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    Question XB270hu Flickering grey horizontal lines 2-3 times and then shuts off

    i7 6700k msi motherboard msi gtx 1070 xb270hu monitor 500 watt psu Problem started maybe 2 weeks ago, sometimes it doesnt happen at all. I suspected the cpu overheating so i reapplied thermal paste. CPU temps a bit high but still ok. Maybe it is a failing psu? Gsync is disabled. Monitor cant be...
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    Question Wifi Physically Disconnected

    Hello! I am not entirely sure if this in the right place, so if it is not, I apologize! Back in 2016 I got a HP Pavilion 15-au063nr. As I'm told, these things have horrible hinges, and in the process of waiting for screws the Realtek chip disconnected physically. I found this when someone...
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    EVGA GTX 1080 FTW International Warranty

    I live in India and I'm planning to buy GTX 1080 FTW through my cousin in USA. I'll get the GPU next month when he comes to India. Does EVGA give international warranty? If I encounter any problem in the card, should I ship it back to USA at my cost? Can someone shed some light on this?