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  1. Trey5537

    [SOLVED] Replaced X99 Deluxe - cannot access BIOS ?

    CPU: 5960x Motherboard: Asus X99 Deluxe Ram: 32gb DDR4 Asus RGB SSD/HDD: 4TB Samsung SSD GPU: MSI 1080ti PSU: EVGA 1300 Gold Chassis: Corsair OS: Windows 10 Monitor: Asus 4K I purchased an identical refurbished Asus X99 Deluxe MOBO to replace an existing bad one. After replacing the MOBO, I...
  2. T

    Question ASUS X99 DELUXE Repair

    Good day So I've got a bit of an interesting problem. I bought a second hand Asus X99 Deluxe that was advertised as having the boot up issue of "USB over current detected. System will shut down in 15 seconds". I was fairly confident that this would be a simple fix so I got the board, put...
  3. ZzhoxX

    Question What am I doing wrong?

    Hey guys there! I got a couple of questions related to the BIOS and m.2 settings there. I've got a 2TB hdd, a normal ssd 256Gb (840 samsung) and I got a new ssd 970 Evo Plus m.2 nvme 1TB, until here everything is correct. Motherboard is asus x99 deluxe and got a I7 5820k. I have my normal ssd...
  4. scuzzycard

    ASUS B350 Prime+, getting all 4 DIMMs to work

    So I just put a new system together for my son, and gave the Ryzen a try. Very pleased so far, but I was hoping to reuse my 4X4GB Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR4-2400 BLS4G4D240FSA.8FARG that I had sitting around. They were originally a quad-channel 16GB X99 kit which I used for a couple of...
  5. B

    Can't finish windows 10 PRO 64bit install due to BSOD failures.

    This is going to be a bit long because I want to provide all the info. Please keep in mind, This PC built under try 1 ran for a few hours before first BSOD failure. A new PC build with all new components: 1st try windows 10 64bit OEM dvd ASrock z170 extreme 7+ Core i7 6700 Noctura NH-D14...
  6. S

    Asus ranger vii M.2 not seen

    i have asus ranger vii adn have bought samsung 512gb m.2 ssd the model number is NTE5120 i have put the bios setttings to m.2 but still not seen by computer mangment bios or any third party program i have no clue what to do to fix this any help would be greatly appreciate
  7. K

    to buy Laptop for Auto Cad

    Hi, I am looking to buy Laptop for Auto cad use and general use. Which is the best and cheapest ? I Iam in London-UK. Thanks
  8. R

    Hey im having problems..

    Hey guys! Im new to this site just found it, im having a big problem with my standard windows 7 Vaio laptop. Its stuck on the loading (welcome) screen and its been like this forever, i've had to gotten a MAC but as a student in college and with music files and other important business related...
  9. G

    is amd radeon r9 270 the same graphic card with asus r9 270?

    it maybe a silly question but i have this question for some time and i was hoping that someone could enlight me.
  10. T

    Help! Getting Constant BSOD On Gaming PC Build

    How do I repair my PC Crashing. It keeps crashing every time I use it. It's not an old build, built less than a year ago. If somebody could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033...
  11. S

    E5-1620 + Z420 Mobo Worth it?

    Hello. I can buy a Xeon E5-1620 CPU with a HP Z420 workstation mobo and a 600W original HP workstation PSU (specially for the mobo) All for 300$. Ive planning to change my FX-8350 and CFZV mobo for a long time. I still considering this extraordinary option, im tired of AMD's bad gaming...