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    Question SATA ports not recognizing any disks at all.

    Hey there. first time poster here. I recently bought an ssd and two 3tb hdd's to replace my two older 500gb and 1tb hdd's. Well I plugged the new drives into the extra sata ports and they never show up into device manager, disk manager and not even in bios. I eventually got the ssd to recognize...
  2. [SOLVED] i7 3820 overclock on sabertooth x79 unstable. Need help!

    Hello! I applied an overclock of 4.6GHz on my i7 3820 using a guide I found online(links to guides below) however occasionally I have been having issues with stability. This would happen in the middle of gaming where the game would freeze and a BSOD with the error "Stop:Clock_watchdog_timeout"...
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    Question Go to X79 or stay X58

    So i currently have a X58 chipset with an X5650 @ 4.6ghz, I can get it to 5ghz plus but it thermal throttles so my question is should i upgrade my Gigabyte G1 sniper X58 board to a X79 board and cpu or should i keep the X58 and get a better cooler to get it to 5ghz + i have been debating it for...
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    Msi motherboard cpu

    I have two msi mobos, both of them don’t recognise the cpu so don’t boot, the cpu debug light comes on. I’ve tested the cpu and all other components and they work fine, seems to just be my two msi mobos, one is a b350 tomahawk and the other is a b350 krait gaming. The motherboard I used to test...
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    Can somebody help me about building PC

    So i decided to buy i5 8400 and gigabyte auros gtx 1060 6GB.And idk which motherboard to buy and whats the diffrence between the expensive one and the cheap motherboards and what gigabyte motherboard do you suggest for 1060 6gb
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    Custom Built Computer Randomly Freezing/Crashing

    I have been having this problem for 3 months. After a certain amount of time mostly in desktop I encounter a freeze which forces me to reset the system. After I reset the problem will happen a little faster than before, until it freezes after signing in. Problem areas are desktop, online...
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    how can I turn off password protected login for dell inspiron 17 5000 series? Thanks; it's a pain

    When turn computer off, won't let me access it again until I enter password. Says it's "password protected" Don't want or need this. How can I get it to turn on and just let me in?
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    Need recommendation of PSU for my RIG

    my specs CPU: R7 1700 RAM : 16GB DDR4 motherboard : B350 GPU: Strix R9-390X Casing : segotep K7 CPU cooler : ID cooling 240L Hardisk : SSD x1 + HDD x1 I want to ask that what is the most suitable wattage n grade of power supply for my current spec because right now i just using the old psu...
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    Microstutter NVIDIA Gaming (Solved)

    I'm having serious microstuttering problems making all my games unplayable. This just started happening last week. I've never had this problem until now. Everything used to run perfect. I've tried everything to fix this. I've linked a video of what exactly is happening. It's hard to tell but...
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    ram memory gaming

    hello can anyone tell me how a ram effects gaming what does higher gb of ram can improve gaming? Thanks in Advance
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    Headphone suggestion needed

    Hey guy I'm looking for a new over-ear headphone, budget is around $40 or $50. Mainly for music, any suggestion?
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    Geovision Capture Card

    I need the download link for the software for the Geovision GV-1240B. I am using bnc connected cameras. It is a legitimate card, not a chinese knockoff
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    How to unlock core voltage in MSI afterburner R9 270x sapphire

    i think the title is self explanitory
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    Front Audio jack static sound and also suggestions.

    I have a coolermaster k380 case but whenever i connect my earphones i can hear static noises which is annoying.
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    HELP!! Graphic card suddenly not working..

    I was playing Dota 2..suddenly the monitor turn black. I change the cable to graphic on board and its working. The problem is, my graphic card fan is not spinning, i dont know if it has power or not..I try to assume that its broken but i just bought the gpu from my friend, its a used gpu and...
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    Will My CPU Bottleneck My GPU?

    Will my CPU bottleneck my GPU? CPU: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/amd-cpu-fd6300wmhkbox GPU: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-video-card-strixgtx960dc2oc4gd5
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    Do I need a new power supply?

    Hey all, Just built my computer a week ago, and it has been having a few problems since. Whenever I run a moderately demanding game ( Specifically Battlefield 4 and Rainbow 6 Siege), my power supply makes loud, strange noises. Eventually, my computer will just shut off and restart, with no...
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    GeForce GTX 750 Ti or R7-260X ?

    GeForce GTX 750 Ti or R7-260X ? Or is there a card I am leaving out in this price range? Thanks!
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    Will my stock CPU cooler enough for overclocking?

    Hello to all! I am planning on buying an Athlon X4 860K, and then overclocking it to around 4.2-4.4 ghz. will the stock cooler be able to handle this, (i dont mind if it gets kinda warm as long as none of my parts get fried) or will i need a better cooler? if i do need a better cooler, will...
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    Is this a good future-proof budget pc?

    Is this PC setup good for gaming, and if so can anyone estimate how long it will last before I need an upgrade? I m planning on playing games like Witcher 3, NBA 2k15, and Dragon Age Inquisition on medium/high settings. (My budget is $530) https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Jsast/saved/#view=bDwnTW