer...
  39. M

    SSD (new) won’t boot after fresh install of Windows 10, what now?

    My SSD is first boot priority, and yes it’s SATA 0 and no there’s nothing wrong with the SSD. Said Windows won’t boot. I also have UEFI enabled and hot plug enabled etc. My specs: -Gigabyte: GA-Z170X Gaming 5- rev (1.1) BIOS 22F (latest) -Samsung 860 EVO 250 GB -Intel core i5 7600K Thanks...
  40. J

    Zowie EC2-A maxed out at 500hz

    Hello! I recently just reset my PC and for some reason my mouse is maxed out at 500hz. Normally you can hold down a specific button while plugging it in (125, 500, 1000) and 125 and 500hz are working but the 1000hz one is not. I also tried using the hidusbf program to change it to 1000hz but it...